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The unofficial Civ2 strategy FAQ


  • The unofficial Civ2 strategy FAQ

    The unofficial Civ2 strategy FAQ

    Release v2.2
    Last Updated: May 31, 1996 15:44 GMT
    Original authors:
    Edward Kenworthy (ekenworthy at
    P&P Enterprises (Agent00god at or pauls at
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    I had a hard disk crash which meant I lost version 2.1 and all the contributions made by people after that. If you contributed and your contribution is not here can you get back to me. I'm particularly keen to get the naval strategy someone contributed - but I can't even get back to them to ask because my email address book went with the hard disk.

    This is version 2.2


    The purpose of this FAQ is to aid the public regarding strategies and tactics to use in the game Civilization II, by Micrprose. In no
    way should this promote your killing yourself, killing others, or killing in any other fashion.

    Edward Kenworthy or P&P Enterprises claims NO responsibility regarding any illegal activity concerning this FAQ, or indirectly related to this FAQ.


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    [3] Important information not in the manual
    [3-1] [blank]

    -Section Two- STRATEGIES
    *5* The Early Game
    [6] The Mid Game
    *7* The Late Game
    *8* Player tips
    [9] War Stories

    Section Three- MISCELLANEOUS
    *10* Internet resources
    *11* Bugs, updates, future games
    [11-1] The wishlist
    [11-2] Questions regarding Civ2 present and future
    *11-3* Update patches
    [11-4] Errors in the Civ2 manual
    [12] Conclusion
    *13* Revision History

    CHAPTER [1]: Introduction

    [1-1]: Foreword

    I was rather disappointed at the lack of any sort of strategy guide or faq for Civ2 - so rather whine about it I decided to write my own. And here it is. What are my credentials? Well I've been playing Civ since 4000BC (or does it just seem that way) and Civ2 ever since it was published (about five minutes ago). I've never scored over 200% (basically because I declined to use the various "cheats" in Civ (goody two shoes!) but did regularly score over 100% on Emperor. I seem to be managing similar scores in Civ 2.

    If you have any new tips, comments or questions please email them to ekenworthy at Good ones will be included in the next version of this document - with a credit of course.

    [1-2]: About the unofficial Civilization 2 Strategy FAQ

    Welcome to v2.2 of the Unofficial Civilization 2 Strategy FAQ. Version 2.2 is an update from v2.0 but excludes material in v2.1 because I had a hard disk crash. See top of this faq for a plea for help.

    'Unofficial' means that this FAQ is not supported by Microprose. Civilization II is the name of the game. FAQs are (F)requently (A)sked (Q)uestions.

    Revision classification works something like the following. If a new version of the FAQ has only a small amount of information changed or added, the version number is increased by 0.1, and is called a 'minor revision.' If a new version of the FAQ has a substantial amount of new information changed or added, the version number is increased by 0.5, and is called a 'standard revision.' If a new version of the FAQ has a huge amount of added or changed information, major parts of the FAQ are rearranged, or major parts of the FAQ are rewritten, the version number is increased by 1.0, and it is called a 'major revision.'

    You may be wondering why chapter numbers are enclosed in either []'s or **'s. The definition of these is as follows:

    []: Chapters enclosed in square brackets mean that the information contained in the chapter has not been updated since the previous FAQ.
    **: Chapters enclosed in asterisks mean that the information contained in the chapter is new or has been updated for the current version of the FAQ you are reading.

    [1-2-1]: Is the FAQ related to the Official Guide to Civilisation II?

    No, the Unofficial Civilization II Strategy FAQ is not related in any way with the Official Guide to Civilization 2 other than in topic.

    Nor is the Unofficial Civ2 Strategy FAQ meant to be competition to the Official Guide.

    [1-3]: Getting the unofficial Civ2 Strategy FAQ

    [1-3-2]: via Usenet

    The unofficial Civ2 Strategy FAQ is posted on the first of every month (or earlier if a new version is released) on the following Usenet groups.


    The 'Subject:' line of the post will be 'Unofficial Civ2 Strategy FAQ v??.??' where '??.??' is the version number of the FAQ.

    [1-3-3]: via Internet FTP

    New releases of the Unofficial Civ II Strategy FAQ can be found at the following Internet FTP sites:

    [well actually nowhere yet. But if someone would care to carry it and let me know I'll note it here.]

    The file name of the upload will be 'civ2s??.faq' where '??' is the version number of the FAQ. This filename is for FTP sites only. BBS filenames are outlined in [1-3-5]

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    New releases of the Unofficial Civ2 Strategy FAQ will be found on the following World-wide Web sites:
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    [1-3-5]: via BBS

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    [1-4]: Adding to the FAQ

    Where you see the words [blank] or [incomplete] in this FAQ is a section that needs filling in. I depend heavily on contributions from people like yourself to make this FAQ whole. Please, don't make me beg. Help me fill in the blanks.

