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Civilization 5 in the Works!


  • Civilization 5 in the Works!

    I invest in options and am currently invested in Electronic Arts. The stock has suffered a major hit today, because of fear that the general market for games is weak, due to Take Two's abysmal financial results reported overnight. This led me to investigate corporate news for Take Two in order to help me see if Take Two's terrible performance is a sign of its own weakness or the general market conditions or some combination of both. While doing so I came across the following article.

    Take Two: A One-Trick Pony Once Again:

    To save you time of having to read through the corporate-speak that probably doesn't interest you, here is the relevant quote:

    "work is underway on the next installment in the popular “Civilization” franchise"

    The context of the quote is formed guesses as to what major hit might be released by Take Two in 2011. Note, this does not mean that Civilization V is that hit - the work on it might be in too early stages to release the game by that time, but at least it does mean the game is being worked on (unless the CNBC got confused). I think many of us have suspected that anyway, but at least here is something from the media confirming it.

    • Dinner
      Dinner commented
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      Great news. Hopefully the new owners revamp the front page so we can better catch the coming wave of new posters attracted by Civ5.

    • Ming
      Ming commented
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      I hope they revamp more than just the front page

    • Roman
      Roman commented
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      Wow, I only found the corporate leak (and only because I invest on the stock market and read the corporate news in detail for that purpose) a few month back and it was already announced in February while I take a break from the site.

      I notice that there is a Civ 5 forum now, but it does not seem to be easily accessible from the front page (I only found it indirectly). Anyway, the game looks good so far! Let's hope it will be as good as it looks.
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