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  • Civ 4 the List: List of Threadmasters
    The List for Civ IV was a project that could not have been accomplished without the hard work and dedication of the many Threadmasters and ideas-finders on the forums. While idea-suggestors are likewise important, I have compiled here a list of the volunteers who went above and beyond the call of duty to take on the task of threadmastering a thread for the List. And here they are, alphabetically: Asmodean- Former Administrator of the List Azazel- Government and Social Engineering DarkCloud- Administrator; Civilizations, General, Scenario/Map Editor; List Formatter Fosse- The Polls Ixnay- Space Lajzar- Units MattH- Cheats Nikolai- AI, Resources, Terrain Octavian X- Wonders Platypus Rex- Regional and City Menus TechWins- Diplomacy Trifna- Movement/Supply, User Friendliness ...
    August 31, 2012, 18:13
  • Civ 4 the List: Closing Remarks
    And so now the list has drawn to a close. Thousands of ideas have been culled from the Civ III community at Apolyton. Hopefully the list that we propose here has been easy enough to search through and hopefully it will lead to a great parnership between the players and the corporation.Good luck with your struggles and please, keep civving! -DarkCloudList Administrator PS: Here's a link to the Civ III-Ideas List compiled by Apolyton Fans on July 14, 1999 - Civ III List in case you wish to compare it to the current creation...
    August 31, 2012, 18:05
  • Civ 4 the List: The Polls
    Introduction Realizing that some polls about hot topics have already left the top page, and that newcomers to the discussion seldom dig through the back pages in order to find out what's been discussed before, I've decided to compile a list of the Civ 4 List related polls. I've abandoned keeping a running talley of votes, as it's a great deal of work that is immediatley outdated, and if you really were interested in the results you would visit the poll and read the comments. Now... the polls: Stacked vs. Single Unit Combat: The Battle ContinuesShould units be stacked into "armies" that fight and operate as a single unit, or does moving them one at a time provide a boost to strategic considerations? Resources: How to HandleIs a system with stores and limits on resources a better simulation and more fun, or tedious micromangement? From Civ 3 to Civ 4More of the same, or a bold new direction for Civ 4? Squares, Hexes, Octagons... Pick your poison, the traditional Civ Map, traditional War Games map, or something else entirely. Eras in Civ 4?Is the new era system a great addition, or a stifling hindrance? Espionage & Assymetrical WarfareDoes Bond get his own unit? To 2000 AD or Beyond?Civ, From the Ancients to the Stars; or Civ, The Whole of Human History. {The List} United NationsA resolution for change... do you Veto? {The List} What Should Happen to Civ Traits?Should Civ 4 have homogenous Civs or even more differences? Terrain Improvements"Give me Workers, or Give me Death" vs "Micromagement Gives me Death." Nomads and ChiefdomsShould Civ 4 let us wander the great wide open? Civ 4 ideas - straights and canalsDo you want straigts? Or canals? Civ 4 idea: Armies instead of unitsOnce again, armies or single units? Health in Civ 4?Should we have sick Civs? Emphasis on AgeWhich historical era, if any, should get a boost in Civ 4? Civ 4 resistanceDo you want partisans from Civ 2? Resistors from Civ 3? Or something new for Civ 4? Fire and MovementHow should firepower and movement rates affect combat in Civ 4? Stacking Limits Y/NAssuming we have stacks, what sorts of stack limits should there be? Improved Poll: When should Civilization IV end?What is a good time for the game to end? Future Techs in Civ 4Which future era techs would you like in Civ 4? What ARE wonders, anyway?Well? What are they? Pollution Managers:Would you like Pollution Managment added to city screen? Tech Transmission Here is some food for thought from Civfanatics. -Respectfully Compiled by Fosse...
