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Civ2 Unit Tables


  • Civ2 Unit Tables


    Military Ground Units

    UNIT Scientific Advance COST Attack/Defense Strength Movement Comments/Special
    Warriors None 10 1/1 1 This Unit is basically useless, Only use if nothing better is available.
    Phalanx Bronze Working 20 1/2 1 This unit is best used for Defending cities.
    Archers Warrior Code 30 3/2 1 None
    Legion Iron Working 40 4/2 1 Well, the Romans used them to conquer all of Europe.
    Horse- men Horseback Riding 20 2/1 2 use for EARLY attacks on near-by neighbors.
    Pikemen Feudalism 20 1/2(4) 1 Better than the Phalanx because it's defense strength is *2 against attackers on horseback.
    Chariot The Wheel 30 3/1 2 Good if the enemy is far away because it's faster than Legions.
    Elephant Polytheism 40 4/1 2 Even better than the chariot, but still weaker than Legions.
    Catapult Mathematics 40 6/1 1 Slow, expensive, easy to kill, but great if you've got a blockaded city your legions just can't get.
    Crusaders Monotheism 40 5/1 2 Great, you can get to the cities this century and conquer it as well. Unless they have a pikemen near by.
    Knights Chivalry 40 4/2 2 the Legions equal, but faster! Don't use against pikemen.
    Dragoons Leadership 50 5/2 2 Better
    Musketeers Gunpowder 30 3/3 1 Nice, but I usually hold out for Conscription.
    Riflemen Conscription 40 5/4 1 An effective city defence.
    Cavalry Tactics 60 8/3 2 Defeated the Indians.
    Partisans Guerrilla Warfare 50 4/4 1 Created when a city is captured from a civilization who has Guerrilla Warfare.
    Fanatics Fundamentalism 20 4/4 1 Can only be produced under a Fundamentalist Government.
    Cannon Metallurgy 40 8/1 1 Again, only use against a city that you have under control. (can't attack from)
    Marines Amphibious Warfare 60 8/5 1 Can make amphibious Assaults, but they never seem to work out for me.
    Artillery Machine Tools 50 10/1 1 Same as Cannon.
    Armor Mobile Warfare 80 10/5 3 used mostly for invading, use Mechanized Infantry to defend
    Mechanized Infantry Labor Union 50 6/6 3 used mostly for defense.
    Howitzer Robotics 70 12/2 2 Excellent for city bombardment because is ignores the city walls improvement.


    Military Naval Units

    UNIT Scientific Advance COST Attack/Defence Strength movement Comments/Special
    Trireme Map Making 50 1/1 3 Make sure it ends it's turn close to land. If not, you could lose it! And it's really frustrating to lose the 2 other units along with it.
    Caravel Navigation 40 2/1 3 Used to carry ground units.
    Frigate Magnetism 50 4/2 4 Can be used to carry ground troops.
    Galleon Magnetism 40 0/2 4 Used exclusively from troop transport.
    Ironclad Steam Engine 60 4/2 2 None
    Transport Industrialization 50 0/3 5 Used exclusevely for troop transport.
    Destroyer Electricity 60 4/4 6 Can spot enemy submarines.
    Submarine Combustion 60 10/2 3 Invisible to most sea/ground units. Can carry 8 missiles.
    Cruiser Steel 80 6/6 5 Can spot enemy submarines.
    Battleship Automobile 160 12/12 4 Computer waists Cruise missles on these for some reason. 5-7 to sink.
    Aegis Cruiser Rocketry 100 8/8 5 defense doubled against air units.
    Carrier Advanced Flight 160 1/9 5 Can carry/refuel up to 8 aircraft.


    Military Air Units

    UNIT Scientific Advance COST Attack/Defense Strength Movement Comments/Special
    Fighter Flight 60 4/2 10 Must end turn insided a friendly city or airbase.
    Bomber Advanced Flight 120 12/1 8 Must end turn after 16 moves, get 8 per turn.
    Helicopter Combined Arms 100 10/3 6 must eventualy land in a friendly city because it takes damage during flight.
    Stealth fighter Stealth 160 14/3 12 Must end turn inside a friendly city after 24 moves, get 12 per turn.
    Stealth bomber Stealth 80 8/3 14 Must end turn in either a friendly city or airbase.


    Military Combined Unites

    UNIT Science Advance COST Attack/Defense Strength Movement Comments/Special
    Alpine Troops Tactics 50 5/5 1 All terain is crossed as if by road.
    Para-troopers Combined Arms 60 6/4 1 Can make paradrops from cities with airports up to 10 spaces away.
    Cruise Missile Rocketry 60 20/0 12 Must either end turn in a friendly city or be used on an enemy position. Upsets locals.
    Nuclear Missile Rocketry/ nuclear fission 160 99/0 16 Same rules as Cruise Missile. But when used on a city it destroys all enemy units within, ruins surounding land improvements, and covers the detonation area with polution. Cannot be built until the Manhattan project has been completed.


    Non-Military Units

    All units have an attack strength of 0.

    UNIT Scinece Advance COST Defense Strenght Movement Comments/Special
    Settlers None 40/1pop 1 1 In addition to 40 shields building this, it also removes 1 pop from the home city. This unit is used to found new cities.
    Diplomat Writing 30 0 2 Used for building embassies, espionage, weakening enemy cities, stealing technology, Inciting revolts, Industrial Sabotage, etc.
    Caravan Trade 50 1 1 Used for creating trade routes between cities. Can also be used to hurry WOW building.
    Explorer Seafaring 30 1 1 All terrain is crossed as if by road. Excellent if you have a huge land mass you want to explore really quickly.
    Engineer Explosives 40 2 2 Does everything twice as fast as a settler, plus can drastically alter a landscape. (mountains->hills)
    Freight Corporation 50 1 2 Replaces Caravan. Plus trade routs created using Freight produce move overall trade.
    Spy Espionage 30 0 3 Replaces Diplomat. More effective, and can place nuclear devices.


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