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Fredman's Ultimate Civ2 guide


  • Fredman's Ultimate Civ2 guide

    By "The Freddman"
    Check out my site, "Gameland" at:

    Wonder Rating


    This is one of the first wonders you can build. And it is one of the best. Build it in you´re capital city or in a city on the coast near the capital. Try to get to Republic fast. Then you´ll get a huge number of trade arrows in that city.

    RANKING: 4

    Bad stuff: Corruption, and it expires when you discover Flight


    This wow will speed up city growth. But on the higher levels, big cities are harder to control + the cities will probably max out before you get aqueducts and sewer system.

    RANKING: 2

    Bad stuff: See before

    Great Libary

    OK, OK, OK......

    It is good but I don´t use it very much. Of course if you want to win the Space Race or something. Then you´ll maybe want it. Else I think it´s just a wast of time...

    RANKING: 3

    Bad Stuff: See Before

    Great Wall

    Free City Walls are great, add this to the diplomatic effects of the Great Wall and you can´t do anything else than love it!


    Bad Stuff: It expires with the discovery of Metallurgy

    Sun Tzu´s War Academy

    I like this wow because I don´t build so many Barracks and veteran status if VERY*IMPORTANT. But, the effects expire before you really need this veteran army.

    RANKING: 3

    Bad Stuff: The effects expire too soon


    This is not worth the time to build it!!!!!! Get to Navigation and build Caravels instead of Triremes.

    RANKING: 1

    Bad stuff: Everything


    Increased effect of tempels are very useful. Specially on the higher levels like Emperor and Deity. You´ll need this and/or the Hanging Gardens on the Deity level due the extra unhappines.

    RANKING: 4

    Bad Stuff: The effects expire

    Hanging Gardens

    I like this wow because it helps to get those "We love the..."-days and helps to eliminate civil disorder. You´ll need this or/and the Oracle on the deity level due to the extra unhappines

    RANKING: 4

    Bad stuff: The effects expire

    King Richards Crusade

    This wow is one of the best wow´s you can build. With all those shields you´re crusade city produce, you can use that city to crank out all those wow´s you´d like to have. And you´ll almost always win the race to build it.

    RANKING: 5

    Bad stuff: The effects expire

    Magellan´s Expedition

    OK, it´s good. With 2 extra movment points for all you´re naval units. You´ll get a really great navy, but if you´re continental such as Persia or Mongolia, it isn´t worth much of anything.

    RANKING: 3

    Bad stuff: See before

    Copernicus Observatorium

    This will boost the science in that city it´s built in. So it would go in a trading center rather than a production center. This is difficult because a trading center doesn´t have so many shields.

    RANKING: 2

    Bad stuff: See before

    Marco Polo´s Embassy

    The best thing with this are not the embassies themselves but the establishment of contact with undiscovered civs, with wich you can trade technologies with.

    RANKING: 4

    Bad stuff: Nothing

    Leonardo´s Workshop

    One warning about this wonder, don´t combine it with Sun Tzu´s War Academy, I did it once and will never do it again. This is why you shouldn´t do it: When you´re units are upgraded they lose their veteran status. But... It´s a great wonder and you should certainly build it!

    RANKING: 4

    Bad stuff: It upgrades all you´re Pikemen to Musketeers. And they lose their veteran status.

    Shakespeare´s Theather

    This wonder will delete all unhappines in the city u build it in. But you´ll need the effects on every city, not just one.


    Bad stuff: Almost everything, I hate it. Don´t build it. It´s a waste of time!

    Michelangelo´s Chapel

    A free Cathedral in every city is really great! It saves you a lot of time (and production) building cathedrals. And it will let you´re cities grow much larger before you´ll need to build tempels or colosseums.

    RANKING: 5

    Bad stuff: Bad stuff? About this wonder!? NOTHING!!!!!

    Isaac Newton´s University

    It´s a science wonder, do I need to write any more? OK. It doubles science in the city it´s built in, I guess.

    RANKING: 3

    Bad stuff: Same bad stuff as Copernicus Observatorium

    Darwin´s Voyage

    I always build this! I love it! With 2 free advances I´ll beat the computers tech research very easy. It´s great! Build it!

