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Destiny of Empires [Diplo Game] [Story Thread 10 - July 2011]

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    Havana and Miami have fallen

    This morning, America woke up to the cries of the helpless. After Havana, Miami has fallen. Our capital, Washington, will fall today. Americans are being slaughtered by the Turks. On top of all this, we received the following communique this morning.

    Cheif Eisenhower,

    We congratulate you on your fine speeches as well as your cunning procural of a Frigate from France. We are puzzled by the name however "USS Constitution"... What is a Constitution? Is it a Document? Your weathy Caste must be advanced indeed to have created such advanced concepts. This is why we decry the abject poverty of your people, while your noble caste are purchasing and christening vessels named "Constitution" an advancement most nations can only dream of, you simultaneously claim to be weak and poor, and backward. Such lies are quite dizzying to his Majesty.

    In any case, having destroyed your Army of oppression as promised, we are ready to free the prisoners of your Washington labor camps. We see through the lies you present to the world, and we will continue to fight for the freedom of the American people. As you can seee, Miami surrendered without civilian casualties, and we were greeted as liberators. The 2 Wardens of the city dropped their sticks and welcomed in the Turkish liberators.

    Your counter-offer to us is obsolete, as we have already freed Havana. Flocks of your people are already fleeing to Washington to join our banner, and we therefore offer you a comprimise of our past offer. Leave Washington, and keep your remaining troops to fight another day. We will capture Washington and then there will be a signed 100 turn peace between us. As compensation for the Galleon you destroyed, as well as your mistreatment of your people, the public release of our confidential peace terms, and other crimes, you will pay us 400 gpt for 10 turns. Do not waste breath claiming you can not afford it, as we can clearly see your wealthy Caste is dumping 419 gpt into your war coffers.

    We await your reply,

    Taner, High Messenger to Sultan Ahmed V

    Taner, High Messenger to Sultan Ahmed V,

    First of all, the amount of money we manage to procure is simply because we have put all our research, cultural and 'innovation' funds on zero. We cannot sustain such economic measures for long. Second of all, we will not bow down to your ridiculous land grabbing and insane demands. We will rather die than kneel in the face of such unmitigated aggression.

    The USS Constitution was paid for by us a long time ago, and had been sailing the seven seas, to meet other nations, to learn about the world. A peaceful mission, reaching out to the rest of the world, to become closer with other people and be of mutual assistance. Unfortunately, upon its return to American waters, full of hope for the future, it would find that these waters were American no more, taken away by one of the very nations it had set out to meet.

    Miami and Havana were not liberated; you have simply slaughtered innocent people. And now you threaten to take our capital and in your last communique, New York; both form the very heart of our nation. There is no way we can stand down, and you know it. It makes your actions even more despicable.

    So, we shall meet on the battlefield. And if we fall, remember this: you are in America. No matter how many Turkish raiders you ship in and no matter what propaganda you might spout. It will always be America.

    Dwight Eisenhower, General of the American Army.
    So I go, and do what I can ~ Dwight 'Diplo' Eisenhower


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      Aztec newspapers all across the land have printed the following artist impression on their front page:

      "On the top of the world Prince Xochi calls upon the mighty Aztec gods to assist the American eagle in the struggle for life.."


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        AIF has been formed

        The AIF, the Aztec Intervention Force, has been founded on orders of his highness Camaxtli.

        Prince Xochipilli, as inspirator of the Aztec intervention, has been appointed as High Commander.
        He immediately gained control over large portions of the Aztec military and navy.
        Texcoco has been the major preparation center for the upcoming intervention in the Ottoman – American conflict.


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          The AIF speech of prince Xochipilli

          “My fellows from all over the American continent, we must unite against this common danger.
          Moreover this blatant aggression must be punished.
          We have no choice but to fight and win.

          The time of peace and trade is over for now.. therefore the Aztec Intervention Force has been founded.."

          After a short pause he continued..

          “I have, myself, full confidence that if all do their duty, if nothing is neglected,
          and if the best arrangements are made, as they are being made,
          we shall prove ourselves once again able to defend our home,
          to ride out the storm of war, and to outlive the menace of tyranny,
          if necessary for years, if necessary against other enemies.

          At any rate, that is what we are going to try to do.
          That is the resolve of His Majesty’s Government-every man of them.
          That is the will of Parliament and the nation.

          The Aztec Empire and the American Republic,
          linked together in their cause and in their need,
          will defend to the death their native soil,
          aiding each other like good comrades to the utmost of their strength.

