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Ancient and Classical Cultural Policies in Civ5


  • Ancient and Classical Cultural Policies in Civ5

    Cultural Policies are replacing Civics from Civ4. They can be activated one by one with culture points. Those are mainly accumulated by cities via buildings and wonders. Other ways include Artist specialists and the work of a Great Artist, which is a tile improvement that increases the yield of a tile by +4 culture.

    In order to open access to a tree, one has to adopt the main policy of that tree.

    The amount of culture required to open up another policy increases with each step and scales with the number of cities, the more cities the more expensive it becomes to adopt another cultural policy.

    More policy trees become available once an empire enters a new era.

    During gamescom we copied down the Ancient and Classical Policies, which can be found in the first four policy trees. The first three are available from Ancient on, Piety can be accessed once reaching Classical.

    Cultural Policies screen

    I. Tradition: +1 food per turn in capital
    1. Oligarchy: +33% combat for units in own land

    2. Aristocracy: +33% wonder production

    3. Monarchy: Buying tiles 50% cheaper
    --> requires: Oligarchy

    4. Landed Elite: 33% faster growth of capital
    --> requires: Oligarchy, Aristocracy

    5. Legalism: 33% less unhappiness from population in capital

    II. Independance: +50% production of settlers
    1. Collective Rule: New cities start with half full granary

    2. Republic: +1 production in each city
    --> requires: Collective Rule

    3. Citizenship: +25% production of workers

    4. Representation: +1 culture in each city
    --> requires: Citizenship

    5. Meritocracy: +1 happiness for each city connected to the capital
    --> requires: Citizenship

    III. Honor: +25% combat against barbarians
    1. Warrior Code: Free Great General

    2. Military Tradition: Units gain double experience from combat
    --> requires: Warrior Code

    3. Discipline: +15% combat for units that stand next to another unit

    4. Military Caste: City Garrisons decrease empire unhappiness by 1 each
    --> requires: Discipline

    5. Professional Army: Upgrading units costs 50% less gold.
    --> requires: Military

    IV. Piety: +2 happiness
    1. Organized Religion: Happiness required for Golden Age decreased by 25%

    2. Theocracy: -20% unhappiness from population in non-captured cities
    --> requires: Organized Religion

    3. Reformation: Begins a 6-turn Golden Age.
    --> requires: Organized Religion

    4. Mandate of Heaven: 50% of excess happiness converted to Culture.

    5. Free Religion: 2 Free Cultural Policies.
    --> requires: Reformation; Mandate from Heaven

    • jkp1187
      jkp1187 commented
      Editing a comment
      Ahh, I see. So it's not like the old civics screen from Civ4, where you'd eventually have access to every option and choose at will. It's more of a thing where if you're pursuing options X, Y, and Z, you'll never unlock options Q, R, and S in that particular game because there just isn't enough time/resources to do so?

      (I like that...if that's the case.)

    • Robert
      Robert commented
      Editing a comment
      Indeed, and you also can chose of course to focus more on cultural output and unlock more policies.

    • jobe
      jobe commented
      Editing a comment
      Originally posted by jkp1187
      Ahh, I see. So it's not like the old civics screen from Civ4, where you'd eventually have access to every option and choose at will. It's more of a thing where if you're pursuing options X, Y, and Z, you'll never unlock options Q, R, and S in that particular game because there just isn't enough time/resources to do so?

      (I like that...if that's the case.)
      It´s exactly like that.

      You can and should plan ahead which path you want to go.

      It´s also gonna depend a lot on the culture your empire is accumulating how many policies you´ll be able to adopt. Constructing buildings providing culture obviously allows for more policies, but at the cost of other stuff (like units) you might have built. Same is true for getting a Great Artist to push culture over another GP etc.
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