    August 31, 2012, 18:03
  • Civ 4 the List: Wonders
    Introduction The concept of the great Wonders of the World in Civ is as old as the series itself. For years, civvers around the world have built Pyramids, Great Libraries, Magellanic Voyages, and trips to the Moon. And, as Civ has gone from I to II to III, wonders have been added, removed, or have changed in some way. With Civ3 came the idea of Small Wonders that each nation had the oppertunity to build individually, further widening the effect of these great projects. As Civ4 looms over the horizon, how will the concept of Wonders of the World evolve further? Summary As you can see, I'm still coming up with ideas already proposed and boiling them down into a list. The links I have found to all threads in this forum pertaining to wonders has been included. If you have some more links, or brand new ideas, please feel free to post them in this thread. Related Threads Table of Contents New Wonder Ideas Changes to Existing Wonders New Wonder Concepts Conclusion The Ideas I. New Wonder Ideas This section goes on the idea that the concept of the ‘wonder’ in Civ will not change from Civ3 to Civ4, that players will still accumulate production in a race with other civs in their attempt to build a wonder. Listed at those specific ideas for a brand new wonder. Statue of Liberty No so much a new wonder, but bringing back a great one from Civ2. A civ with this wonder, in Civ2, could switch to any government type, irregardless of possession of the prerequisite tech, with no anarchy time. In Civ2, it was rendered mostly useless by the fact that one could switch governments without penalty every four turns (the classic Odeo years).Arrian Banaue Rice Terraces >Ancient - allows irrigation on hills (weak, needs more benefit, maybe cut irrigation time or allow hills/forests/mountains to act as irrigated square for the purposes of irrigating next to it).Solomwi Channel Tunnel Modern/Late Industrial - allows ground units to move across single tile straits without ships.Solomwi Machu Picchu Late Ancient - allows settlement on mountains.Solomwi Attitude/Reputation Wonders Bring back some of the old ones from Civ2 that could modify relations with neighbors. (Eiffel, Marco Polo, etc.)Solomi Apian Way (Small Wonder) Originally Roman Empire, huge boon to trade (25-50% for every city connected by it) and unit movement along its length (4 tiles instead of three like other roads). For those who love micromanaging, the Wonder could cost a city less to "produce," but workers would return to existing roads for an additional one or two turns per tile, resulting in a straighter road graphic or a different color. Building the AW from scr...
    August 31, 2012, 17:58
  • Civ 4 the List: User Friendliness/ The Manual / Help Files
    Introduction User Friendliness- what makes the game easy to play. The Manual- the guides to Civ I and II provided historical information and pull-out charts that gave the game character- will Civ IV have such things? Or will the manual merely be a cheap on-line PDF? Help Files- how easily can the owners of the game find their way around it once accessing the game itself? Summary While this wasnt the most glamours of sections, it is in some ways the most important because without easy accessibility, Civilization would be both unfun and impossible to play. Many ideas which could fall in this area were included in other sections, thus its sparseness can be explained by the universality in where these help information can be put in. Table of Contents The Ideas Conclusion The Ideas Historical Garbage: Forget the historical stuff about units. Most people never read it and it doesn't enhance gameplay.-Kuciwalker (It should be noted, however that a significant group of civvers actually appreciates these historical things and the fact that they are in the game makes it more educational and acceptable to teachers and parents trying to teach their children through learning. It also makes the game more 'intellectual' and provides a good reference.)-DarkCloud Generating Civlopedia Entries IN THE EDITOR:: Make it easy to generate Civpedia entries IN THE EDITOR.-Kuciwalker A "?" to click on and point at elements: I propose that somewhere at the top of the screen there would be a litte interrogation mark to click on. If you click on it, there will be a bunch of very visible interrogation marks each place on the present screen you can get a little text explaining how it works, what it is and ev...
    August 31, 2012, 17:55
  • Civ 4 the List: Units
    Introduction This is meant as a discussion of two principal aspects of the game: what units should appear in the game, and the effects of the various unit attribute flags. Of secondary importance is finding a way to integrate unit statistics with whatever combat method is chosen; it is generally agreed that balancing stats will depend a lot on how combat (stacked vs 1:1 vs other) is implemented. Summary One recurring theme across the various lists for each generation of civ was for a unit workshop, similar to smac. I believe this would be bad for civ. While it could reflect the historical range of units if constrained with a uitably detailed complex ruleset, this rulset would be unreasonably complex for a game, forcing an extra level of management. In addition, it would make it extremely hard to mod the graphics, and all but impossible to create mods with fantasy units. Most people agree that civ3 had far too few units in the game. The big jumps in the capabilities at each critical tech gave an overwhelming advantage to teh tech leader, as well as giving a somewhat disjointed view of history. With assymetric units, there is clearly a strong desire for these functions to be implemented. The main debate is on whether or not units are the best means of implementing these functions. This a decision that should be made on a group by group basis. There is very little desire for religious units or lawyers, but worker functions are evenly split on whether units are the best method to put them in the game. Related Threads Civ4 Idea: Armies instead of Units Stacked vs. Single Unit Combat - The Battle Continues Some sort of unit design allowed? Civ4 Units Table of Contents 2.0 Miscellaneous Thoughts 5.0 Units Conclusion The Ideas Organized by: Lajzar...
    August 31, 2012, 17:52