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Destiny of Empires [Diplo Game] [Story Thread 10 - July 2011]

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  • An Apology, and a Message of Gratitude, from the Sultan:

    I have a public message to Louis, King of France, written by the hand of His Majesty, Sultan Ahmed V.

    Taner, High Messenger

    Great and Merciful Louis, King of France,

    Months ago, we concluded the interviews and inspection of the prisoners of war captured at the bloody and infamous battle of Ekron Oasis. I offer my most sincere and heartfelt apologies to France, for not taking the time earlier to express our deep gratitude and gratefulness at this selfless and honorable act. We have been foes in the past and continue to find ourselves at odds, but know that Turkey appreciates your act of goodwill and charity.

    In honor of the unspeakable kindness France has shown in returning POWs to Turkey, I make a proposal to all the world.

    Henceforth, there should be a rule of international law, that any nation claiming to have captured foreign soldiers or citizens rather than slaughtering them, must be accountable for these lives they claim to have spared. One worker for each type of division they claim to have captured over the course of the war, to be returned to their homeland at the end of the war for no bounty or payments whatsoever. Failure to so account for prisoners shall be considered murder of prisoners and a war crime.

    I further propose that this be known as "Louis' rule" or the "French rule of POWs" in honor of France's generous actions.

    Let all nations speak their agreement

    Ahmed, Sultan
    Mexico Emerges as a New Player on the International Stage - Mexico City Times


    • Official communiqué of the keeper of the throne of Mali:
      Mali is pleased to announce to their friends (and foes that the colonial policy of Mali continues in full force. Bold colonizers of Mali is found on the island of St. Helena, who is now a colony of Mali.


      • Public Letter to All Nations:

        Greetings to all nations of the world. I am Aysecan, Public Relations Minister of Turkey. Some of you may know me already, some may not. For the past few months, I have been on leave, in India, working closely with the great nations of China, India, and Japan, to help find a permanent resolution to their ongoing hostilities. Today I am gratified to report that the parties reached an agreement which is called the India-Japan Limited War treaty. Involved parties are aware of the particulars, but suffice it to say, that the warring nations have agreed to end the war on a specific date and immediately thereafter enter an irrevocable peace. This was made possible by the outstanding diplomacy and reasonable attitudes of all involved, as well as the gracious and patient leadership of China. I ask all nations to cooperate with China in maintaining strict non-interference, to allow India and Japan to reach the end of their war on schedule.

        Again, I thank the parties for their class and chivalrous behavior, and I was honored and humbled by the opportunity to be involved in my small way.

        Aysecan of Turkey
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        Mexico Emerges as a New Player on the International Stage - Mexico City Times


        • As someone has said a long time ago:
          " A nation that forgets its past is doomed to repeat it "

          Yet here we are, do not remember history, the old glory, our friends or foes. We are just hoping that the past we are doomed to repeat was not that bad actually.

          Nations of the World,

          I, Abdus Salam, king of Arabia, greet you.
          We wish to reestablish communications between our people. We wish to learn more about you and maybe we can teach you too about the arabian way of peace- we have heard many of you could use that.
          We recently had a revolution, it was peaceful, but still it will be a long process to completely reform our country and society into a modern state. After that we hope we can play a bettter role in keeping the peace and helping others to prosper, to build a nicer world.

          King Abdus Salam


          • Official communiqué of the keeper of the throne of Mali:
            The people of Mali welcomes new leader of Arabia, Mali hopes that between our countries will establish peaceful trade relations, as they always had. regards
            The people of Mali harvest of coffee


            • Root of the Earth squinted at the photo issued from the Mali government. After some long, careful looks at it, he shrugged and set it aside. "Funny, most of us just pour it from the coffee pot."


              • Official note from the Russian Foreign Department:

                Russia sends a stark note to all involved in the Central American conflict - directly by waging war - Turkey and Aztecs, or indirectly by sending soldiers and arms to the warring nations - Inca, France and whoever else do this in secret. Russia greatest desire is this conflict to end naturally as it have no more what to achieve and all who are fueling the fire of the war, you better stop doing it, before someone got burned unnecessary badly.

                End of the note.

                Russian Foreign Department


                • Official communiqué of Mali:
                  With great regret the Government of Mali communicate to his people and all nations in the world that night left us forever on the throne guardian ras Imru, who lived on this earth 86 years and ruled Mali for 26 years. Worship of his mortal remains will take place in the big cathedral "Holy Spirit" after three days. Nobility of Mali will meet in the same day to elect a new keeper to the throne of Mali.
                  ras Imru died surrounded by his family


                  • Root of the Earth dreamed. It was harder and harder these days for him to tell the dreams from the reality; he fell asleep often in the middle of the day without even realizing it, and the dreams would take up from where reality left off. Still, he held the seat of rock in the Council, for in his dreams came wisdom. Soon, though, he would dream a dream that he would not wake up from.

                    This dream was interesting. Often, his dreams challenged him, made him think in different ways, about different things. This was such a dream:

                    He was working hard at something, though he wasn't sure quite what it was he was doing. There was a sense of urgency about it. He knew he had to get it done or else something bad would happen. But he couldn't focus on what it was he was supposed to do, and he began to grow apprehensive. Around him were others, doing things, but he couldn't quite see what it was they were doing. He tried to get closer to them, but he found his feet strangely unable to do more than shuffle slowly. He wanted to wave to the nearest of them, but he found his hands would not easily move far from his body. He tried to cry out to them, but he found his voice lacking.

