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Civ5 patch ESTIMATED to arrive next week!


  • Civ5 patch ESTIMATED to arrive next week!

    Greg "2K Greg" Laabs of 2K Games has updated his Patch-post at the 2k forums with an ETA and some new fixes/improvements:

    Greg Laabs: Also, many people have been asking for an ETA on when this patch will be released. I said I'd do what I can to get some sort of ETA and now I have it for you. However! I am about to do something I don't normally like to do: Give an ETA. Big emphasis on the E. So what I am about to tell you is the current estimation of when it will be available. This patch is not done with testing at the current time, and most everyone in software development has experienced the dreaded last minute showstopper bug that forces a delay. This could happen! So, with all of that in mind:
    The patch will be available as early as next week.

    Click Read More to see the updates in the change-list.
    Click here to read all changes in the upcoming patch.

    New fixes and updates:

    • Added new tab to the Economic Overview Screen: "Resources &
      Happiness." (new 10/14)
    • Added option to activate the mp score list in single player (for “always up” score similar to Civ IV.) (new 10/14)
    • The Annex/Puppet/Raze popup now indicates how much extra Unhappiness will be assumed with each action. (new 10/14)

    • “Installed” panel now displays ALL versions of a mod but prevents the user from enabling multiple versions. (new 10/14)

    • City - Make sure Puppets don't construct buildings that require Resources. (new 10/14)
    • City - Add a Puppet city strategy that turns off training buildings and emphasizes gold. (new 10/14)

    • Taller than wide map crash fix. (new 10/14)

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