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  • CtP2 mentions

    CtP2 mentions

    Gaming journalist Troy Goodfellow recently discussed Call to Power as part of an episode of his strategy gaming podcast Three Moves Ahead. The episode titled Forgettable Games, Memorable Ideas, which gives some idea of how Troy feels about the game (he seems to make a mostly fair judgment of the vanilla game -- of course he seems to have never tried any mods). It is an interesting listen to hear an outsider's perspective. The CtP talk starts about 26 minutes in and lasts about 7 minutes.
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  • Call to Power II: Game Information/Help
    Martin Gühmann
    Designer Diaries The ideas behind the game.... The Call To Power II End Game By Dan Hagerty, Game Designer * APOLYTON EXCLUSIVE * Great Library The Great Library, is a part of the CTP2 Section where we will present the various units, city improvments and advances of Call to Power II. CTP2 Advances CTP2 Buildings CTP2 Units Documentation Little pieces of information we found on the net or the forums. CTP2 Readme - RTF(26k) CTP2 Multiplayer Readme - RTF(75k) CTP2 Manual Part 1 - Manual RTF(357k) CTP2 Manual Part 2 - Manual RTF(357k) CTP2 Manual Part 3 - Manual RTF(357k) CTP2 Manual Part 4 - Manual RTF(357k) CTP2 Manual Part 5 - Manual RTF(357k) WW2 Readme - RTF(5k) Documentation on the map/scenario and generally modifying the game can be found in the CTP2 Modification pages. Help Got a problem or a question? No problem just put it into our CTP2 forum. Pre-Release Information CTP2 Announcement CTP2 Anouncement Summary CTP2 Artificial Intelligence CTP2 Interface CTP2 Combat/Units CTP2 Civ Management CTP2 Micromanagment CTP2 Diplomacy CTP2 Trade CTP2 Multiplayer CTP2 Graphics and Sound CTP2 Included Maps/Scenarios CTP2 Customisation CTP2 Advances/Buildings/Wonders CTP2 Miscellaneous CTP2 System-Specs and Release ...
    September 15, 2012, 18:15
  • Call to Power II: Game Information
    Martin Gühmann

    At this time of this writing(Feb/15/2000), the games was announced only 2 hours ago.

    Basically, the only info is the press release, which however has some good information. The basic improvements over CTP I are:

    • Game lasts from 4000BC to 2300AD (instead of 3000AD of CTP1)

    • Improved diplomacy:
      "A robust diplomacy interface will assist players in choosing their political stance, and allow counter proposals when dealing with other civilizations."

    • "Ministers" and "advisors":
      "Players who are inexperienced in managing an entire civilization may consult their ministers and advisors who will offer advice and make recommendations."

    • Same graphics engine with improvements:
      "Cities’ influence over the surrounding landscape increases as their populations grow." Borde...
    September 15, 2012, 17:05
  • CTP tga picture sizes
    Until today I was convinced there were only 3 sizes for the tga files 160 x 120, 32 x 24 and 24 x 18. But the large pictures used for units appear to be 96 x 72. This might explain some of the bad quality of the pictures in game (if the game has to scale them down). The uniticon.txt obviously uses 4 entries for icons (2 are identical), so I tried to enter a 96 x 72 tga instead of one of the UPUPXXXL.TGA files and it does work. However, I guess this requires additional space for the files, but probably this gives better quality of game icons and possibly even improves speed....
    December 25, 2011, 16:47
  • Setting Trust and Regard in CTP2 scenarios
    Immortal Wombat
    I would like to do a SCENARIO. where things have already happened you know.
    Are there some place to read about how to define regard,- trust,- startyear,- cost of researches and that kind of stuff?

    The questions you have asked are really two things. You can alter scenarios by changing the text files, and more abstract stuff has to be done by SLIC coding....
    December 25, 2011, 14:51
  • CTP II map editor manual
    Immortal Wombat

    1. Cut Map Area 2. Copy Map Area 3. Paste Map Area - These work much like any such cut, copy and paste buttons in painting programs. To use them, you first have to select an area of the map using button 13, see below. Having selected a map region, you can cut it (copies it to the 'clipboard' and replaces with shallow ocean), copy it (copies to the 'clipboard' but remains present also. Once it is on the 'clipboard', you can paste the region by selecting the paste button (#3) and clicking a tile which you wish to become the TOP LEFT tile of the pasted region. 4. save map area. -I never use this. I guess it's so you can save a segment from one map you make. why? (see #8) 5. Small brush size. One tile at a time 6. Medium brush size. I dunno, maybe 9 at a time. 7. Large brush size. Something like 25 or 36 at a time. 8. load map area. -Cunning, no? You can now load the segment (that you saved from one map in #4) into another. 9. Set Map 'Explored' - All players see the map as fully ...
    December 25, 2011, 14:15
  • Apolyton CTP2 Edition: Revision 1111 (12-Jun-2011)
    Martin Gühmann
    The Apolyton CTP2 Source Code team proudly presents the Apolyton CTP2 Edition Revision 1111 from June the 12th 2011.

    This new version focuses mainly on improving the AI. Especially how the AI handles its oversea conquest with land and air transporters. A bug fix makes the AI also a little bit relaxed with enemy units that could be a potential thread.

    We have also a few bug fixes and minor corrections.

    The Apolyton Edition can be directly installed over CTP2 v1.0, v1.1, or v1.11.
    June 11, 2011, 21:52