          We shall not flag or fail.
          We shall go on to the end, we shall fight in America,
          we shall fight on the seas and oceans,
          we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength,
          we shall defend our continent, whatever the cost may be,
          we shall fight on the beaches,
          we shall fight on the landing grounds,
          we shall fight in the fields and in the streets,
          we shall fight in the hills;

          we shall never surrender.. “
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            Upon hearing the news of the formation of the AIF, people in Washington poured onto the streets, embracing one another, cheering, carrying portraits of prince Xochipilli!
            So I go, and do what I can ~ Dwight 'Diplo' Eisenhower


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              Last night the dire news came that Ottoman invasion forces have conquered Miami in the early hours of yesterday morning.
              All men in the Aztec Intervention Force, which had just boarded it’s ships at Texcoco harbor knew that the moment for action had come.

              Swiftly prince Xochipilli gave his orders, all ships went for sail, and course was set for Miami.

              Meanwhile, a smaller attack force under command of colonel Tezlan Aztlima marched from our northern border, along the Floridian coast, towards Miami.

              At about the same time both the navy and land detachments of the AIF arrive at the outskirts of Miami. Informants from our American allies told us that one detachment of cannons was in the city and one detachment of riflemen were quickly approaching the city.

              The 1st Aztec Light Cavalry brigade was ordered by colonel Aztlima to make a dash at the enemy cannons, as there was a good chance they could catch them off guard.

              “Half a league half a league,
              Half a league onward,
              All in the city of Death
              Rode the six hundred:
              'Forward, the Light Brigade!
              Charge for the guns' he said:
              Into the city of Death
              Rode the six hundred.

              'Forward, the Light Brigade!'
              Was there a man dismay'd ?
              Not tho' the soldier knew
              Some one had blunder'd:
              Theirs not to make reply,
              Theirs not to reason why,
              Theirs but to do & die,
              Into the city of Death
              Rode the six hundred.

              Cannon to right of them,
              Cannon to left of them,
              Cannon in front of them
              Volley'd & thunder'd;
              Storm'd at with shot and shell,
              Boldly they rode and well,
              Into the jaws of Death,
              Into the mouth of Hell
              Rode the six hundred.

              Flash'd all their sabres bare,
              Flash'd as they turn'd in air
              Sabring the gunners there,
              Charging an army while
              All the world wonder'd:
              Plunged in the battery-smoke
              Right thro' the line they broke;
              Turk & Ottoman
              Reel'd from the sabre-stroke,
              Shatter'd & sunder'd.
              Then they rode back, but not
              Not the six hundred.

              Cannon to right of them,
              Cannon to left of them,
              Cannon behind them
              Volley'd and thunder'd;
              Storm'd at with shot and shell,
              While horse & hero fell,
              They that had fought so well
              Came thro' the jaws of Death,
              Back from the mouth of Hell,
              All that was left of them,
              Left of six hundred.

              When can their glory fade?
              O the wild charge they made!
              All the world wonder'd.
              Honour the charge they made!
              Honour the Light Brigade,
              Noble six hundred!
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                This valliant sacrifice was not enough. Still the Ottoman cannons were pounding our troops.

                Next, the 1st Texcoco Musket Guards were send against the fortified position of the Ottoman cannons.
                Attack after attack got repulsed.

                The guards pushed and pushed, casualties were rising.
                But still they were not able to win the battle.

                Prince Xochipilli had witnessed these sheer acts of heroism from the Peace of the Gods, the pride of the Aztec navy.
                He ordered a simultaneous landing operation by the 1st AIF Infantry.

                Again the Texcocan guard pushed and pushed, envigorated by the approaching Aztec ships.
                They fought hard, made good progress, but then the exhausted men were caught off guard by an unexpected Ottoman counter attack.
                The Texcocan regiment broke and the few remaining survivors scampered to get away.

                Meanwhile our ships could sail very close to the shore, as the Ottoman cannons were otherwise engaged.

                Swiftly the 1st AIF Infantry landed and attacked the Ottoman cannons from the rear, and quickly dispatched the evil Ottomans.
                Sadly our riflemen were too late to save the musketmen.

                Thus Miami was recaptured.
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                  Out of respect and a strong feeling of brotherhood, many Americans have commemorated the liberation of Miami by getting Aztec tattoos:

                  The first tattoo represents the Aztec sticking out their tongue at the Ottoman Empire. The latter tattoo shows the American eagle intertwined with the Aztec.
                  So I go, and do what I can ~ Dwight 'Diplo' Eisenhower


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                    Following the conquest of Miami our troops quickly discovered that a fleet of 6 galleons was docked in the harbor.

                    As the harbor entrance was blocked by our entire fleet, and the city was also firmly in our hands, these ships had nowhere to go.
                    The Ottoman sailors quickly realized this and surrendered after setting their ships on fire.

                    In a small side action the 2nd AIF Infantry, also known as 'The Ancients', laid an ambush for the Ottoman riflemen detachment, still outside Miami city.
                    As they entered the city, these poor men walked into a blaze of gun fire and didn't stand a chance.

                    So, the recently modernized Aztec army has, for the first time in history, used its weapons upon fellow men.