    If you have something to add to the FAQ, please send E-mail to 'ekenworthy at' (no quotes), with the subject 'Civ2 Strategy Guide' explaining what your addition is. It will be reviewed, and if accepted, added to the next FAQ version. In the E-mail, please supply your name and E-mail address.

    Please note that all submissions to the FAQ become property of the author (Edward Kenworthy) and that they may or may not be acknowledged. By submitting to the FAQ, you grant permission for use of your submission in any future publications of the FAQ in any media. The author reserves the right to omit information from a submission or delete the submission entirely.

    [1-5]: Acknowledgments

    Microprose Studios for making this great game.

    My wife. (Hi Angela!)

    And big thanks to everyone else who sent something my way, or posted answers to questions in You are all listed next to your contributions in this FAQ!

    Forgive me if I miss anyone. If for some reason I HAVE missed you, PLEASE send me E-mail so I can give credit where credit is due.

    Jim Venn <100071.2311 at CompuServe.COM> who has made contributions all over the place - rather than scatter his name all over the place I've listed it here as an acknowledgement.

    [1-6]: Accurate Information

    An attempt has been made to make the information in this FAQ as accurate as possible.

    Harder still is verifying the correctness of every hint and tip. I do try hard to make sure there are no bogus entries in this FAQ, but, undoubtedly, one or two will probably slip by. Please let me know immediately if there is any information in this FAQ that you know is incorrect.

    Also, because the game was recently released, future updates and add-ons may render parts of this FAQ obsolete.

    [1-7]: The format of this FAQ

    I have been copying the format and style of the granddaddy of all FAQ keepers, Hank Leukart (ap641 at of the 'Official' DOOM FAQ.


    CHAPTER[2]: The Tools Of The Trade

    This chapter contains information on the various units, buildings, wonders etc available for use in Civ2.

    *2-1*: Foot Troops

    *2-1-1*: Settlers

    Settlers are replaced by Engineers with the discovery of Explosives.
    Cost:40 Attack:0 Defense:1 Movement:1 HP:2 Fire Power:1

    *2-1-2*: Engineers

    Engineers work at twice the speed of settlers - so for example a road across a plain is completed in 1 turn rather than two. They so move at a speed of 2 and can actually radically change terrain - for example mountains to hills and desert to plains !

    Cost:40 Attack:0 Defense:2 Movement:2 Hit Points:2 Fire Power:1

    *2-1-3*: Warrior

    These are the worst combat unit in the game. Only build them if you’re desperate and have no better technology.
    Cost:10 Attack:1 Defense:1 Movement:1 Hit Points:1 Fire Power:1

    *2-1-4*: Phalanx

    Best value for money in terms of defence in the early part of the game. Great when used in conjuction with Elephants and eventually Crusaders.

    Phalanxes are upgraded to Pikemen.
    Cost:20 Attack:1 Defense:2 Movement:1 Hit Points:1 Fire Power:1

    *2-1-5*: Legion

    Legions are upgraded to Musketeers. Legions are slightly better than the phalanx, but take twice as long to make.
    Cost:40 Attack:4 Defense:2 Movement:1 Hit Points:1 Fire Power:1

    *2-1-6*: Explorer

    An extremely underrated unit. The explorer has a movement of 1/3 regardless of terrain and it ignores enemy zones of control. Very useful for manouvering combat troops through enemy zones of control.

    If adjacent to an enemy unit just move the explorer forward and wait them, move a combat unit on top of the explorer then pull the explorer back out of the front line reducing the risk of them being attacked. Repeat until troops have flowed past the enemy fortifications.

    A good substitue until you've researched guerrilla warfare in which case partisans can be used Explorers are never upgraded by Leonardo's Workshop. They also never become obsolete!

    *2-1-7*: Pikemen

    Pikemen have their defensive strength doubled if they're attacked by mounted troops. Legions still walk all over them however. (Perhaps this should have been modified so that they receive the same bonus against to non-gun powder infantry. Remember the Swiss ?)
    Phalanxes are upgraded to this unit. Pikemen are upgraded to Musketeers.
    Cost:20 Attack:1 Defense:2(x 2 against mounted) Movement:1 Hit Points:1 Fire Power:1

    *2-1-8*: Musketeer

    A good defensive and reasonable offensive unit. It's hit points are double that of the non-gunpowder troops so don't be affraid of taking on fortified pikemen.
    Cost:30 Attack:3 Defense:3 Movement:1 Hit Points:2 Fire Power:1

    *2-1-9*: Rifleman

    On a cost/strength ratio these are probably the best defensive unit.

