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  • Civ5 Hotseat Announced

    Civ5 Hotseat Announced

    The next Civilization 5 patch will come with hotseat. Here is what 2K Greg says about it:

    "The time has come to reveal the “much-requested addition” that I teased you all with in the most recent patch notes.

    Hotseat is coming in the next big patch, which is currently slated for a June or possibly early July release.

    For those of you that do not know, Hotseat is a method of playing multiplayer where multiple players take turns on the same computer. When one player’s turn is over, they get up and let the other player sit down to play their turn. We’ve received many requests for the ETA for this mode being added to the game and so I’m very happy to get to bring this to you guys today.

    Also, this patch will contain far more than just Hotseat. The other details of the patch will be revealed in the future, but I wanted to get you guys this big news as soon as I could!"...
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  • CivRev 2 cancelled

    CivRev 2 cancelled

    Chris Doyle, formerly at Firaxis, referenced an “unannounced Unreal Engine 3 title (PC, Xbox 360, PS3) as in development. Also, Firaxis character artist David Jones mentions his work on Civilization Revolution II which has been cancelled. ...
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  • New Civ5 DLCs announced: Denmark and 1066 scenario + map pack

    New Civ5 DLCs announced: Denmark and 1066 scenario + map pack

    From "2K Games and Firaxis have announced plans to launch two new downloadable content packs for Civilization V next Tuesday, May 3. Available from "select digital distribution partners", the 'Civilization and Scenario Pack: Denmark - The Vikings' and 'Explorers Map Pack' will set you back £2.99 apiece. If you haven't already, stick your eyes on our Civilization V review. Here are the official DLC details:...
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  • Aspyr has released the latest Civilization V Mac patch (

    Aspyr has released the latest Civilization V Mac patch (

    Russ Looney at gameagent: Hey there, Civers, good news! We know it’s been some time since our last patch release, but Aspyr is happy to announce that the latest patch ( for Civilization V Mac is ready, has been deployed, and should be automatically downloading for all of our Civ V fans within the next couple of hours. You can catch the full patch notes after the jump. One feature that many of you will probably notice is still conspicuously missing is cross-platform multiplayer. We considered holding onto the current patch a bit longer to ensure cross-platform multiplayer would be available, but since there is an upcoming PC patch that would quickly break cross-platform play (due to version incompatibilities), we have decided to release this patch rather than delay the patch further. That being said, we are still working very hard at ensuring cross-platform play becomes a reality, and we want to thank everyone for their patience. ...
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  • Next Civilization 5 patch comming soon

    Next Civilization 5 patch comming soon

    2KGreg posted at the 2K Forums notes for the next Civilization 5 patch. Here they are:

    Upcoming Civilization 5 Patch Notes

    Hey guys! I have a massive list of changes for you that will be going in to our next patch. And because it was such a hit last time, here’s another introduction by Dennis, the producer of Civilization V at Firaxis.

    The patch notes below are the first part of a large two-part update. We wanted to focus this part of the update on stability and bugs, and as you’ll see in the notes below, we’re progressing nicely. There is also continued work going into the AI, the modding framework, and WorldBuilder, and we expect to have this in your hands shortly.

    The second part we have begun working on will be released in the coming months, and will include our next balance pass (for those areas of the game that were not included in the March 1 update), as well as continued work on AI, diplomacy, and a much-requested addition to the game that we’ll be discussing in more detail very soon.

    You guys have all been instrumental in helping us to continue to make Civilization V better with each update, and there’s more to come!
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  • Civ community euphoric about Civ5?

    Civ community euphoric about Civ5?

    Our forum has seen plenty of debate on the subject of overall game experience with Civ5, often leading to heated discussions. Firaxis' Dennis Shirk finds that fans had "high expectations", and he is happy to conclude that the Civ community "feel[s] [that] we've delivered another great Civ game." (p.25).

