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CTPII Info: Trade


  • CTPII Info: Trade

    Source: IGN Preview
    (13 May 2000, 17:37 EST) IGN also published the first preview of CTP2. Some quotes

    "Trade options have also been improved so that cities can now trade food with each other – pretty handy if you have one big fat city and a ton of other cities that are starving

    A full half of the wonders are new and include the Empire State Building, which gives players a trade, gold and diplomacy bonus."

    Source: Apolyton


    (8 June 2000, 13:05 EST) Some info on the value of goods from Mr Ogre(the most beloved man in the ctp2 forums lately )
    "Goods are not all equally valuable now. Distance from the destination city of a trade route and overall scarcity of goods both modify the value of a good. It's a pretty simple model, but it adds some interest to trade."
    Btw, if you have ideas on how a game's history can be viewed again at the end, it seems that there is room for suggestions. Post now!

    Source: IGN Preview


    (27 June 2000, 21:16 EST) It's been six weeks since the first installment, but today IGN updated their preview...

    "The trade system no offers no distinction between foreign and domestic trade. Sort of like Activision's answer to NAFTA. The value of traded goods -- like jade, crab and sugar cane -- is based on two factors. If the city you're trading with has a limited supply of the good in question, then the good is worth more money. The relationship of the distances between the cities also comes into play. The farther away you trade, the more profitable it can be. CTP2 also rates monopolies on ownership of goods rather than purchase. In the old game, it was possible to maintain a monopoly as long as you were able to buy up all available quantities of the commodity. Now you've got to own it to begin with."

    Source: Gamespot Preview


    (28 June 2000) From the preview on Gamespot:

    "The trade mechanics have been reworked to consider the overall scarcity of a particular good in the game world, and the interface no longer arbitrarily separates internal and external trade."

    Source: Apolyton


    (30 June 2000, 8:44 EST) MidKnight Lament, like perhaps many other Civers like him, are suffering from information overload thanks to the latest previews of Call To Power II posted recently by both IGN and GameSpot. In a thread started just this morning on our forums, Mr. Ogre (Joe Rumsey) responded to a couple of ML's most burning questions.

    "1) The pink numbers are a debugging feature, shouldn't have made it into a screenshot.

    2) "Intercept trade" is what Piracy has always been called in the code, I'm highly amused that it managed to creep into the interface, and that you are the first person to point it out to me. I'll make sure it gets fixed "

    Source: Apolyton


    (7 August 2000, 15:32 EST) ...from John "Lt. John" Heinecke of Activision in a thread in our CTPII General forum.

    "Any trade resources in your city radius are now considered owned by your city, without having to have a worker on them".


    (5 October 2000, 0:29 EST) In the latest in a continuing string of updates to the official Call To Power II website, Activision added to its Egyptian storyline surrounding the kingdom's trade advisors and releasing a new screenshot in the process.

    "In order to build my armies quickly, I need income. My trade advisors have informed me that distant lands will pay rich amounts of gold for the spices that are native to Egypt. I have commissioned my advisor to assemble great caravans so that we may deliver our goods to our neighboring states, will my mayors prepare bazaars in their cities to increase the flow of gold from commerce."

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