    These are the final troop type that infantry are automatically upgraded to by Leonardo's Workshop.
    Cost:40 Attack:5 Defense:4 Movement:1 Hit Points:2 Fire Power:1

    *2-1-10*: Alpine Ski Troops

    The major ability of Alpine Ski Troops is that they can travel three squares regardless of the terrain type. They do still take advantage of Railroads, but Roads have no effect.

    These troops are never upgraded by Leonardo's Workshop - nor is any other infantry type upgraded to it.
    Cost:50 Attack:5 Defense:5 Movement:1 Hit Points:2 Fire Power:1

    *2-1-11*: Marines

    The major ability of Marines is that they can directly attack a city from a transport ship (what Civ2 calls an Amphibious assault).

    These troops are never upgraded by Leonardo's Workshop - nor is any other infantry type upgraded to it.
    Cost:60 Attack:8 Defense:5 Movement:1 Hit Points:2 Fire Power:1

    *2-1-12*: Paratroopers

    The computer makes extensive use of these. If you leave a city undefended (or all the defenders are killed) you can be sure there'll be one of these around ready to drop in for a cup of tea and a bite to eat.

    Great when used in conjuction with bomber strikes across bodies of water that leave an enemy city defenceless. The computer AI seems to be particularly keen on this tactic.

    These troops are never upgraded by Leonardo's Workshop- nor is any other infantry type upgraded to it.
    Cost:60 Attack:6 Defense:4 Movement:1 Hit Points:2 Fire Power:1

    *2-1-13*: Psycopaths (available to download

    Great attack units, created by Nick Puleo of P&P Enterprises Psycopaths are gained after Psycopathism, are great at attack but suck on defense, good for killing fortified guys.

    Cost:30 Attack:8 Defense:2 Movement:2 Hit Points:2 Fire Power:2

    *2-2*: Mounted

    *2-2-1*: Horsemen

    One of your first things you should research is horseback riding. This way you can explore the map alot faster since horsemen have a movement of two.
    Cost:20 Attack:2 Defense:1 Movement:2 Hit Points:1 Fire Power:1

    *2-2-2*: Chariots

    Chariots were significantly down graded from Civ. If you want to go an early crusade - choose Elephants. They are gained once you get the wheel, good for exploring and early attack.
    Cost:30 Attack:3 Defense:1 Movement:2 Hit Points:1 Fire Power:1

    *2-2-3*: Elephants

    A great attacking unit for early game, but not good at defense, gotten after polytheism.
    Cost:40 Attack:4 Defense:1 Movement:2 Hit Points:1 Fire Power:1

    *2-2-4*: Knights

    Slightly better than the horsemen
    Cost:40 Attack:4 Defense:2 Movement:2 Hit Points:1 Fire Power:1

    *2-2-5*: Crusaders

    Slightly better than knights, gained after monotheism
    Cost:40 Attack:5 Defense:1 Movement:2 Hit Points:1 Fire Power:1

    *2-2-6*: Dragoons

    Not quite as good as the Calvary but get the job done
    Cost:50 Attack:5 Defense:2 Movement:2 Hit Points:2 Fire Power:1

    *2-2-7*: Cavalry

    The best of the mounted troops. Still good towards later portions of the game.
    Cost:60 Attack:8 Defense:3 Movement:2 Hit Points:2 Fire Power:1

    *2-3*: Vehicles

    *2-3-1* Armor:

    Great attack units, good for taking over cities
    Cost:80 Attack:10 Defense:5 Movement:3 Hit Points:3 Fire Power:1

    * 2-3-2* Mechanized Infantry:

    Not as good as the armor, but can help alot cheaper
    Cost:50 Attack:6 Defense:6 Movement:3 Hit Points:3 Fire Power:1

    *2-4*: Big Guns

    * 2-4-1 * Catapult:

    Not really a gun, but really helps in the begining of the game for taking over many things
    Cost:40 Attack:6 Defense:1 Movement:1 Hit Points:1 Fire Power:1

    * 2-4-2 * Cannon:

    The first real big gun, great for defense of cities
    Cost:40 Attack:8 Defense:1 Movement:1 Hit Points:2 Fire Power:1

    * 2-4-3 * Artillery:

    Upgrade of the cannon, good for stoping pesky invaders, take out a horde of them.
    Cost:50 Attack:10 Defense:1 Movement:1 Hit Points:2 Fire Power:2

    * 2-4-4 * Howitzer:

