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Civilization V: The List of Everything Civ!


  • Apolyton Announces: Civilization V: The List of Everything Civ!

    Apolyton Civilization Site announces: The List of Everything Civ

    Apolyton has a long tradition in the Civilization community when it's about submitting ideas to Firaxis! When Civilization 3 was announced the entire community joined together on Apolyton to create "The List" with thousands of ideas for civ3. "The List" consisted of hundreds of pages and was handed over to Firaxis, who has reportedly used it ever since as a source of inspiration for new Civ Itterations.

    Now we want to proceed this Tradition with "The List of Everything Civ5"!

    A new way to submit ideas, bugs, likings or dislikings, and a system to crowd-rate the best stuff! What bugs are the worst and need fixing soon? Which civilization do you want to most as a DLC? Submit it here, and rate other's suggestions as well!

    The List of Everything Civ5 is currently in Beta! It was created by someone with no knowledge of this programming language at all, so expect the worst
    Please report bugs in our Community Forum! One of the known issues is that the alternate style colors aren't working yet!

    You can permanently dismiss this 'notice'.
    Enjoy "The List".

    • Nikolai
      Nikolai commented
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      The List was ideas for the next Civ. Is this the List for Civ6 then?

    • Robert
      Robert commented
      Editing a comment
      One day we'll use this for Civ6 as well! (The idea was born to make it for civ5, but then civ5 suddenly was already announced )

      But this is an expansion on the original idea indeed.

    • jobe
      jobe commented
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      There will be tons of patches and there will likely be expansion packs ...
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    Greg "2K" Laabs has posted a new list of changes for the upcoming patch on the Official 2k Forums. This patch will focus on AI and Diplomacy. "First up is news about what the primary direction of the next patch is going to be: AI and Diplomacy. This is not to say that these will be the only parts of the game under the microscope, but it will be the focus. We're constantly looking at feedback on all parts of the game though, so keep your reports and feedback coming!" Greg posted. There's no ETA of the patch yet.

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    "Here is the deal on the Civ 5 DLC:
    The Mongols Civilization and Scenario Pack- is a free gift from 2K for all the Civ fans out there. Due out October 25
    The Babylonian Civ pak- gives none Deluxe version owners the ability to play as Babylonians (deluxe owners already have this) Due October 25th for $4.95

    If you pre-ordered from D2D then your free DLC is due out in December. Sadly I don't have details on that yet but keep a eye on D2D's main page for the announcement. Hope this helps clear the air.

    D2D Community Manager"
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    According to a screenshot on the Mongols ability is: "Mongol Terror", which means: "Combat strength +30% when fighting City-State units or attacking a City-State itself. All mounted units receive +1 movement points"
    The Mongols have two unique units; the well known Keshik and the Khan.

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