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CTPII Info: Diplomacy


  • CTPII Info: Diplomacy

    Source: Announcement Press Release


    "A robust diplomacy interface will assist players in choosing their political stance, and allow counter proposals when dealing with other civilizations."

    Source: Announcement Press Release


    "Borders between neighboring states are clearly defined to help prevent inadvertent skirmishes or international incidents."

    Source: Official Site


    "A completely new diplomatic model allows you to offer proposals and negotiate counter-proposals with other empires. React in friendly or hostile tones as you confront distinct opponents with more in-depth AI personalities for even more realism. Utilize all-new diplomatic options such as Borders to help define the geopolitical situation."

    Source: IGN Preview


    (27 June 2000, 21:16 EST) It's been six weeks since the first installment, but today IGN updated their preview of Call To Power II, and it is paying for itself in dividends. With so much information to assimilate, we've broken it down into sub-sections which are but bottom-line excerpts from the extensive writeup. In each instance, IGN's Stephen Butts reports...


    "If you find your attacks failing, you may want to try out Call to Power II's improved diplomacy options. There's a new proposal interface that allows you to form compound proposals and counter offers. This open-ended sort of negotiation is a very welcome addition to the game. To go along with the new diplomacy options, CTP2 will also feature a new diplomatic victory option. If you can maintain a 'critical alliance' for a set number of turns without ticking off the world community at large, then you don't need to worry about having a horrible economy or a tiny army. Of course we all know that military victory is the only one that really counts."


    "The concept of borders, one of the better innovations in CTP, has been improved on here as well. In the original game, you were simply bumped from civilization borders. CTP2 allows you to ignore zones of influence and control but callous disregard for national boundaries will negatively affect your standing among other civilizations. Your enemies may also ignore your borders depending on their personality."

    Source: Gamecenter


    (13 July 2000, 23:46 EST) GameCenter posted a brief preview of Call To Power II today.

    "Another change Activision is touting is a much-enhanced diplomatic system. The AI will be much more in-depth and will react much more realistically to your civilization's overtures of friendship, proposals, treaty offers, threats, counter-threats, and more."


    (1 September 2000, 1:46 EST) Another recent preview for CTPII: this time, it's Computer Games Online's turn.
    Below are some notable excerpts, starting off with a quote from a member of Activision's CTPII team:

    "Alpha Centauri brought diplomacy to a new level," admits [Senior Producer Parker] Davis, "and we want to take that even further... I don't think that's ever been done, where you have these back and forth negotiations or the breadth of options that we have."


    (28 October 2000, 18:08 EST) GameSpot posted probably the biggest of the close-to-release previews for CTPII. 5 Full pages and 22 screenshots give a good look on the beta version of the game.
    On Diplomacy: "Without a doubt, the biggest enhancement to be found in Call to Power II is the improved suite of diplomacy options. Basic negotiations revolve around familiar options... However, once you produce some diplomat units and establish embassies in foreign cities, you can access a number of new diplomatic options."

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