    Great attack units on cities, they ignore city walls
    Cost:70 Attack:12 Defense:2 Movement:2 Hit Points:3 Fire Power:2

    *2-5*: Naval Units

    * 2-5-1 * Tireme:

    Only good for transport, has a 1/2 chance of getting lost at sea if not end turn by land, unless you have a light house. Can transport 2 ground units.
    Cost:40 Attack:1 Defense:1 Movement:3 Hit Points:1 Fire Power:1

    * 2-5-2 * Caravel:

    An upgrade from the Tireme, can transport 3 ground units, and no chance of getting lost at sea
    Cost:40 Attack:2 Defense:1 Movement:3 Hit Points:1 Fire Power:1

    * 2-5-3 * Galleon:

    Good transport ship, can't attack, you get it once you get magnetism. Can transport 4 ground units
    Cost:40 Attack:0 Defense:2 Movement:4 Hit Points:2 Fire Power:1

    * 2-5-4 * Frigate:

    Gained at the completion of magnetism, good attack ship, can only transport two people, use it as an escort for the Galleon
    Cost:50 Attack:4 Defense:2 Movement:4 Hit Points:2 Fire Power:1

    * 2-5-5 * Transport:

    An upgrade of the galleon, can transport 8 ground units, it can't attack.
    Cost:50 Attack:0 Defense:3 Movement:5 Hit Points:3 Fire Power:1

    * 2-5-6 * Destroyer:

    A destroyer can see subs, good for escort of a transport, and has a good movement for exploring
    Cost:60 Attack:4 Defense:4 Movement:6 Hit Points:3 Fire Power:1

    * 2-5-7 * Cruiser:

    A little better than the destroyer, can see subs
    Cost:80 Attack:6 Defense:6 Movement:5 Hit Points:3 Fire Power:2

    * 2-5-8 * Submarine:

    Invisible to most enemy ships, can transport missile units
    Cost:60 Attack:10 Defense:2 Movement:3 Hit Points:3 Fire Power:2

    * 2-5-9 * Iron Clad:

    One of the first attack ships, predecessor to destroyer
    Cost:60 Attack:4 Defense:4 Movement:4 Hit Points:3 Fire Power:1

    * 2-5-10 * Battle Ship:

    The Best Sea unit by far!!! Especially a veteran, can attack 5 or 6 guys in one turn, and sink them all. We once were attacked by 10 or 11 units of destroyers and sunk them all!!
    Cost:160 Attack:12 Defense:12 Movement:4 Hit Points:4 Fire Power:2

    * 2-5-11 * Carrier:

    Good for transporting all air units, can hold 8.
    Cost:160 Attack:1 Defense:9 Movement:5 Hit Points:4 Fire Power:2

    * 2-5-12 * AEGIS Cruiser:

    Not as good as the battle ship, but it has good air defense
    Cost:100 Attack:8 Defense:8 Movement:5 Hit Points:3 Fire Power:2

    *2-6*: Aircraft

    All air units do not get an effect from the road or rail road.

    *2-6-1*: Fighter

    Fighters are only really useful for a couple of jobs: Taking out bombers that are hanging around and for attacking that spy or diplomat that's just out of reach.

    Forget trying to escort bomber groups - it just don't work.
    Cost:60 Attack:4 Defense:2 Movement:10 Hit Points:2 Fire Power:2

    *2-6-2*: Bomber

    Can be used for interdiction as it exerts a zone of control and grounds units are not able to attack it. Particularly effective if your oppent hasn't discovered flight yet.

    Useful for taking out marauding stacks of enemy units.
    Cost:120 Attack:12 Defense:1 Movement:8 Hit Points:2 Fire Power:2

    *2-6-3*: Stealth Fighter

    Calling this unit a Stealth fighter is a bit of a misnomer. A better name would have been Jet Fighter.

    There is a rules.txt and unit.gif file that adds Jet Fighters Bombers between Fighter/Bomber and their Stealth versions.
    Cost:80 Attack:8 Defense:3 Movement:14 Hit Points:2 Fire Power:2

    *2-6-4*: Stealth Bomber

    Useful for taking out marauding stacks of enemy units. A strong attack unit definately better than the bomber
    Cost:160 Attack:14 Defense:3 Movement:12 Hit Points:2 Fire Power:2

    *2-6-5*: Cruise Missile

    An expensive unit to use - it dies regardless of whether it wins. As with all air units it causes unrest in a Republican or Democratic city. (Remember Greenham common ?)

    Useful for a quick surgical strike against a stack of naval units. But not if there's an AEGIS Cruiser present (and you're playing a version after 1.07).

