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  • Lost Eden Beta

    Lost Eden is a total conversion for Sid Meier's Alien Crossfire, which is required for play. It's a world in which good and evil wage war unlike ever before. A mysterious figure, Meora, has caused people and factions to clash. Can you gain control of Lost Eden and put an end to the madness once and for all?

    What's different about Lost Eden?
    • 14 new factions balanced with each other
    • Units from many species: charmanders, squirtles, roses, humans and more
    • New artwork for units, terrain, leaders, technologies and the user interface
    • Predesigned units present a wide range of tactical options and include cheap amphibious spies, psionic units that lower enemy morale, fast attack units with low defence and very powerful irreparable units
    • A redesigned technology tree and retooled facilities breathe life into previously ignored strategies
    • Original quotes for technologies, facilities and factions

    The Normal version of Lost Eden contains non-sexual nudity and is the intended game.

    The Censored version of Lost Eden, which has clothes added, is the version for those who don't like non-sexual nudity.

    This version: 24th November 2011... this is a beta! Please give feedback.

    My website's Lost Eden page
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    • Elok
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      You edited SMAX to include Pokemon?

    • Buster's Uncle
      Buster's Uncle commented
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      He did. Kil's a wonderful guy and quite an artist, but he ain't right in the head.
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