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First Civ5 DLC will be available Late 2010


  • First Civ5 DLC will be available Late 2010

    In what appears to be an advertorial from Direct2Drive at the English IGN the first available DLC for Civilization V has been mentioned! "gamers who pre-order Civilization V through D2D will also receive the first Double Civilization and Scenario Pack downloadable content when it is made available post-release, currently scheduled for late 2010 (a $10 value)." For completeness sake: The Babylonian Civilization with Nebuchadnezzar II as leader will ship with this sale as well!


    • Sabre2th
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      Originally posted by wodan11
      That's EXACTLY the info I've been looking for, though it bugs me we have to guess (and may be wrong), and also that we don't have information on future DLC either, so we can't make an informed decision between the different vendors.
      I posted that in your thread...

      Wish I'd known about the promo code... I just broke down last night and bought it.

    • Sava
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      WTF is this? Is there a place I can buy the complete game? What's with this "DLC" nonsense? This content is already made. They are keeping it out of the release so they can package it in a $10 expansion! Oh, and they are keeping the Babylonians out but I can buy a "Deluxe Edition" for $10 more? Are they seriously trying to rip me off?

      So is this going to end up being a $70 game? $80?

      I was going to pre-order this right now. Now I'm going to wait and see what the deal is.

      Enough with the shenanigans!

    • Asher
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      Originally posted by Stuie
      You can use the promo code "SANDIEGO" for $10 off at direct2drive through today I believe (9/14). Worked for me last night.
      What're the chances this is an inside joke for Apolyton?
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