                    As prince Xochipilli puts it:

                    “It’s a very sad and a very proud moment at the same time.
                    My men have done well against the Turkish aggressor.

                    No further inspiration was necessary as our troops really couldn’t wait
                    to teach a valuable lesson to this and other European states:

                    the American continent will defend its sovereignty and freedom.

                    We will make sure that aggression will not be profitable.
                    This morning Miami has been retaken, but the Ottoman main army is still near Washington..

                    We Aztecs stand by our word."
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                      Notice to All Nations:

                      The Sultan has authorized an offer of unconditional peace to America. Following their acceptance, he will have a formal statement issued. This will contain all the relevant information concerning this conflict. The Sultan appreciates the patience, of the international community as he proceeded with his wedding, as well as all the gifts and well wishes he has recieved during his joyous occasion.

                      Taner, High Messenger to the Sultan
                      Mexico Emerges as a New Player on the International Stage - Mexico City Times


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                        Patriarch Pavlos head of the church of Mali requested an audience with the Guardian of the throne. ras Imru received him in his personal quarters, "How can I help the Holy Church of Your Holiness," he said. "My lord, have reached to us news of a great slaughter in America, where many people died including many of our good neighbors and allies - the Turks." "It is the Americans were able to regain one of their cities," "My lord the holy Church of Mali would like to serve a memorial service for dead soldiers" "You have my permission," said ras Imru.
                        Mali soldiers pay tribute to fallen soldiers in America.


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                          On the Ottoman Assault

                          An open letter:
                          Dear esteemed persons,

                          I am writing to condemn the recent Ottoman attacks into our hemisphere. The "Americas" have always been a world of peace and mild tempers. We have never attacked anyone, including ourselves, and have never coveted the possessions of others, being wholly content to enjoy the many blessings of our own lands and peoples. We have been long aware of the Easterners, those European and Asiatic peoples of less civilized natures, yet we have always thought they would leave themselves to their own internal struggles. Yes, the English had colonized our lands a long time ago, and yes we Inca fought a brave war against their further encroachment into our lands, but that was in a distant past, a period of such barbarity and incivility that we consider it passed completely.

                          Yet, the recent, unprovoked, and completely intolerable Ottoman aggression has brought back into our eyes the cruel and ever-greedy nature of the Euro-asiatic peoples, and how even the most peaceful and unintimidating people of the planet will not be safe from their eyes' menacing desires.

                          There is no option for the Ottomans if they wish to remain in good standing with the Empire of Inca. They must remove themselves from our hemisphere forthwith. Such actions against the noble people of the northlands are inexcusable, intolerable, and until recent inconceivably brutal and cynical.

                          The Ottomans are not to keep any territories in this conflict, and woe to he who razes so much as a hamlet in his aggression.

                          As stark a warning as has ever exited from the mouth of an emperor is now exhaled. For the sake of our future relations, we ask the Ottomans to honorably and peacefully make their exit from the American stage. And a similar exit shall befall any other foreign power that wishes to expand its influence and holdings at the expense of the homelands of the native nations of our continents.

                          We apologize for our lateness in condemnation, but the emperor has been indisposed in numerous daily tasks for some time.


                          Mako Panuta

                          Sapa Chitcopi Incacona

                          Capaco, Empire of Inca


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                            Official communiqué of the Guardian of the throne of Mali:

                            ras Imru learned with deep sorrow that the American continent is suffering Turkish soldiers who are not able to return to their homelands. Mali offers the following every nation that wants to show compassion at this difficult time to give Turkey's ships that the wounded Turkish soldiers will be back in their homelands. This will be a purely humanitarian mission and the ship will be returned when it ended. Mali will provide upon request all cargo ships of Turkey. Mali offers to all parties affected by military conflict free to use its hospitals.


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                              Message to the world

                              China is planning to join up with Japan to invade India. The mightiest in the world and their proxy is now fully moving against a small independent nation consisting of a mere 6 cities. If the world will not speak out against this, then India will be destroyed. Will no one say no to evil and injustice?


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                                Message To India

                                The mighty nation of China has mobilized troops and are heading for Indian lands, however, China has decided to grant India a 24 hour reprieve and another chance for them to offer peace to Japan.

                                We understand that India does not like this situation and that they would prefer an outside mediator, and China would have no problem with this, but no outside nation is forthcoming. India therefore has another 24 hours to either find a mediator to end this conflict swiftly, or they must end it on their own.

                                China has no interest in attacking India or taking cities, we simply want an end to this conflict and see it has the only way to quickly do so.

                                China officially offers India a clean start to fresh diplomatic relations and open trade routes between our cities if they will in turn end this conflict. We would also be willing to discuss war reparations but the return of any cities captured by Japan is off the table and non-negotiable.

                                Let us move forward.