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CTPII Info: Release and System Requirements


  • CTPII Info: Release and System Requirements

    Source: Apolyton


    (16 February 2000, 15:51 EST/CtP2) Plans are to release Call To Power II this fall reports an article on GameCenter, a division of C|Net, in a discussion with Activision's Senior Producer Parker Davis.

    He also said that some of the fundamental elements of the original will be revamped in this sequel, in response to at times detrimental criticism from analysts and gamers alike.

    "We've taken a lot of [the criticism, re: the original CTP] to heart. It's definitely shaped our strategy and our goals for this project. The previous product was spread a bit too thin... more isn't always better".

    In addition to simplifying the user interface and balancing the game's combat, the design team is improving the game's diplomacy. In CTPII, the player will be able to make diplomatic proposals and counterproposals, as well as threats. More importantly, according to Davis, "diplomacy will be much more directly tied into the game", so AI behavior will be more consistent between enemies and friends.

    One of the more prominent items on the chopping block is the Space Era that was very much apart of CTP.

    "We actually are removing [the futuristic space era] altogether, because that was an area where we really bit off more than we could chew".

    While the time span of the sequel is shedding some decades, the number of turns is being increased to 500, from the 350 in CTP, to improve the overall pacing of the game.

    Source: Apolyton


    (11 May 2000, 16:45 EST) Well Rounded Entertainment is reporting on location at E3 that Call To Power II is set for release sometime this fall. This backs up an earlier claim by C|Net's GameCenter in February shortly after the game's official announcement.

    Is it true? Can a more precise date be pinpointed? Stay tuned.


    (18 September 2000, 23:01 EST) In a follow-up to the story we reported regarding the launch of the official CTPII site [see below], Activision's FAQ on the game answers and confirms some details that had previously surfaced in previews and posts on our forums. Some excerpts:

    Q: When will Call to Power II be released?
    A: [CTPII] is scheduled for a November 2000 release. As with all software in development, this date could shift.


    (25 October 2000, 19:06 EST) GamesDomain (US) has posted six screenshots from CTPII. While they are nothing that had not yet been released before, reporter Kevan Mander says that it is scheduled for release on November 24.

    However, this is an unofficial report to date. The official CTPII website, owned and operated by Activision Inc., narrows it down no farther than November, 2000.


    (28 October 2000, 18:08 EST) GameSpot posted probably the biggest of the close-to-release previews for CTPII. 5 Full pages and 22 screenshots give a good look on the beta version of the game.
    When asked to comment on GSpot's November 14th listed release date of the title, Pearson let us know that is was the right month, but the wrong date.

    That date isn't official. Sorry I can't be more specific then that.


    (3 November 2000, 22:56 EST) Activison's Tony Evans, a Game Designer at the company, today confirmed the minimum system requirements needed to play CTPII.

    They are: a Pentium 166Mhz processor, 64MB RAM, and 150MB of free disk space after installation.


    (5 November 2000, 19:42 EST) In the latest in a continuous string of CTPII release predictions, EBWorld is saying the 16th of November. The listed price is $49.99US which you can pre-order now. The game's profile also includes one customer preview. The person, who remains nameless, says the game is awesome.

    "[CTPII] has all the elements of the first game plus tons of new upgrades to classes and more organized military strategies and more diplomatic options... it is a must have for hardcore gamers and if you liked the first one you must have this upgraded version."

    SPM SAYS NOV. 31

    (5 November 2000, 15:02 EST) According to the editors of Strategy Player Magazine, CTPII is set for a November, 31st release. This information was published in the magazine's October, 2000 issue; given that no exact date in the month of November has been officially stated for the game's release, it's simply a ballpark estimation at the moment.

    What does SPM say "the buzz" is surrounding the anticipated Call To Power sequel? "Turn-based [strategy gaming] gets a shot in the arm."

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