    Not very strong, i would recomend just using a nuke
    Cost:60 Attack:20 Defense:0 Movement:12 Hit Points:1 Fire Power:3

    *2-6-6*: Nuclear Missile

    Expensive and as with all aircraft causes unrest. Besides who wants a nuclear arsenal planted in their driveway?

    Here's a tip:
    "I have noticed that if you build an airbase 2 hexes from your city and station nukes there, the Ai does not seem to be able to detect them. Wala! Missile silos." [jeferi at (JefEri)]

    When a nuke hits its target it cause pollution in a 1 square radius of the target, if the target is a city, it cause the population to descrease by 1/2.
    Cost:160 Attack:99 Defense:0 Movement:16 Hit Points:1 Fire Power:1

    *2-7*: Trade Units

    *2-7-1*: General Comments

    Trade as much as possible. Make trade routes with everybody. It gives good income, even establish routes with yourself.

    *2-7-2*: Caravan

    The first trade unit before the Freight Ignores zones of control.
    Cost:50 Attack:0 Defense:1 Movement:1 Hit Points:1 Fire Power:1

    *2-7-3*: Freight

    No different from the Caravan except it moves one more space
    Cost:50 Attack:0 Defense:1 Movement:2 Hit Points:1 Fire Power:1

    *2-8*: Buildings

    *2-8-1*: Palace

    Important for corruption calculation. The further a city from the one with your Palace in - the greater the corruption (except at Democracy of course).

    Without a capital EVERY city is treated as being the mximum range away!!

    *2-8-1*: Temple

    Reduces the number of unhappy citizens by 2. Increased effect with Mysitcism and double effect if you control the Oracle.

    *2-8-1*: Granary

    Allows you to create a food stockpile. This is important for two reasons a) it gives you a buffer zone in case of famine and b) it halves the amount of stored food you need to build up to create a new citizen.

    The Pyramid gives a granary in each of your cities. Perhaps something to with the story of Joseph and his Coat of Many Colours?

    Not a particularly useful improvement. Happiness improvements are more valuable as the best mechanisim for growth is gaining We Love ? Day in your cities. But this of course depends on being democracy or republic.

    *2-8-1*: Barracks

    Barracks allow troops to be healed in 1 turn in a city, also creates veteran units.

    [2-11]: Wonders of The World

    [2-11-1]: Must Haves

    Pyramids, Great Library, Leonardo's Workshop, Michaelangelo's Chapel, Women's Suffrage, Hoover Dam, Great Wall.

    [2-11-2]: Nice To Haves

    King Richard's Crusade, Oracle, Copernicus's Observatory, Magellan's Voyage, SETI project, Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty, Cure for Cancer, United Nations.

    [2-11-3]: Not Really Bothered

    Hanging Gardens, Lighthouse, Shakespeare's Theatre, Marco Polo's Expedition, Apollo Project, Manhattan Project, Sun Tzu's Academy.

    [2-11-4]: Exceptions

    This may alter slightly depending on the environment. For example if you have lots of small continents in your world the Magellan's Voyage and Lighthouse become more important.

    [2-11-5]: Wonder Denial

    Of course by having a Wonder yourself you deny anyone else from having its benefits. This is particularly important for certain Wonders, like United Nations. It's incredibly frustrating to have to stop fighting because the other side has this Wonder! (Or to struggle to research a technology only to have your enemy acquire it from his Great Library!)

    [2-11-6]: Obsolete Wonders

    Be careful about the technology you choose in order to avoid accidentally making one of your critical Wonders obsolete too early. Metallurgy for Great Wall and Mobile Warfare for Leonardo's Workshop are the critical ones.

    [2-11-7]: Specific Wonders

    [2-11-7-1]: The Great Wall
    If you have the Great Wall - remember to prepare for it's obsolescence. There's nothing quite so unpleasant as being attacked by another civilisation only to have all your cities lose their walls because some SOB discovers metallurgy !

    *2-11-7-2*: Leonardo’s Workshop
    A note on Leonardo's workshop. It does not immediately upgrade all your troops - that only happens when you gain a technology. So when you build Leonardo's workshop all your units get upgraded. And when you gain a new technology Civ2 checks to see if your units should be upgraded. But if you gain control of other units (except by building them) - for example through bribery - these are not upgraded until the next time you gain a technology advance. Another effect of being upgraded by Leonardo's Workshop is that any veteran units lose their veteran status - even if they're in the city with a barracks.

    *2-11-7-2-1* Evolutionary Paths
    [rad at via.East.Sun.COM (Bob Doolittle)]

    These are some of the upgrade paths units take. Any further contributions gratefully accepted.