    RANKING: 5

    Bad stuff: I couldn´t give it a 6 because this is a 1-5 scale

    Adam Smith´s Trading Company

    You can´t win the game without this INCREDIBLE wonder (you can but it´s harder). You can see you´re support cost drop from about 60 to 25. And all those money can help you win wars, build things and stuff like that. Or you can use this wonder to lower the tax rate and help you´re science and luxuries.

    RANKING: 5

    Bad stuff: The same as Darwins Voyage

    J.S. Bach´s Cathedral

    This is the second best happines wonder. Get this and Womens Sufferage so you can fight wars under Republic. You can also be a Democrazy and get Michelangelos Chapel. Then you´llget a lot of those "We love the..." -days and watch that population boom.

    RANKING: 4 (The second best happines wonder)

    Bad stuff: Nothing

    Eiffel Tower

    This isn´t a so important wonder. It´s good if you have broken a lot of treaties and have a really bad reputation. Else... it isn´t worth much of anything.

    RANKING: 2

    Bad stuff: See before

    Statue of Liberty

    This lady is really good. It allows you to switch from Democrazy to Fundamentalism (you can switch to other governments too) very fast. GET THIS WOW!

    RANKING: 4

    Bad stuff: It´s not good if you settle in one government for the long haul.

    Womens Sufferage

    This wonder is good... If you like to wage war under a Republic or a Democrazy. In Civ I this was the most important wonder in the game. But now you can build Police Stations instead. So it isn´t so important anymore.

    RANKING: 3

    Bad stuff: If you´re not in a Republic or a Democrazy, it isn´t worth much of anything more than the points.

    Hoover Dam

    This is the most important wonder in the game! It´s worth spending all you´re money in the bank to rush-build it if need be. Its effect of lowering pollution and increasing production is huge! GET*IT!

    RANKING: 5 (5000)

    Bad stuff: Nothing

    United Nations

    This is very important to have (if you don´t like the effects, build it anyway (as a defensive meisure) ie I don´t want to stop a war because those Chinese have built this wonder) because: the forced peace comes very handy sometimes. AND you don´t need a reputation anymore. You can sneak attack you´re enemies when you want!

    RANKING: 4

    Bad stuff: The only bad with this is when you´re enemy got it.

    Manhattan Project

    This will give you (and the other) the knowledge of how to make Nuclear weapons. Don´t build it! I think you can figure out why! Don´t build it!

    RANKING: 0

    Bad stuff: Everything

    SETI Program

    This is a science wonder. And I´m not going to write so much about it. Here´s the effects: 1. It counts as a research lab in every city 2. It doubles the science in the city it´s built in.

    RANKING: 4

    Bad stuff: Nothing special

    Cure for Cancer

    This wonder will help you to get those late "We love the ..."-days

    RANKING: 3

    Bad stuff: Nothing

    Apollo Program

    Somebody have to build it... but why you? I almost always use the Bloodlust option so I only build it so that I can see the whole map.

    RANKING: 3

    Bad stuff: If you use the Bloodlust option



    This is the government that you´ll get when the citizens revolt. Get the statue of liberty and you´ll don´t have to use this at all.


    This is the government you´re stuck with a little while in the beginning of the game. But don´t wait for some kid to pull out the sword from the stone. Go to Monarchy and be king.


    It´s better than Anarchy and Despotism and easier to wage war in than Republic. But I would suggest that you head on to Republic soon


    Now, at least you´ve gat a good government. Stay in this for a little while, but if you want to take over the orld soon... I suggest that you head on to Communism or Fundamentalism.


    I almost always use this as my "war-fighting-government". "Why?" maybe you ask.. I´ll tell you why! Because if I use Fundamentalism, my scientific research is halfed, and I don´t like that! So use this government in war or don´t use it at all.


    Some players think that this government is the best. I don´t like it so much. Use Communism when you´re in war. Then you´ll not lose 50% of you´re scientific research! But... If you´re involved in a big war. Then use this government. Because you´re cities can support 10 military units at no cost to you!


    This is the best government in peace time. DO NOT MAKE WAR IN THIS GOVERNMENT! When you´re in peace, always use this government, it´s the best.

    Unit Ranking (Coming Soon! Please check for updates to this guide frequently!)
    Building Ranking! (Coming Soon! Please check for updates to this guide frequently!)
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