                    Soon, he heard a voice behind him. He wasn't sure what the voice said, but it was clearly an unhappy voice. It grew louder, more demanding, but he couldn't understand it, and he was only slowly able to try and turn to meet it. Before he could, he felt sudden pain along his back, across his shoulders, a stripe of fire that agonized him. Where had THAT come from, he wondered, shaken in his dream self. Rarely were the dreams so disconcerting, so hurtful.

                    He felt another stinging stripe of pain, this time catching him on the cheek and shoulder. He tried to raise his hands to be in the way. As he did, he noticed something. His hands were chained, it seemed, with links of gold, fine gold which he only now could begin to see. He looked down, and found his legs bound with similar shackles, of purest silver. He reached to his throat and found around it a tightly constricting metal band. He felt another lashing stripe of pain, and realized that it came from a whip, held by someone he could not make out. The whip rose, and fell again, with more pain. He stood there, trying to will the dream to show him who wielded the whip, who the people around him were.

                    Then, suddenly, he began to grow taller. As he did, around him the shadows, the blurring began to fail. He looked down and saw around him man-things, doing various labors. He saw members of The People, some with whips, some with chains of precious metal, some with nothing but their silver-tongued voices. They were making the man-things work, they were enticing more man-things to work, even, even he saw with mounting discomfort, they were making some who were clearly of The People work. And as he looked down around him, as if from a great height, he saw this happening across the entire land.

                    He did not understand. Once, back in the dark days so long ago they almost couldn't be measured, The People had taken man-things and made them work as slaves. Too, there were those convicted of offenses against others who had been made to labor such. But The People hadn't used slaves to build things, to work the fields, to pick and till and weed for centuries.

                    And as he watched, his own chains and links of gold, of silver, of copper began to turn from restrictors to another shape. They merged, and in his hand he held his own whip of precious metal. And around him, the man-things and The People began to shape things he knew The People needed, things they were working on even now. And it dawned upon him that he understood at last what was going on.

                    At some point, he awoke; waking was hard to recognize from non-waking sometimes. The dream stayed with him; he could still feel the soreness of neck and wrist and ankle. He thought for a long time about what the dream had shown. Then he got up, and went to the door of his dream chamber.

                    As he moved into his "office", he requested a scribe come to him. It was clear what must be done. The precious metals were not just chains and whips and things, they were money. His People did not directly enslave anyone, but it is possible to force others to do your will with things other than whips and chains. Yes, his People had never given up their enslavement of others, and in so doing, remained enslaved themselves. It was time that changed.

                    The scribes arrived. He was seated, his eyes clearer than they had seen from him in a long time. He motioned they should start to write.

                    "On this day, in the forty-seven hundreth and fifty-sixth Year of the Coming of Coyote, it is hereby decreed, that The People, and all man-things, are equal in the sight of the law. They shall not be subject to the will of others, save by choice. They shall be free by right, to work and play as they choose. They are emancipated from bondage, and slavery shall no longer be tolerated in any form among The People.

                    The penalty for enslaving the will and work of another shall be ..."


                    • worship ras Imru


                      • Official communiqué of Mali:
                        Today, three-hour meeting SLE Supreme Council of Mali opted for a new keeper of the throne of Mali, artillery commander ras Moussa. The general accepted high office and swore to the Patriarch Pavlos that will comply with the laws of Mali and will do everything to bring the people of Mali to prosperity.

                        The ceremony of inauguration of the Guardian of the throne ras Moussa


                        • Official communiqué of the keeper of the throne of Mali:
                          ras Moussa announced to the world community that chose lead to Mali in the turbulent waters of world politics. Guardian of the Throne stated that he wants peace with all its neighbors, and that the contracts concluded by his predecessor ras Imru, will be followed by Mali to the letter. Rejoice people of Mali you already have a new father.


                          • The Daily Turkey

                            Turkey Mourns ras Imru

                            Our reporters have taken a statement from Taner, High Messenger of Turkey...

                            "The people of Turkey were besides themselves with grief over the loss of our brother, the wise and benevolent ras Imru. Turkey extends our deepest sorrow and condolences to the people of Mali. We welcome ras Moussa and pledge Turkey's continued friendship."

                            Mahmud and Jamal reportedly co-authoring a book

                            We have confirmed that during his sabbatical Supreme Commander Jamal has teamed up with Substitute Messenger Mahmud to compose a grand-treatise on global diplomacy. This Mammoth work is intended to distill centuries of international relations into a reliable formula for calculating world relations, attitudes and reactions. The treatise is set to publish soon...
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                            Mexico Emerges as a New Player on the International Stage - Mexico City Times


                            • Foreign Minister of Mali entered the first report on the new Guardian of the throne. ras Moussa asked him "So what's new in the world" "My lord arrived condolences for the death of ras Imru from all over the world, all say that Mali has lost a great leader. Our allies and friends, Russia, Turkey and Zulu sent special envoys to to share our grief. "
                              "Something else"
                              "My lord some of our neighbors sent us nothing with which to show that the death of the leader of Mali affects them. This is a sign of disrespect." "There is nothing honorable ministers ras Imru was a great leader and does not need exaggerated respect."


                              • New story thread: