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    by Published on March 12, 1998 17:38

    Original Author: Timothy Hain

    I was the Sioux, playing on a randomly generated world, and those Fundamentalistic Russians were getting on my nerves. I was at peace with them--in theory. They were always walking through my land--and staying there. Every time I met with them, they wanted some more advances, but I did not always want to share them. I needed to prove to the Russians that I was independant, and capable of as much power as I wanted.

    by Published on March 3, 1998 17:07

    Original Author: DanQ

    I started out on a map of Earth, on the North American continent all alone. The only company I had to keep my military units at strength were raging hordes of barbarains. My first job was to explore N. America and settle cities in appropriate areas, spacing them out, just in case another civilization happened to land on my shores. After building Marco Polo's Embassy, I was able to contact my two rivals and, through the sharing of our world maps, able to discover that both the Germans and the Aztecs shared the same continent, Asia. I made pernament strategic alliances with them on my first contact, and it was smooth sailing from there. Like myself, they seemed occupied with building up the cities they all ready had on Asia so they did not appear interested in across-ocean settlement. This left me plenty of undistrubed room to expand and grow.

    by Published on March 3, 1998 16:53

    Original Author: Unknown

    As for stories, well, here I was in my first full-scale civ2 game. I was getting my butt kicked my the gosh darn Carthagenians. So I reckoned it was time to teach them a little about human engenuity.

    First I made a cease-fire with them. Then I gave them a technology, made peace, and got a map of all their cities. They had about thirty cities on a distant continent (those buggers really reproduce in this version!) So I located their captital.

    by Published on February 19, 1998 22:02

    Original Author: Joe Rudmin

    I am playing the Chinese in Deity Raging Hordes on Earth. Things have been going well for me. I have in excess of 220 cities. Yeah, I maxed out the cities. That way no one can challenge my hegemony of the Americas. I have about five or six camps where I am producing "NONE" settlers. The annoying problem is that the Mongols are my neighbors. Every so often they sneak attack me, and do minimal damage. I have to take a city of their to make peace. So I usually buy it, and in the meantime I eliminate every Mongol unit I can reach which is not in a walled city or fortification. Right after I take the city the Mongol asks to speak with me and we make peace since I have the UN. Fine. Except that often I am using the Mongol city I take to produce NONE settlers, and when I take it, there goes the investment in those camps! If it were up to me, the Mongols could keep their cities, and I would keep mine, and produce lots of "NONE" settlers. Perhaps I could even max out the number of units permitted with "NONE" settlers alone! Then I wouldn't have to worry about nasty things like enemy armor or nukes when the technology comes out.


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