    Horsemen -> Knights -> Dragoons -> Cavalry
    Chariots -> Elephants -> Crusaders
    Settler -> Engineer (explosives needed to evolve)
    Phalanx -> Pikeman -> Musketeer -> Rifleman


    CHAPTER[5]: The Early Game

    [5-1]: Expand Rapidly

    Build lots of cities quickly. Forget about building an army or garrisons and build settlers. On Emperor level this is easy because you don't get any discontent until your third citizen and by building lots of settlers you ensure you don't have cities that big. On Deity level it's harder because the second citizen is discontented. The plan here is to still build lots of settlers quickly - but take the occasional break to build a garrison or temple to keep the citizens quiet.

    The sole exception to this is if you find yourself on the same continent as another player. In which case the priority is to kill them as quickly possible. Do *not* build up first - they will be too!!

    [5-2]: Build Roads

    Always build at least one road or irrigation with each settler before building a city. Roads are important early for the trade boost you get. Otherwise you'll run out of money !

    Once you have 5-6 cities established begin to build roads connecting them - both too increase the speed of response of your armies and to improve trade.

    [5-3]: Establish Your Borders

    Seal off your continent as quickly as possible ! Along with destroying any other civilisations you find on your continent you should fortify units on its land borders as soon as possible to prevent others moving in and thereby giving yourself exclusive access to the continent.

    If you're playing in the real world then Africa is one of the easiest continents to achieve this in - simply fortify a unit (and build fortification when possible) at the Suez canal to prevent access to the whole of Africa. (The Americas comes a close second - because you have an ocean to separate you. The disadvantge is a lack of opportunities to trade technology with other civilisations.)

    [5-4]: Change To Monarchy

    The most important early advance to get is Monarchy. Despotism is just too inefficient for you to get far with it. Although it is OK for the early turns because of the reduced maintenance you pay for units.

    "Get into Monarchy ASAP. Then once you have monarchy start irrigating the hell out of your land. At this point, pump up the population with a We love the ___ celebration. Boost the luxary rate to get all of your cities into We_Love, and let this go for a few years till they hit the aquaduct wall at size 8. Then reset the tax/science rate, build aquaducts and temples, etc, and then have another celebration and boost your cities to size 12. Once you research sewers, you can have another sale.

    "Of course, to have such large cities, its necessary to have Mike's chappel (sp?) and other people pacifying Wows." [jthibeau at (John Thibeault)]

    [5-5]: Republic Costs

    Be careful about switching to Republic too soon. If you have lots of settlers around (as I suggest) then you'll quickly starve them because of doubling of food support. It's important to build Michelangelo's Chapel before switching to Republic or the cost due to unhappiness can be great.

    "I am playing on the King Level, and I recently switched from Monarchy to Republic. I had a bunch of cities, ranging up to size 14 (captured from the Babylonians), and I immediately had problems with famines. I did not have many cathedrals (the evil Yanks had built Michelangelo's Chapel), and popularity was a problem. I then switched to Communism, and I am awash in food. During my brief stint as a Republican, I lost several engineers to the famine. As a Commisar, I am building new engineers and am growing my population. Long live Marx (Groucho, that is)!" [zcbag at (B. Alan Guthrie)]

    [5-6]: Trade, Trade, Trade

    With the exception of one or two critical technologies I always trade everything I can. This is because unless you have a commanding lead over all other civilisations the others will trade amongst themselves and you'll lose out. Don't trade a techology that allows construction of Wonder you want to build. Unless it's for a technology that allows construction of a more important Wonder that you won't acquire for a while.

    [5-7]: Wonders of The World

    Wonders To Build. The ones to go for are: Pyramids, Great Library and Great Wall. Some people also adivse Hanging Gardens and Colossus - but I wouldn't bother - there' better stuff.

    The Great Library is a good wonder to build early. You can usually pick up quite a few "base level" early to give your civ a technological edge. Additionally you'll prevent the other civ's from picking up easy advances off your back through denying them the Great Library.

    The only other ancient wonder of significant value is Colossus to give your science city an early boost. Pyramids is made obsolete by the fact that the best strategy for growth is gaining We Love ? Days in your cities which Pyramids or granaries for that matter play no part of.

    An Alternative Point of View from jthibeau at (John Thibeault)

    "Initial WoWs to get are the Colossus, as this is a great boost for trade, cash and research. Then go for the Great Wall, then theGreat Library, as a defensive measure to keep this thing out of the hands of the Ai civs. My latest game on Emperor level (7 civs) I have my capital building the Wow's, and 3 cities feeding it with caravans, and I have managed to just squeak by in building these Wow's (plus the pyramids) before the Ai civs have. It is important to get the Trade tech pretty early, so you can use caravans to beat the Ai at making WoW's. The Ai cheats by 'buying' Wows a little at a time each turn, and they seem to be able to generate more cash than the human player can. The Great Library will not help you if you are in the lead, but I feel that it is vital to keep this thing out of the hands of the AI civs.