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  • Civilization 5 Patch has been released

    Civilization 5 Patch has been released

    The latest Civilization 5 patch has been released here are the change notes: Version Released 3/1/2011 ENGINE Significant turn time improvements. Invisible Rivers now display correctly. This caused many issues because the player could not see some rivers, like fresh water showing up in strange places, unit movement suddenly shortened, etc.. Basically, there were certain rivers that did not display where forks occurred, etc. Memory leak - UI - Change the way the UI Manager calculates the hash of a texture so that different ways of specifying the same texture will not load the same texture more than once. Memory leak - DLL - Fix memory leak in DLL Args system ...
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  • Poly gets it's own Civ in Downloadable content

    Poly gets it's own Civ in Downloadable content From Eurogamer: "Civilization V welcomes the Polynesia Scenario Pack this Friday, 3rd March. How much? Cor you're nosey - £2.99. Inside you'll find the Polynesian civilisation and new scenario Paradise Found. You can try and rule the world as Kamehameha, apparently the unifier of Hawaii. How? A powerful navy and, err, "imposing" statues. 2K and developer Firaxis will also release a multiplayer map pack to coincide with the release of the Polynesia pack. This bundles three new maps: Skirmish, Ring and Ancient Lake."...
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  • February Civ5 Patch Notes.

    February Civ5 Patch Notes.

    Poster 2K_Greg (who works for 2K Games) recently released the following patch notes about the next upcoming patch to be released later this month.

    Greg "2K Greg" Laabs:
    February Patch Notes!
    Hey guys I heard you wanted some patch notes? Well here you go!

    Along with these notes, I have an introduction from Dennis, the Civilization V producer at Firaxis. We wanted to give you a little insight in to the thought process behind this patch's changes, so be sure to give it a read before diving in to the changes themselves:

    The upcoming patch will contain some significant balance adjustments to Civ V. We thought it would be a good idea to give everyone a quick run-down on our thoughts behind these changes and a look at what further balance work lies ahead….

    Click read more to read more about the upcoming patch.

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  • Activision to acquire Take Two (including 2K Games)?

    Activision to acquire Take Two (including 2K Games)?

    Rumors are spreading that Activision the former developer and publisher of the Call to Power series will acquire Take Two the publisher of Civilization 5.

    Read the full story here.

    What impact will this have on the future of the Civ series?

    On the other hand Activision does own Blizzard and it let's Blizzard run it's own show provided it meets profit targets so maybe this would be a way to get Blizzard involved in Civ5 expansion packs since it is clear 2K's corporate drones don't know what the hell they're doing nor know much about the Civ series itself.

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    An interesting article at The Escapist about Civilization and some of the goings-on behind the scenes at Firaxis: I have a lot of problems with the methods Firaxis tested this with. Turning off barbs, limiting AI expansion ... those are two critical factors for how big an impact waiting to found your first city will be. I myself like to...
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  • Possible new expansion for Civ5: One World
    by Robert
    joystiq reports that Civilization V may get another expansion, based on a listing in the Steam Apps Database. Neither Firaxis nor 2K Games commented on this finding.

    January 16, 2013, 01:03
  • Civilization 5 Patch has been released
    by Orange46
    Civilization 5 Patch has been released. That is the big patch announced for this fall. It contains many fixes and tweaks and also support for Windows 8 touch screen support. Here is the list with full patch notes highlighted are the things that were not in the announcement earlier this year:



    • Mod Browser - The "Get Mods" button is now hidden if the user has disabled the steam overlay.

    Civilizations and Traits

    • Ottoman naval upkeep is now fixed. Save games that were started before the fix will not be corrected.
    • German UA and Oligarchy social policy now work together correctly.

    City States

    • Mercantile CS now only get a unique luxury for their first city (and not the cities they conquer). Unique luxury is removed upon capture (players can no longer get it by taking over a CS). Unique luxury is given back upon liberation.
    • Prevent double counting of resources when an improvement is gifted to a minor civ, then the minor civ techs up to activate the improvement.
    November 6, 2012, 18:47
  • Civilization 5 patch officially announced for this fall
    by Martin Gühmann
    A new Civilization 5 patch has been announced by 2K Greg on 2K Games Forums. Here are the Civ5 patch notes and what 2K Greg says about: Here's a fun surprise for you guys to read over the weekend: Patch notes for the upcoming "Fall Patch!" There's no ETA for this patch at the moment other than "fall" There are some popular requests in here that I bet will make some of you very happy. And so without further ado: Modding Addendum The DLL source code will be released with the fall patch, allowing modders to compile modified DLLs for their Civilization V mods. BUG FIXES General Mod Browser - The "Get Mods" button is now hidden if the user has disabled the steam overlay. ...
    September 29, 2012, 20:20