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Destiny of Empires [Diplo Game] [Story Thread 10 - July 2011]

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  • Destiny of Empires [Diplo Game] [Story Thread 10 - July 2011]

    This is the Story and Diplomacy Thread for the Diplo Game "Destiny of Empires" (DoE)

    The purpose of this thread is to post in-character story posts and diplomacy for this game. Please discuss all organizational aspects of this game the Organization Thread.
    Use your Anonymous Apolyton Game Account to put posts in this thread.

    Destiny of Empires is a diplomacy game.
    The players try to rule their empires like they are real. Role playing and story telling is an important way to achieve this.
    Fore more information visit the Diplogame FAQ by OzzyKP

    For more information visit the Organization Thread.
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    The Glory had just finished building. Built on land in the cover of a warehouse to hide it from Japanese sight, it and several other ships were finished and launched from port. The Glory rolled on logs out into the sea and its crew quickly hoisted sail and got the ship moving. The Japanese had probably gotten wind of its building as their fleet was regrouping in the Calicut sea. Yet one straggling Frigate remained just east of Cape India, the subcontinent's southern tip. The Glory quicky sailed out to engage the enemy ship. She was the first Indian Frigate, homebuilt, its sister ship in Calicut launched at the same time. As the battle raged outside the tip of India the experienced Japanese crew proved superior and The Glory went down. Its crew had performed admirably for green and unexperienced sailors, they knew what was at stake. The enemy ship was full of holes in several places, its masts broken, most of its crew dead. The Eneri, a galleon at port had then quickly sailed out and killed off the survivors, taking no damage.

    There would be no survivors. All of India began celebrating. The Japanese dominance at sea had been broken, the turning point in the war was this moment. The Glory would forever be remembered as the first time India fought back. No longer would India accept being bullied by foreign powers.


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      In the hall of silence came panting Minister of Science of Mali, he said ras Imru who read the reports of border patrols following: our lord archaeologists discovered something unprecedented. Guardian of the throne of Mali looked up from the documents and said: And what's so extraordinary is found. "Evidence that in Mali giants lived my lord," "but what you are saying you do not hit the sun, dear ministers," "but my lord, come with me and see with my own eyes," "well intrigued me, just be careful not to show me skeleton of a great man simply because you will regret for your need to seek a new minister "


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        Gazeta Pravda, Jan 01, 1720

        On a short conference Catherine announced to the world that finally all the clauses of the peace agreement between the six European nations is in order. Since the year of our Lord 1720AD [turn 370] inclusive a 50 [turn] Non-Aggression Pact between Valhalla, England, France, Russia, Neandor and Turkey is active. The clauses as agreed was:

        The Vikings will demand their part of soldiers from France and will return all English cities to the English
        The Neandors will pay reparation 200 GPT to England for the next 10 turns and 200 gold to Turkey. In exchange Neandor will get Grunzen city back, while allowing Turkey to resettle 1 city in North Africa.
        The French will return all ex-English cities to the English and will hand over the city of Guardaia to the Turks and pay them 100 GPT for the next 10 turns as a compensation for their razed cities.

        50 turns Non-Aggression Pact and open borders to help heal the wounds from the will be signed between all 6 warring nations: Vikings, England, France, Russia, Neandor and Turkey.

        This Russia believes is a fair peace, well fitting in the spirit of the wise diplo and will lead to lasting peace in Europe, returning the former glory of our beloved continent as a center of the enlightening and prosperity.

        With her innate modesty, Catherine answered short to the loud applause and continuous chant slogans "Catherine The Peacebringer" and "Catherine the Merciful" only with few words:

        According the peace, in Europe, we've paid our dues time after time. I've done my sentence, but committed no crime. And bad mistakes I've made a few. I've had my share of sand kicked in my face, but I've come through.

        I've taken my bows and my curtain calls. This brought me fame, but no fortune and everything that goes with it. Despite, I thank you all. But It's been no bed of roses, no pleasure cruise. I consider it a challenge before the whole human race.
        Impressed by her words the formerly absolutely unknown to the world English artist Robert Williams have written a song, which became a great hit

        The yellow press in England insinuated that the literary character with the blond hair from the show performance of the song who wins at the end and is presented as nobble and magnanimous is symbolizing the Rus and the evil dark-haired warrior is symbolizing the Neandors. When asked about comment, the Robbie Williams agent said that
        Any resemblance between the characters in this show and any persons, living or dead are are purely coincidental


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          Interesting notice have been made by "Yellow Pravda Gazette" which suggests that the French Minister Ozzy of the Royal Department of Comportment and Morality have something to do with the Robbie Williams performance, as the topless chick in the show was censured too. Well informed sources claim that the topless chick have said after the censure with mixture of disappointment and threat: "We will show them! We demand emancipation! "


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            The Carribean...

