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Peter Murray (Firaxis) walks us through the game!


  • Peter Murray (Firaxis) walks us through the game!

    A new video has been released by 2K/Firaxis. In this video Peter Murray of Firaxis Games walks us through the game. The video has a length of 13 minutes and is 650MB in size.

    You can download using this torrent or by selecting a download server right here on

    UPDATE: A streamed source for the video is also available at GameSpot (Thanks MxM)

    • Aro
      Aro commented
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      OMG! I want to play it now!!!!

      Still, I'll have to wait 6 days and 7 hours yet...

    • Jvstin
      Jvstin commented
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      He used Rome for his walkthrough. As is right and proper!

    • pdxsean
      pdxsean commented
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      I was hoping for a little more in-depth (and realistic) gameplay. TBH I was a little frustrated with some aspects of the video. For example, they opened up leading us to believe this game had been going for some time. Yet they had Fog of War just two squares hexes from their border? And if you look at the top bar, you can clearly see it's turn 0 in year 1977. Also, at the end, they reveal that they have completed research in robotics, yet they had a GDR set up and ready to go. There were other flaws (the way their invasion fleet was approaching the coast was terrible strategically) but the thing that really bothered me was their attempt to portray an obviously set-up game as one that had just happened. Not to mention that they covered no new ground, all of the things they discussed were covered more thoroughly in the two hour game play videos recently shown, and even the other 13 minute video from last week.

      It's a good video to watch if you haven't seen the others (and don't mind the obvious setup aspect) but it's the least compelling I've seen so far. To be fair, most random people who watch it won't have seen the other superior videos, it's smart marketing getting on Gamespot, and veteran Civ players don't really need to be won over as we've either bought it already or will rely on the word of fellow veterans after release.
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