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  • CTPII Info: Trade

    CTPII Info: Trade

    Source: IGN Preview
    (13 May 2000, 17:37 EST) IGN also published the first preview of CTP2. Some quotes

    "Trade options have also been improved so that cities can now trade food with each other – pretty handy if you have one big fat city and a ton of other cities that are starving

    A full half of the wonders are new and include the Empire State Building, which gives players a trade, gold and diplomacy bonus."

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  • Call to Power II: Game Information/Help

    Call to Power II: Game Information/Help

    Designer Diaries

    The ideas behind the game....

    The Call To Power II End Game
    By Dan Hagerty, Game Designer

    Great Library

    The Great Library, is a part of the CTP2 Section where we will present the various units, city improvments and advances of Call to Power II.


    Little pieces of information we found on the net or the forums.

    Documentation on the map/scenario and generally modifying the game can be found in the CTP2 Modification pages.


    Got a problem or a question? No problem just put it into our CTP2 forum.

    Pre-Release Information

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  • Call to Power II: Game Information

    Call to Power II: Game Information

    At this time of this writing(Feb/15/2000), the games was announced only 2 hours ago.

    Basically, the only info is the press release, which however has some good information. The basic improvements over CTP I are:

    • Game lasts from 4000BC to 2300AD (instead of 3000AD of CTP1)

    • Improved diplomacy:
      "A robust diplomacy interface will assist players in choosing their political stance, and allow counter proposals when dealing with other civilizations."

    • "Ministers" and "advisors":
      "Players who are inexperienced in managing an entire civilization may consult their ministers and advisors who will offer advice and make recommendations."

    • Same graphics engine with improvements:
      "Cities’ influence over the surrounding landscape increases as their populations grow."

    • Borders:
      "Borders between neighboring states are clearly defined to help prevent inadvertent skirmishes or international incidents"

    • "Historical timeline" feature:
      "A historical timeline gives players a holistic perspective on their civilization’s achievements over the centuries, and many units are presented with new graphics and animations"

    • Improved(more realistic, historically accurate) combat:
      "Combat in Call to Power II has been refined and rebalanced for more realistic outcomes"

    • City "mayors" (ala civ2/smac advisors probably):
      "The enhanced city management screen features automated mayors that help administrate the day-to-day operations of individual cities"

    • Improved interface and menus:
      "The interfaces and menus in Call to Power II have also been improved to simplify gameplay... improved build queue menus allow players to amass armies or build their cities’ infrastructure with ease"

    • More ways to win:
      "Players who choose to develop an aggressive civilization can achieve victory through military conquest. Conversely, gamers who prefer a more subtle approach can achieve dominance through scientific means."

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  • CTPII Info: Advances/ City Improvements/ WondersI

    CTPII Info: Advances/ City Improvements/ WondersI

    Source: IGN Preview


    (13 May 2000, 17:37 EST) IGN also published the first preview of CTP2. Some quotes

    On new units, wonders and advances:
    "...A full 20% of the advances in the game are new and the team has removed a few of the old ones that didn't make any sense within the new game's parameters (the space playing level has been completely removed from the game). A full half of the wonders are new and include the Empire State Building, which gives players a trade, gold and diplomacy bonus and the Data Haven, which gives its builder the equivalent of a free e-bank in every city. The team has also added Feats of Wonder, a lower scale version of the standard wonder that give the player a small bonus for a set amount of time. For example, the first player to sail around the world gets a water movement bonus for a few rounds."

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  • CTPII Info: Micromanagment

    CTPII Info: Micromanagment


    (12 May 2000, 5:18 EST) Interesting news are coming from E3. Atahualpa reported us of a news article at the German site Gamestar. Here is part of the article translated by Ata, focusing on a new city-building unit:
    "The sequel to last years published Call to Power from Activision makes great progress. Graphics and Interface will only be improved in details, but therefor, the developers looked to get most of the lacking points of CtP1 straight! New Units like the City-builder bring more diversity into the game, as with him you can build _already developed_ cities in later stages of the game."

    And here is the translation of the full article from Babelfish. It's not perfect as you can see, but it's something
    "The second section in the last year call to of power of Activision appeared makes large progress. Diagram and control are improved only in the detail, but to have itself the developers very strongly to the removal of the points of criticism made. New units as for example the staedtebauer provide for still more alternation, because with it localities already developed can be established at later times in the play. A majority of the innovations concerns the diplomacy. Thus alliances are closed not only as usual and signed trade agreements, but with direct threats and offers even many engagements on now the persektivisch represented battleground can be avoided. Planned erscheinungstermin is Christmas 2000."

    Looking at the images we have seen so far, the unit might be the one on this news article...

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  • The Call To Power II End Game: Designer Diary by Dan Hagerty

    The Call To Power II End Game: Designer Diary by Dan Hagerty

    In Call To Power II, there are no less than four ways in which a player can achieve victory. Perhaps most familiar to fans of Civilization: Call To Power is the Conquest (also known as Bloodlust) Victory, in which you win the game only when you have annihilated every other empire on the map. The second-most familiar victory condition is the High Score Victory, in which the empire with the highest score in AD 2300 (the chronological end of the game) wins. Call To Power II replaces the Alien Life Project Victory from Civilization: Call To Power with a new Sci-Fi Victory, in which players strive to be the first to build a futuristic utopian device known as the Gaia Controller. It also adds an end game focused on diplomacy, called the World Peace Victory, in which players must forge and maintain alliances with every nation on the map. The following is designed to familiarize players with the two new end games in Call To Power II.
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  • CTPII Info: Customisation

    CTPII Info: Customisation

    Source: Official Site


    "A map and scenario editor allow you to build your own historical or fictional situations."

    Source: Apolyton


    (1 April 2000, 2:09 EST) In one of the first interview of a CTP developer after the CTP2 anouncement, Steve Mariotti talked to us about CTP1 and CTP2. As it was the... one year anniversary of CTP1's release, we spoke more about it, but there was some interesting parts on CTP2

    On SLIC: "SLIC has been significantly reworked to make it more powerful and easier to work with (can you say 'interactive GUI based debugger?') In fact, SLIC has been more closely integrated with actual game events, so that just about everything can be augmented in the scripts."

    On our CTP2 forums: "We've taken the fan feedback VERY seriously. The Apolyton group have been great at giving us very cool suggestions for CTP II."

    On AAIP files(and obviously other mods): "They'll be similar, but different. The concepts and techniques applied to tweaking the AIP's for CTP1 will still be valid for CTP II, but the syntax and value ranges will be different."

    Finally, again a hint in mods: "We've also gone further in the extensibility arena, opening up even more of the engine to others. We're not offering a DLL API for the AI this time, but we're offering a lot more flexibility with just about every aspect of the game engine."

    Give your comments on this thread!

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  • Call to Power II Announcement

    Call to Power II Announcement

    ACTIVISION ANNOUNCES FOLLOW-UP GAME TO BEST-SELLING CIVILIZATION®: CALL TO POWER™ Call to Power II Prepares to Conquer the PC Landscape Santa Monica, CA – February 15, 2000 – This fall armies clash, empires crumble and the balance of power shifts -- all with the click of a mouse in Activision, Inc.’s (Nasdaq: ATVI) empire building game, Call to Power II. From the makers of the best-selling Civilization: Call to Power, Call to Power II puts players in total control of a civilization spanning more than six millennia. ...
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