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Civilization Beyond Earth Tech Web


  • Civilization Beyond Earth Tech Web

    Thanks to Firaxis (especially Kevin Schultz for putting up with all my questions and requests) and 2K Games for providing art assets, game info, and helping make this possible! Also thanks to pixi.js and mousetrap.js for their awesome libraries that make this technically possible to run so smoothly.

    • There is a full screen version of the Tech Web
    • The [] icon in the upper right on the full screen version will make the Tech Web full screen on most modern browsers.
    • Zoom buttons on the top bar work in full screen and iframe. + and - keys will work in full screen version only.
    • Overall science accumulation updates, but does not take into account any free techs or any modifiers (eg. number of cities)
    • Affinity points update according to tech selections. Since it results in some kinda weird situations because of being able to deselect techs ... there is a different scale based on which Affinity is dominant and which are not.
    • Right clicking on the Tech Web and choosing "save image as" will save a PNG image of whatever is viewable on the tech web at the time.
    • If you run into any issues or have any ideas on how to improve the Tech Web mockup, please let us know!

    Discuss the interactive Tech Web on the forums: Tech Web Thread

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