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The Rocky Mountain Civilization II Sitepresents: Microprose Scenario CD Impact


  • The Rocky Mountain Civilization II Site presents: Microprose Scenario CD Impact

    The Rocky Mountain Civilization II Site presents:

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    HINT or TIP: Microprose Scenario CD Impact

    Regarding the new Civ II Scenario CD by Micropprose and it's impact on Mod Packs. They have done some really good things that I will summarize below:

    a) They have included a number of very good scenarios, each of which is a virtual Mod Pack of its own. They have made switching between the scenarios, and all of the respective mods for each, very easy. They did this by establishing a SCENARIO sub-directory under the main Civ II directory which contains each scenario as another sub-directory. Within the sub-directory for each scenario are all of the .GIF and .TXT files for the mod, and a SOUND sub-directory whcih includes any new .WAV files. The Civ II program uses the mods in the sub-directory under SCENARIO when you start up a scenario or saved game from that sub-directory.

    b) The Civ II program now returns to the main, start-up menu whenever you quit, win or resign from a game. No more restaring the program each time you stop playing.

    c) They have created a nice macro language for creating conditional events within your scenarios. The conditional (IF, THEN) statements are included in an "event.txt" file for each scenario sub-directory and are then executed during the game according to the conditional statements in the "event.txt" file. For example, one could cuase any civilization to have its treasury increaded by X amount according to conditional happenings in the game; or, you can create new units for any civilization according to conditions you establish; or, you could have certain units move to various places on the map based on conditional statements at some point in the game; or, you could play a special .WAV file based on conditions, etc., etc..

    The net effect of this has been to force players to make one of two decisions

    1) You can take your existing Mods under MODPACK created by the Mod Pack manager and move each sub-directory under SCENARIO. A sub-directory called SOUND will have to be created for each for any .WAV files. For example, for a Mod Pack called "MoreReal", you would end up with:


    .WAV Mod files for MoreReal go into "sound" directory of path above.
    .TXT and .GIF Mods files for MoreReal go into "morereal" directory of path above.

    2) You can load the new scenarios into a temporary place on disk, and then move the scenario subdirectories that come with the CD under your Mod Pack directory, doing away with the SOUND subdirectory for each and loading the .WAV files into the respective Mod Pack directory. This will allow you to use your current operation with Mod Pack manager, and the GAME.TXT and LABELS.TXT modifications for each Mod Pack.

    I opted for the first option. Changing between Mod Packs is much faster, and I've got the best of both worlds. All of the Mod Packs I've accumulated work, and I have the new stuff. Hope this helps.


    Specific changes to GAME.TXT and LABELS.TXT files for each Mod Pack are rendered obsolete by the new civ2.exe. This is because these files have changed to accomodate the new functionality in Civ II, and the program does not use any GAME.TXT or LABELS.TXT files in the SCENARIO sub-directories. So, you'll have to change them once for your own general environment and put them in the main civ2 directory, then risk having to update them with any new releases.

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