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  • Civilization 3 on Android
    by Aeson
    ExaGear Strategies does look interesting. Civ III is supported. I wonder if Civ II or I or SMAC are or are going to be supported?
    June 13, 2014, 22:24
  • Rapid Early expansion (REX) - An Essay
    by Lawrence of Arabia
    1. REX – A definition and overview

    Rapid Early expansion (REX) is when you pump out settlers as fast as you can to try to get as much land as possible. It is essentially a controlled land grab. Depending on the map size and number of civs, REX may last for a few turns, or for many.

    2. Why REX?

    You will want to REX because that is exactly what the AI does. A successful REX means lots of land for you. More land means of course a bigger chance of getting resources and luxuries inside, so you will be self sufficient. This is crucial for the Industrial age, where trade embargoes dominate. More land and more cities than your rivals also translates into more commerce, production, population (this is one of the biggest things counted in your final score) and land (another big thing in score.) It is also important to have a big empire at the higher difficulty levels because the AI will have production/science/and growth advantages. While you may not be able to expand as quickly as the AI, you will still be able to expand rapidly.

    These REXed cities will mean that you never ever have to worry about building more cities later on in the game because you already have them all ready to go. A successful REX is one where at the end of the game, you can say proudly to yourself that ‘I never once need to trade for a resource/luxury which I did not have inside my original borders’
    November 5, 2010, 21:16