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Call to Power II: Game Information: Advances/ City


  • CTPII Info: Advances/ City Improvements/ WondersI

    Source: IGN Preview


    (13 May 2000, 17:37 EST) IGN also published the first preview of CTP2. Some quotes

    On new units, wonders and advances:
    "...A full 20% of the advances in the game are new and the team has removed a few of the old ones that didn't make any sense within the new game's parameters (the space playing level has been completely removed from the game). A full half of the wonders are new and include the Empire State Building, which gives players a trade, gold and diplomacy bonus and the Data Haven, which gives its builder the equivalent of a free e-bank in every city. The team has also added Feats of Wonder, a lower scale version of the standard wonder that give the player a small bonus for a set amount of time. For example, the first player to sail around the world gets a water movement bonus for a few rounds."

    Source: IGN Preview


    (27 June 2000, 21:16 EST) It's been six weeks since the first installment, but today IGN updated their preview of Call To Power.

    "The game will also include new Wonders of the World as well as new Feats of Wonder. These are one time, temporary bonuses that you get for performing certain actions. For instance, if you're the first person to circumnavigate the globe, you get a sea movement bonus for a few turns".

    Source: Gamespot Preview


    (28 June 2000, 12:29 EST) Two days, two previews equals information overload which, in this instance, may not be such a bad thing. Yesterday, GameSpot posted their own preview of Call To Power II.

    "Overall, technological advancement won't seem as rushed in Call to Power II since the game's timeline is being shortened by seven centuries (running from 4000 BC to 2300 AD) while the game moves to a full 500-turn format. The game will also do away with space cities and units to keep the endgame more focused on dense land and sea development".

    Source: IGN


    (31 August 2000, 1:31 EST) In a similar fashion to our own CTPII Week feature [see below], IGN PC released the first installment of their new Designer Diary on CTPII. The guest writers who brought the information to IGN are Activision's Parker Davis, Senior Producer and Doug Pearson, Line Producer. Some of the information is a reiteration of what had already been released to the gaming populace, but at the same time other portions of it are first-account reports

    In closing, Activision releases information on a new advance (GENE THERAPY), a new unit (MORAY STRIKER) and, perhaps most significantly, data on the new wonder APPIAN WAY:

    "The Appian Way is the most vital trade route in the host nation. It links important cities and shipping centers with the capitol of the host empire, making trade and travel safer and easier. Trade profits are increased, and cities on the fringes of the empire no longer experience unhappiness".

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