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  • Civ5 Patch update 3/Dec/10

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    Following several weeks of a lack of patch-related news, Firaxis' community managers have informed us of additional changes to the game.

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    AI will be more aggressive about pursuing Diplo victory if they are wealthy. (Added 12/3)
    AI more effective with building, moving, and using aircraft and anti-aircraft more effectively. (Added 12/3)
    AI more likely to effectively use siege units in a city attack. (Added 12/3)
    Better nuke targeting by AI. (Added 12/3)
    Tactical AI Tuning: Reduce chance of AI civs making "suicide" attacks. (Added 12/3)
    Multiple tweaks and bug fixes. (Added 12/3)

    Increased city strength ramp-up based on technology. (Added 12/3)
    Catapults and Trebuchets now weaker against units but stronger VS cities, and reduced effectiveness of Archers & Crossbowmen (and their UUs) VS cities. (Added 12/3)
    Have culture cost for policies never go down (trading away cities to reduce culture cost exploit). (Added 12/3)
    Reduced effects of Forbidden Palace and Meritocracy (Happiness per city). (Added 12/3)
    Reduced points from Wonders & Cities, increased points for population. (Added 12/3)
    Reduced culture needed for first plot acquisition. (Added 12/3)
    New Building: Circus Maximus (National Wonder for happiness track). (Added 12/3)
    New Building: National Treasury (National Wonder for economic track). (Added 12/3)
    Unhappiness beyond a certain point breeds rebels within your empire, based on the number of cities a player has. (Added 12/3)
    Reduced amount of food needed for cities to grow at larger sizes. (Added 12/3)
    Tradition branch balance (Landed Elite and Monarchy improvements). (Added 12/3)
    Liberty branch balance (Settler training bonus now only applies to capital). (Added 12/3)
    Buildings can now no longer provide more Happiness than there is population in a city (wonders are excluded from this). (Added 12/3)
    3 new additional Natural Wonders added to gameplay, with accompanying “rarity” code. (Added 12/3)
    Multiple Tech Tree tweaks to address “slingshot” tech exploits. (Added 12/3)
    Killing a barb inside a city-state's territory now gives a 5-turn buffer where there is no Influence intrusion penalty. (Added 12/3)
    Reduced and balanced combat bonuses. (Added 12/3)

    Additional updates to the Global Politics screen. (Added 12/3)
    Added game option to disable turn-blocking promotions and policy choices. (Added 12/3)

    Additional AI attitude tool-tips for cases that were not already covered. (Added 12/3)

    Support for mods that perform major restructuring of the tech tree including adding, deleting, and updating techs, buildings, and units. (Added 12/3)
    Added GameEvents system for overriding Gameplay DLL specific functionality. (Added 12/3)
    Fixed "Reload Landmark System" mod flag to now refresh landmarks defined in "ArtDefine_Landmarks". (Added 12/3)
    Multiple SDK Updates (details to come with full patch notes). (Added 12/3)
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      Following several weeks of a lack of patch-related news, Firaxis' community managers have informed us of additional changes to the game. Click read more to see details. ...
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