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A Recipe for Invasion in Civ2


  • A Recipe for Invasion in Civ2

    A Recipe for Invasion in Civilization 2

    This strategy also has a MUCH better chance of sucess if the enemy has had a chance to conecct all its cities with railroads. Actually I can't really see this working unless they do.

    • Lots and lots of money. Depending on how many cities you want to invade and how big they are, you might need between 10,000 and 30,000. This may seem a lot for the person who plays on whimpy goverments like republic but if you get Fudamentalism as fast as you can and make marketplaces and banks and maybe even stock exchanges money should not seem like too much.
    • 2 or 3 transports
    • As many spies as there are cities (not counting the capital)
    • Some good attack units that have 2+ moves

    Set tax rate on "high" for 5-10 turns. Rotate if needed. Caution: Excessive spending could result in a disaster. Sprinkle a light layer of ships around the targeted island if they have a large navy. Load the attack units in one boat and the spies in the other. Travel to enemy stronghold.

    Unload the spies and spread throughout, inciting revolts. If Gureilla Warfare has been discovered, unload the attacking units and try to destroy the partisans. If this goal is unreachable, try only attacking ones that are in the way to the capital. Remember, this is all still one turn.

    If the capital is the last city of theirs (it has to be the last one or you may want to take a more conservative approach), unfortify all your units that you captured through inciting revolts and ATTACK THE CAPITAL! Attack with the units that have the biggest attack rating first. Then procced with the weaker units. And there you are. A cheap but surefire way to wipe an annoying civilization off the face of the planet all in a single turn. Don't do this when the multiplayer gold edition comes out unless you don't want any friends.

    This works well integrated with my overall strategy guide which I may release in a month or two. If you have any comments, e-mail me at cc2 at

    Ryan Ross, © 1998 . Do not distribute without EVERYTHING intact and complete (inluding this).

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      This paper is copyright © R. W. Knisely. Portions of this paper are copyright MicroProse Software, a subsidiary of Spectrum HoloByte, Inc. You are free to distribute, but not sell, this document so long as the entire document is distributed intact and this notice is included. However, it may not be incorporated into a published work in any form, including paper, CD-ROM or other electronic media without the express written permission of its author and Spectrum HoloByte, Inc.


      This paper is a general guide to playing “Sid Meier's Civilization II”. Its based upon my experience with the game and input received from many of my fellow Civ addicts. It does not pretend to be the authoritative and final word on Civ2 strategy. Civ2 is an extraordinarily rich game with many, many potential ways to play. Also, keep in mind that, as I write, the game is still new, so other strategies will no doubt evolve. While the strategies laid out here work for me and for others, they are not the only possible approaches to the game--and that means we will all have a lot of fun for a long time to come!

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      • My “wish list” of features for Civ 3 (!),
      • And some references to other sources of good information from both the publisher and from more of your fellow Civ addicts.

      I hope you’ll find this useful. At the very least, I think you’ll find the tables both useful in understanding the game and handy as reference material as you play the game.

      Enjoy! Comments, additions and corrections are welcome.

      Dick Knisely, 75046.473 at

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      OFFENSIVE STRATEGIES The main thing I can recommend here is not to make an assault on an enemy city without having all the necessary units nearby. For example, don't just send random assaults by single units. Instead send in several (say 5) assault units [Howitzers, Cannons, etc.], followed by a couple defensive units to hold onto the city after you take it. Also, don't try to take an entire continent at once, unless you have nuclear weapon and they don't. Take it a city at a time, with a few cease fires along the way, if you need to get your troops organized for more victories. But, if you do have nuclear weapons, just build a dozen nuclear missiles and twice as many engineers to get rid of the pollution, along with a comparable number of supporting ground troops. Just Nuke all their cities, and on the same turn, just walk in with your ground troops and begin cleaning up after the previous inhabitants. ...
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      © 1996 by Carsten Straaberg, straaberg at v. 1.0, August 1. 1996.
      Please, do not link this page directly, but make a link to my Civ2-page in stead.
      You are not allowed to redistribute this material without expressed permission!

      This is my own experiences, though, I am aware that other people has similar views on how to get a good start in Civ2. This document focuses mainly on getting a good start. But, the rest of the game is also shortly covered. The aim in this document is to win by launching the Space Ship. The described approach is not optimal for conquering the world.

      Comments are welcome by email to: straaberg at

      1. Settling down

      At the beginning of the game you should build your first city as fast as possible. This implies building on the square where you start out, unless this is an extremely bad terrain square. If any of the squares you can see immidiately is a grassland square or a river square, then move there and settle. If you see a goody house, take the chance and get it. If it contains barbarians you are probably killed, but so early in the game that is not a big tragedy.
      March 25, 2011, 16:58
    • FIRE! Making War in Civilization II
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      FIRE! Making War in Civilization II

      Original Author: Marc Fisher (Compuserve: 70711,3177,
      Internet: mfisherat

      "Attrition is not a strategy. It is, in fact, irrefutable proof of the absence of any strategy. A commander who resorts to attrition admits his failure to conceive of an alternative. He rejects warfare as an art and accepts it on the most non-professional terms imaginable. He uses blood in lieu of brains."

      - Dave Palmer, historian and soldier

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      How to Wage a successful Nuclear War
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      Have you ever had one of those games were you're kickin' back, relaxing playing a nice game of Civ when some Stupid Little no-name Civ nukes Ya. Annoying isn't it? Don't you whis you could turn his
      Entire Empire into a glass lined parking lot. Unfortunately There is the problem of global warming and a bad rap with the other civ's. There is a way to have your cake and eat it to.

      You can't just nuke people from the start, you need a couple turns of recon before you can even think about killing them. So after that annoying first strike check out the enemy's cities you whis to nuke, check to see whether or not each city has a SDI improvement. Preferably only nuke city's without SDI improvements it's a lot harder for you to turn city's to slag if they have SDI defenses(Much more time too). Your next step is to switch to a fundamentalists government. This new government helps you because you can build 10 units and the other Civ don't hate you as much ( The Eiffel Tower Wonder is a added Plus ). From here on out you go two ways based on whether or not your target's have SDI improvements or not. Also make sure you've got a ton of money it's easier and quicker with money.
      February 13, 2011, 16:11
    • Mike Laplaunte's Civ2 Strategy
      by Martin Gühmann
      Original Author:
      Mike Laplaunte

      Hi. I have been somewhat obsessed with Civilization 2 since the time that I bought it.
      My current best score is 197% (one hundred ninety seven percent) on Emperor level with 7 civilizations.

      Not everyone plays a game the same way. The path to victory can be different for each person. Here is one that worked for me:
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