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  • Civilization 2: Tips and Hints
    by Martin Gühmann
    Here you will find files that are designed to help you in your Civilization game. All of these files were created by gamers like you, so if you have any particular strategies that you want to share please feel free to add them to the comments. Name and Weblink Compressed Download Description A Recipe for Invasion in Civ2 Ryan Ross shows us that good invasion is like a good meal: It needs the right ingredients, good properation...
    September 3, 2012, 18:16
  • The unofficial Civ2 strategy FAQ
    by Martin Gühmann
    The unofficial Civ2 strategy FAQ Release v2.2 Last Updated: May 31, 1996 15:44 GMT Original authors: Edward Kenworthy (ekenworthy at P&P Enterprises (Agent00god at or pauls at visit us at HTTP:// A PLEA FROM THE HEART I had a hard disk crash which meant I lost version 2.1 and all the contributions made by people after that. If you contributed and your contribution is not here can you get back to me. I'm part
    April 3, 2011, 16:11
  • The weirdest and oddest things about Civilization II
    by Martin Gühmann
    This is version 3.0 of the FAQ
    Spain. October 19th, 1996.

    A terrible mini FAQ created by the inquisitive mind of:

    Antonio Leal (C) 1996aleal at

    Well, this doesn't pretend to be too much serious. Just to tell you some weird things I have discovered playing the game and changing the parameters. I have also added interesting tips from Civ2 gamers all around the Net. First of all, you must have your Civ2 copy ready. Afterwards, you'll be free to change the numbers and files as I explain here, if you are enough suicide... Hey, always backup your original files before experimenting anything.

    1. The Mega City

    If you play the game, the maximum population for a city might be 40 or 42. I must say I have never reach that level (38 maybe, I don't remember). Though, the real max number is 127. Yes, this is impossible to get in a normal play, but if you alter the rules.txt file, let's say the wheat resource to be 52 instead of 3, there is no problem. If you found a city close to 3 or 4 wheat resources, the magical number of 127 population is at your feet. You can also change the banana/fruit resource or whatever food one.

    Hey, wait a moment! This cluster of wheat resources so closer is not possible! Don't panic. Read the section 2, changing the seed source. (If you change the wheat to 100, for instance, the effect could be brutal when you have a look to the city display: your food container is overhelmed).

    Why not a city of 1000 population? No. If you try to put something more than 127, negative or lower numbers appear.

    Well, take into account that this is just possible if you're making a scenario, where you can vary the characteristics of play at your will.
    March 25, 2011, 18:36
  • The Rocky Mountain Civilization II Site presents: Winning in Diety Mode
    by Martin Gühmann

    The Rocky Mountain Civilization II Site presents:

    Mod Packs, Scenarios, Units, Hints and Tips provided by our site are SHAREWARE
    This means that you are free to look at them, download them, use them, abuse them, etc. If you like ours, and they are of benefit to you, we ask that you consider sending us the following to offset the site subscription, email, counter, etc. costs, so we can continue providing all of this to Civ II enthusiasts around the world:
    March 25, 2011, 18:11
  • CIV 2 Wonders of the World RATING FAQ by Radiospace
    by Martin Gühmann

    Wonders are reviewed on a scale of 1 - 5, with 5 being the best.

    March 25, 2011, 18:00
  • Mike DelPrete's Civ2 Player FAQ
    by Martin Gühmann
    Original Author:
    Mike DelPrete

    Here we will discuss some common questions players of Civilization II have. If you have any questions, answers, or comments, send them my way at shivadeath at

    Q: What is the best form of government?
    A: This is a hard question to answer, since it depends on what level of the game you are playing at, your strategy and goals in the game, and the size of your empire. The most useful forms of government are the two that are most commonly used, Fundamentalism and Democracy. Fundamentalism is good because you don’t have to worry about unhappy citizens (very useful in harder games) or unit shield maintenance unless you have a lot of units. This keeps production up high and the folks at home happy. The down side is that science production is cut in half, so unless you have a lot of libraries and universities your scientific community will suffer. This government is best used when you are involved in a large war where defeating the enemy comes before anything else.
    The other government used the most is Democracy, which is for the more peaceful player who want to be on top with research and money. Using this method it is possible to have enough money to subvert enemy cities rather than attack them. This is much like the Republic except the restrictions on declaring war and senate interference are not as bad. These two governments are the extremes of all possibilities, and it is very possible to play with other types if it suits your needs.

    March 25, 2011, 17:13