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CTP2: Great Library: Advances


  • CTP2: Great Library: Advances

    CTP2 Advances that we have info for....

    Naval Aviation

    Air support has long been both a blessing and a curse to naval sorties. Though ships that are accompanied by aircraft often have a strategic advantage over less equipped flotillas, the aircraft's limited range hinders their ability to support ships on deep-sea missions. The Aircraft Carrier enables aircraft to keep close to ships, providing immediate air support from planes that aren't chained to the coastline by refueling needs.


    Advances in genetics provide scientists with the tools to unlock the secrets of life hidden in the DNA of every organism. By studying the myriad codes embedded in DNA, scientists are able to pinpoint the "blueprint" for the creation of organisms, from the generation of cells to the anomalies that lead to disease and abnormalities.

    Fluid Breathing

    Fluid Breathing is an advance that enables humans to explore the farthest depths of the ocean, unencumbered by the need for pressurized cabins in underwater craft. By filling the lungs with a special fluid, the human body is no longer limited by its ability to withstand the pressure of the deep.


    The discovery of Chemistry stripped away the mystery associated with Alchemy and led scientists to formulate more accurate theories about matter and the elements. It is the foundation for many of the scientific fields that proliferate in the Modern and Genetic ages.


    Democracy is a form of government well suited to medium- to large-sized empires. Commerce, growth and production are average and science is good. The military, however, is not very powerful, and citizens in a democracy tend to be fiercely intolerant of war.
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