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CTP2: Great Library: City Improvements


  • CTP2: Great Library: City Improvements

    CTP2 City Improvements that we have info for....

    Orbital Laboratory

    Orbital Laboratories are large space stations that enable scientists to conduct experiments outside the confines of cities, atmospheres and ecologies. Scientists engage in cutting-edge experiments that would prove dangerous in conventional, earth-bound laboratories. For a city with an Orbital Lab, the boost to science is measurable.

    VR Amusement Park

    Virtual Reality (VR) Amusement Parks offer citizens an ultra-realistic form of entertainment. Using the latest technology, it allows them to immerse themselves in a totally realistic environment, enabling them to travel without leaving home, play games and sports with no harm or regard for physical skill or impairment. Fantasies come to life, dreams are fulfilled and this makes people extremely happy.

    Ballista Towers

    Ballistae are massive projectile weapons, fashioned much like a giant crossbow. They are capable of firing huge bolts of wood, often as large as 5 feet in length, a considerable distance. Although primarily developed as a siege weapon, ballistae are effective defense weapons, delivering heavy damage to oncoming armies. Positioned high on the walls of a city, the Ballista Towers offer defense against land-based attackers.

    Correctional Facility

    Correctional Facilities serve as holding pens for convicted criminals, as well as a deterrent against future crimes. Incarceration is one of the more effective criminal deterrents, as conditions in prison systems are almost always utterly deplorable.
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