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Civilization 4: Colinization: Founding Fathers


  • Civilization 4: Colinization: Founding Fathers

    Founding Fathers

    Portrait Category Name Attributes
    Trade Adam Smith 50% faster production of textile mill, coat factory, rum factory, cigar factory.
    Trade Alexander Hamilton +3 hammers per Town Hall.
    Exploration Alexander von Humboldt 50% faster production of College & University
    Politics Alexis de Tocqueville +50% education in every settlement
    +3 bells per University
    Religion Bartolome de las Casas +50% native conversion rate from missions
    Politics Ben Franklin +3 bells per printing press & newspaper
    Politics Betsy Ross +3 cloth per weaver's house
    +3 cloth per weaver's shop
    +3 cloth per textile mill
    Military Chief Powhatan +50% strength for converted natives
    Trade Cyrus McCormick +1 wheat on plots with 2 wheat
    +50% sugar per settlement
    Military Diego Velazquez de Cuellar Provides 3 indentured servants
    Military Dom Pedro I +50% Great General emergence
    Free promotion (Veteran 1 & Minuteman 1)
    Trade Eli Whitney +50% cotton in all settlements
    Military Ethan Allen Free promotion (Ranger 1, Mountaineer 1)
    Military Francisco Pizarra Free promotion (Looter)
    Military Francisco de Coronado +1 movement for Dragoon
    Religion Gabriel Lallemant 50% faster production of church & cathedral
    Exploration Giovanni da Verrazano Provides 1 Caravel
    Exploration Gonzalo Jimenez de Quesada Reveals all plots with burial grounds & ancient ruins
    Religion Gregorio de Mattos e Guerra +2 bells per church
    +3 bells per cathedral
    Military Hernan Cortes Free stockade in every settlement
    Military Hernando de Soto Free promotion (grenadier 1)
    Exploration Jacques Marquette +1 movement for scout
    Politics James Madison +3 guns per armory
    +3 guns per magazine
    + 3 guns per arsenal
    Trade Jan de Witt -50% tools required for buildings
    Religion John Harvard Free schoolhouse in every settlement
    Trade John Jacob Astor +50% furs in every settlement
    Politics John Jay +25% bells in every settlement
    Military John Paul Jones Provides 1 Frigate
    Trade John Rolfe +25% tobacco in every settlement
    Exploration John Smith -50% cost of native land purchasing
    Politics John Winthrop +1 cross per town hall
    Exploration Juan Ponce de Leon 2 times as likely to get treasure from ancient ruins
    Exploration Juan de Bermudez +1 movement for caravel
    +1 movement for merchantman
    +1 movement for galleon
    Religion Juan de Sepulveda Provides 2 converted natives
    Exploration Lewis and Clark -50% pioneer equipment needed
    +1 movement for wagon train
    Trade Lord Baltimore Increases cross production by the tax rate
    Military Marquis de La Fayette Increases gun production by the tax rate
    Religion Nathaniel Hawthorne Provides 3 elder statesman
    Politics Patrick Henry +3 bells per town hall
    Military Paul Chomedey de Maisonneuve Free promotion (Formation)
    +1 movement for converted natives
    Exploration Pedro Alvares Cabral -50% travel time to Europe
    Trade Peter Minuit -25% cost of recruiting units in Europe
    Politics Pocahontas Strengthens relations with natives
    Religion Roger Williams +25% converstion rate from missions
    Strengthens relations with natives
    Politics Samuel Adams Increases bell production by tax rate
    Religion Sor Juana +3 crosses per church
    +3 crosses per cathedral
    Religion Thomas Hooker Provides three jesuit missionaries
    Politics Thomas Paine Increases hammer production by tax rate
    Exploration Vasco Nunez de Balboa +25% defense in all settlements
    Politics Washington Irving +1 bell per schoolhouse
    +2 bells per college
    +3 bells per university
    Religion William Brewster -25% cost of native land purchasing
    Religion William Penn +3 crosses per town hall
    Stengthens relations with natives
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