    "Another strategy concerning the Great library is to destroy it! Find the city that the AI has built it in, and keep attacking the city (without capturing it) till the city is reduced to pop 1, and then destroyed. No more library! =)

    "One great way to wage war while in a republic or democracy is to have both King Richards crusade and Shakespear in the same city. This city can then support quite a large army in the field. My last game (King,7) I had both of these in a sixe 19 city, and had an army of 36 Dragoons in the field, just waiting for the Ai civs to break those treaties!! hehe"

    "Has anyone researched for the "Great Library" right away, then put your efforts and taxes into producing big cities, all the while your getting tech from the library???" [schollr at (Ryan Scholl)]

    *5-8*: Build a Science City

    A principle founded in Civ1 and still holds true in Civ2. Select a city site with good potential for trade (usually one with plenty of rivers and a trade special). Concentrate your growth and trade efforts around this city by roading and irrigating the area.

    Build a temple early and don't produce settlers from this city as you want the population to grow as rapidly as possible. Look to build science wonders and improvements in this city to maximise scientific research. ie. Colossus, Copernicus' Oberservatory, Isaac Newton's College, Library and University.

    Additionally build caravans from other cities and set up trade routes to the science city. Don't underestimate the value of trade routes. They can be a great source of income and research particularly in the mid to late game.

    CHAPTER[6]: The Mid Game


    [6-1]: Get Outta Here

    Regularly insist that anyone you have a peace treaty with withdraws their troops (if they're imposing).

    [6-2]: Trust You Again ?!?

    If a civilisation regularly breaks treaties never, never, ever, sign another one with them. They *will* break it again. (And there's a bug, at least in 1.06, that means you take the blame if someone violates a treaty with you !! Nice one MP.)

    [6-3]: Wonders of The World

    Wonders to aim for are: Michaelangelo's Chapel and Hoover Dam.

    CHAPTER[7]: The Late Game

    [7-1]: Wonders of The World

    You really should be a Democracy in the late game - otherwise you're going to fall badly behind in production and technology. Fundamentalism appears to be a sound alternative but fanatics are not good units and technology is the only way to break the stalemates that can develop in the late game - and Fundamentalist governments lose 50% of their research (especially if it contradicts the Bible or Koran etc Darwin's Voyage ? Lose two technology advances ).

    Alternate points of view:
    "Once you switch into a Fundamentalist gov't, stick with it to the end. Granted, you loose alot of sci. but you make it back with the cities you capture. The only reason you should change back to democracy is if you have no idea where any of the other civs are." [jake at (Jacob Daniel Walter)]

    "One common approach, which works too well IMO, is to use Fundamentalism to destroy all but one competing civilization, and to
    reduce that last one to a single city. Then you can gently restore your cities (using all the cash you get from tithes, disbanding units, and selling your expensive coastal defenses and city walls to offset the cost of raising the luxury rate and buying colliseums) to repare them to the switch back to democracy." [rdclark at (RDClark)]

    "I agree that Fundamentalism is too powerful. I've had several games on Emperor and Deity level that I won simply by building lots of cities early, getting to Fundamentalism quickly, then out-producing all the other civs and drowning them in cavalry, cannons and fanatics, accompanied by huge gangs of settlers to make roads and, later, railroads so that a cannon can be purchased outright in one turn, then in the next railroaded right up to an enemy city to attack." [rdclark at (RDClark)]

    [7-2]: Defending Your Cities

    Defending your cities. It makes sense to have a mix of units in your front line cities. I.e. two good defensive units plus one or two good attackers to take out those slow moving heavy hitters as they trundle up to your city walls. A barracks (for the healing capability) and of course city walls are a must.

    [7-3]: Espionage

    The only way that you're going to realistically win the game by conquest is by using diplomats and spies to incite revolts in opponents cities. Obviously this won't work against Democracies - but that's not a problem because the computer seems to prefer Fundamentalism anyway.

    [7-4]: Spaceward Ho!

    Alternatively, concentrate on defending your territory whilst knocking you closest competitors and aim to win by building the

    [7-5]: Oops - silly me !

    Unless you really, really have to have a city and can't bribe it (costs too much or it's a Democracy) do *not* send a spy in to plant a Nuclear device ! It can be quite embarassing for the whole world to declare war on you. Unless of course your a Fundamentalist regime and everyone expects the worst from you anyway (Didn't stop the Yanks bombing Libyan civilian centres though did it ? Perhaps there should be an extra qualifier to this: As long as no oil is involved no-one will care. )

    [7-6] "The Vikings Launch..." AAAHHHH !

