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Gods and Kings adds 13 new Buildings to Civilization 5


  • Gods and Kings adds 13 new Buildings to Civilization 5

    New Buildings

    Gods and Kings adds 13 new buildings to Civilization 5. At least 3 of the 13 buildings are Unique Buildings (UBs). This means they can only be build by one specific civilization.







    Amphitheatre ? ? May replace the temple as cultural building, to replace the temple, which may now produce Faith instead of culture. wiki
    Bomb Shelter ? Protects against Nukes wiki
    Cathedral ? +1 Faith, +3 Culture, +1 Happiness, Artist Specialist slot wiki
    Ceilidh Hall Acoustics Adds happiness, culture and an artist slot Celtic UB, probably replaces Opera House wiki
    Coffee House ? ? Austrian UB wiki
    Constabulary Banking Helps to stop enemy spies wiki
    Mosque ? +3 Faith, +2 Culture, +1 Happiness wiki
    Pagoda ? Probably some Faith wiki
    Police Station ? Reduces the probability that a technology is stolen. wiki
    Pyramid ? ? Mayan UB wiki
    Shrine Pottery Adds 1 Faith wiki
    Stele ? ? Ethiopian UB wiki
    Unknown Building 12 ? ?

    Changed Buildings

    Gods and Kings also changes buildings. Culture buildings are now built with faith.




    Monastery Costs ? Faith, Produces +2 Faith, +2 Culture, more with Wine or Incense Costs 120 Production, +2 Culture for each Incense and Wine nearby
    Temple +? Faith +3 Culture

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      Bomb Shelter, my warmongering gets more violent.


    • MxM
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      There are two "Unknown Building 12" and no "Unknown Building 13". See how supersti... I mean religion works?
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