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SMAC: Editing alpha.txt


  • SMAC: Editing alpha.txt

    The following editing comments have been compiled by cyberspyder at hotmail dot com.

    The rest of the values are described in alpha.txt and need no description.

    Originally posted on AC Zone. Posted here under permission of Marian Hartel
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    • SMAC Modding Introduction
      by Martin Gühmann
      Welcome to Apolyton's SMAC Modification sub-section. In these pages we try to collect the most useful information for modifying SMAC and creating SMAC files.

      Do you have something to contribute? Then comment here.


      Editing alpha.txt
      A quite usefull guide explaining nearly every field in alpha.txt

      Editing faction.txt
      We have ACEdit, but knowing the inside of faction.txt doesn't hurt

      Multiplayer Map Design
      Things to follow and things to avoid when designing maps for multiplayer games

      Modification Tips
      Add you own creation tip here!

      Files for Creators
      Usefull files for creators from our Files Database

      AC Creation Forum
      Direct link to our SMAC Creation Forum

      October 31, 2011, 17:57
    • SMAC: Multiplayer Map Design
      by Martin Gühmann
      Ten golden rules to create multiplayer maps

      1. Give every player the same chance to reach resources. If you give one player less resources you should give him more units from the start, but not to strong ones.
      2. If you want a quick fight, put the players close together. If you want a harder fight, with better units and more time to build up a base, then put the enemy far away from each other.
      3. Always take care for the landscape and geographic features. Don't just place them anywere on the map, but use them wise. Experienced player will use the landscape and suddenly the map may not any more played the way you thought.
      October 31, 2011, 17:26
    • SMAC: Editing alpha.txt
      by Martin Gühmann
      The following editing comments have been compiled by cyberspyder at hotmail dot com...
      October 31, 2011, 17:06
    • SMAC Faction Editing: (factionname).txt
      by Martin Gühmann

      The following editing comments have been compiled and layouted by Marian Hartel.


      • If you give your faction an individual name, you need to rename the *.txt file the same way, you name the *.pcx file.
      • Additionally you need to replace all the occurrences of you overwrote in the faction file and in alpha.txt. Take care to spell them always in the same way in capital letters.
      • Generally you should just change a file together with this tutorial, see if it works, play test it.
      • If it isn't working (also happend to me), change it again and after that, try it again.
      • If it is working, submit the file to the ACZone via email. Please include in the zip-file: a faction file, the changed alpha.txt, the changed *.pcx file and if you want a readme file.
      • If you don't know how zip a file, just send me the files single.
      October 30, 2011, 17:22