    If another civilisation builds and launches their spaceship before your ready - don't despair. Build the maximum structure, minimum life support etc and maximum engines and fuel. As long as you pile enough resources in and weren't already too far behind, your spaceship will fly faster, catch up, overtake and you'll win.

    (I've only been beaten to the launch twice. Both times by the Vikings. The first time I won anyway because of a bug in 1.0 which meant as long as you had launched a spaceship you won regardless of who actually got to Alpha Centauri first. The second time I won by using the above tactic.)

    [7-7] Wonders of the World

    You really should be aiming to gain the following Wonders: SETI project and Cure for Cancer.

    Don't worry if someone else beats you to Apollo Project or Manhattan project because you get all the benefits anyway ! The only problem is if you're not ready to take advantage of these - you can be sure the other civilisations will be !

    [7-8] M.A.D.

    How to wage nuclear war. One short answer: don't. Enemy civs do sometimes clean up pollution - but don't count on it. If you've managed to build SDI in all vulnerable cities and need to then go ahead and try a limited surgical strike.

    [7-9] Guerilla’s In the Mist

    Dealing With Partisans. Guerilla Warfare really bogs the game down. If your opponents have this then you can probably forget about a quick military victory. Conversley if you have it then you're unlikely to be knocked out before you finish building your spaceship.

    "I think I have found a strategy that helps limit those pesky Partisans. Partisans only appear on empty land squares within a cities zone of control. If you fill up all available land squares then take the city you do not get any partisans. If you can't fill all of the squares you can at least determine were the partisan will go. That way you can kill him quicker. I like using bombers or fighters to fill up the squares. With fighter I send them to the square they will occupy then press 'W' to have them wait. Take the city then move the unit. The computer player has placed a lot of rail around his cities. With Rail you can send a land unit to occupy a square then Press 'W' then take the city. You can use all of the units you have Waited with to take the next city."
    [nowakowsky at (Blair Nowakowsky)]

    [7-10] Broken AEGIS

    The earlier versions of Civ2 had a bug in it that meant the AEGIS cruiser did *not* intercept attacking missiles and aircraft. This was fixed in 1.07.

    *7-11* Global Warning

    Global warming can be a killer. If it happens you all lose.

    CHAPTER*8*: Player Tips

    *8-1* cpl at (Caton Little)

    *8-1-1* Global Warning

    Global warming appears to vanish once 15 or so cities have solar plants (These are *GREAT*, no recycling req'd), so nukes are not so annoying.

    *8-1-2* Bribery & Corruption

    Bribe settlers whenever possible. The two foods they use will halt a cities growth altogether until you can irrigate ...but a dozen settlers from NONE will work wonders!


    If a big empire is just asking for a pounding, but they're too far away, use 3 engineers to RR one plains/grassland per turn right into the heart of the enemy empire. Can you say 'instant reinforcements'? Send a few units to the target city (base of operations), just to see where they go, and build the RR on the path they use, as the GOTO algorithm isn't always predictable. Always keep at least a couple of units in fortified positions along the RR to stop the buggers using the same trick to get you back. Always put 4 or 5 units in the target city, and a couple around it. By this stage you should be well ahead of the computer, and having them steal mobile warfare or adv. flight would be most annoying. I tend to starve/poison enemy cities to death (capture them at one population), they're usually badly placed, and not worth the effort to maintain.

    *8-2* Jukka Michelsson

    *8-2-1* The Space Race

    When you notice that you are falling - or already have fallen - behind in military power and decide to win the game by sending "a man into the moon" you should never let the strongest power to live in peace, because they will take the advantage and use all his/her cities to build space ship parts. Instead, you should use your diplomatic skills to arrange war between your allies and the strongest power to keep him busy while you build space ships. You might want to produce some military units in one or two cities and give them away to your allies to keep them fighting.

    CHAPTER[9]: War Stories



    CHAPTER*10*: Internet Resources

    [10-1] Third party programs


    [10-2] World Wide Web sites


    *10-3* Other FAQs and texts

    *10-3-1*Wonder of the World

    There's a document about the Wonders available from: (note the missing trailing 'l' in the URL - sic).

    *10-3-2* Shareware Civ2 Strategy Guide

    Pascale Ode is co-ordinating a shareware Civ2 strategy guide, those of you familiar with his Steel Panthers guide will know what to expect. It'll be all original material - concentrating on the strategy aspect and will be published at

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