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Gamefiles show: Religion was removed from Civilization V!


  • Gamefiles show: Religion was removed from Civilization V!

    We got a tip and dived into it! Religion was once in Civilization V, but later removed by Firaxis. Many files of the game have links to religous elements of the game, including a religious victory, Shrines, State Religions and Missionaries. Firaxis never denied that they considered to bring religion back in Civilization 5, after it was a big success in Civilization IV!

    Eight religions are named in the source files: Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Polytheism, Shintoism, Spiritualism and Zoroastrianism. (Compared to the seven religions of Civ4). Apparently the developers had already proceeded beyond just 'copying and pasting' the religion-concept from Civ4, and even had decided upon the names of the to-be-included religions. Later it appeared that Religion was not compatible with the new diplomatic / attitude model that was being implemented in the game, Jon Shafer (Lead Designer of Civilization V) answered in various interviews. We were not aware yet that the decision was made when Religion was already in a more or less working state in the game at that moment.

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    From the files we learn that a Religious Victory would be about bringing your religion to 'all cities'! After completing a shrine the game would tell you: "You have completed a majestic Shrine in CityName to honor ReligionName! You may now train Missionaries there to spread the faith." Other lines found in the language-files are, ao.: "By completing your empire's Shrine, you may now adopt a State Religion!", "An unmet Player has adopted a Religion!"

    The unit files show that some units may 'found' a religion. It's unsure if this concerns missionaries that 'found' religions in different cities, though 'spreading' would a better term then. It's more probable that some units would be able to found a religion. Perhaps something like a Great Prophet, though the files show no sign of the former existence of such a unit. That does not mean that such a unit was never there. The files show that all factual religion links to the game have been removed, like units, buildings, etc. The last revelation is the lost religious 'flavor', which is still in the game, though not assigned to any Civilization or City State.

    There are rumors in the forums about religion being brought back in a possible future Expansion Pack for Civ5. A poll to bring back Religion is already available. For that to happen religion must find new ways to connect to other parts of the game, since the diplomatic path for religious influence has been blocked by Firaxis for sure.

    All religious references in Civilization V:

    [NEWLINE][ICON_BULLET]Empire Modifier for Religious Builds: {1_Num}%


    FoundsReligion: type="boolean" default="false"
    IsReligious: type="boolean" default="false"








    By completing your empire's Shrine, you may now adopt a State Religion!

    {1_PlyrName} converts to [COLOR_HIGHLIGHT_TEXT]{2_RelName}[ENDCOLOR]!

    {1_PlyrName} has adopted {@2_ReligionName}!

    An unmet Player has adopted a Religion!

    You have completed a majestic Shrine in {@1_CityName} to honor {@2_ReligionName}! You may now train Missionaries there to spread the faith.

    [COLOR_HIGHLIGHT_TEXT]{1_RelName}[ENDCOLOR] has spread in {@2_CityName}.

    You have spread {@1_ReligionName} to {@2_CityName}!

    {@1_BuildingName} of {@2_ReligionName}


    {1_Num} from presence of State Religion in our Cities.


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    • MxM
      MxM commented
      Editing a comment
      Originally posted by Dale
      Why is this surprising news?
      I think the surprise is how far it was implemented that they even had the names in the files...

    • Robert
      Robert commented
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      Originally posted by Dale
      Why is this surprising news? During a development cycle, ideas get tried and canned all the time.

      Shafer even admitted they tried religion and canned it.
      The fan in Dale is completely gone away, all excitement is gone, for Dale games are now pure business
      It's fun to find this stuff in the source files. For you it's not news, you were most probably there when the ditched it. But for us it's the first time we find out how religion was beings haped before it was ditched.

      It's not a surprose, btw, as being said by many people in this thread, and in the article
      Why are you downplaying the news, THAT's the real question

    • Dale
      Dale commented
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      Originally posted by Robert Plomp
      The fan in Dale is completely gone away, all excitement is gone, for Dale games are now pure business
      Not completely, I'm still having "fun" with Civ5.

      For you it's not news, you were most probably there when the ditched it.
      Ok you got me there.
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