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Can your system run Civilization V?


  • Can your system run Civilization V?

    Aro posted a link in our forums that automatically checks your computer for compatibility with Civilization 5. It'll tell you if your computer meets the minimal or the recommended specifications to run the game.
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    • Sirotnikov
      Sirotnikov commented
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      why not make a poorman's version of the game?
      give it shitty graphics, i don't care. just let me freaking play.
      i'm even willing to pay the usual sum
      beats buying a new computer

    • jjaassppeerr
      jjaassppeerr commented
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      I am worried that the game would not work on my laptop. My processor's dual core(min spec stated here) but civ v's site stated that it's core 2 duo. Anyone with civ v working on duo core?

    • John-SJ
      John-SJ commented
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      My system is a Core 2 Duo at 3GHz, 2 GB Ram and an Nvidia 9600 GT w/1 GB memory. This is in a desktop system running XP, SP3.

      Late game, on a standard map (the only size I've played so far), there are very minor refresh issues when scrolling to an area that hasn't been displayed since game start, but nothing annoying. Computer turns are taking maybe 30 seconds, again, not bad enough to be annoying.

      I don't know what my settings are, I've just been playing with the settings the game defaulted to when I installed.

      Overall, I am quite pleased with the game's performance on my slightly over minimum spec system.
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