            A group of Turks made landfall after many months at sea... the first to step off the boat was a majestic woman, powerful and stately in appearance...

            "Will the main search party notice that we broke away from the group?" a young man asked

            "No child, as I paid the Commander not to follow us" the woman replied "They will continue to English waters as the Sultan commanded, and continue the search for the rogue Messenger, Taner... We will continue with our destiny, as Irina has been wating for. us. The destiny prophesied by the Inventor Brahman is soon to be manifest.

            We claim this island for the Sultan of Turkey... and for Queen Irina"
            Mexico Emerges as a New Player on the International Stage - Mexico City Times


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              Open Letters of Marque Signed

              Any ship that sinks a Japanese ship in Indian waters will be paid a sum of 100 gold. Nations and private persons may collect this bounty if they can prove the sinking of such ships.



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                The Daily Turkey

                Accolytes of the Inventor-Brahman found a city in the tropics

                The Daily Turkey has heard from our sources in North America that a second colony has been founded in the Caribbean Islands by the Accolytes of the Inventor Brahman. However, these Accolytes swear their allegiance, not only to Sultan Ahmed V, but also to Irina, whom they refer to as "their Queen." Seemingly accepting this role, "Queen" Irina was reportedly seen visiting the new camp and welcoming them to the Americas.

                Given this development, the Sultan has reportedly summoned Irina back to Istanbul to prove her loyalty to Turkey, and re-swear her allegiance to him. Officially, the Sultan still regards the Accolytes as loyal Turks, but along with the search party for High Messenger Taner, he sent a combined party of soldiers along with some supplies for the Accolytes, and vessels to bring back the spices that the Accolytes have gathered for the Sultan as a demonstration of their loyalty.

                Apparently, the fierce loyalty of the Accolytes is begining to worry the Sultan. The Sultan has also demanded that Irina bring High Messenger Taner with her on her return to Istanbul. There is no word on what punishments await Taner upon his return.

                We will keep you posted as this story develops...
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                Mexico Emerges as a New Player on the International Stage - Mexico City Times


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                  A Public Notice

                  A friendly reminder to all naval powers. Any attack on the continent of Incaco, even if not directed at the Empire of Inca, will be considered an attack on the Empire as well. This includes acts of war, such as naval blockades. Also, please keep in mind Incan territorial waters: any ship of war or transport in our waters not okayed by the defense minister will be considered attacking the Inca Empire, and a state of war will exist and the offending ships sunk. Note that this territory does not extend into the Leftsea (or Caribbean as some call it).

                  The canal of Pan is open to any who wish to use it, just ask permission if it is military or transport in nature. No tax will be assessed.

                  Note: although some of the territories are outdated, the claimed zones remain the same, and are not exclusive of others' claims to similar waters.


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                    In the interest of regional stability, China is preparing to enforce peace between Japan and India. Asia is in no need of the conflict escalating.

                    In order to achieve immediate peace:

                    - Japan should compensate India with 500 gold
                    - India should guarantee 50 turns of peace to Japan and destroy any Privateers in their waters
                    - Both parties should declare peace immediately

                    China believes that Japan was wrong in first not attempting to find a peaceful way of gaining island territory. India was wrong to encourage outside parties to join the war and is currently encouraging cowardly and faceless terrorism.

                    These terms are but a starting point and both parties are invited to contact Chinese officials to find the best solution. Failure to negotiate in good faith or in a timely fashion may result in direct Chinese involvement to ensure peace. Outside nations are invited to send non-military units to ensure fair and equitable peacekeeping measures by China should this be necessary.


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                      America is under attack! The United States Congress has started drafting every able young man into the army and appointed Dwight Eisenhower as the Army's General in this hour of need.

                      So I go, and do what I can ~ Dwight 'Diplo' Eisenhower


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                        Public Notice:

                        On behalf of his Majesty the Sultan, I can confirm that a state of War exists between Turkey and America. The Sultan is currently indisposed, in consultation regarding a major occurence in our nation, with substantial international consequences, but will issue a more detailed statement at his earliest convenience.

                        Peace terms have been delivered to America. Again a full statement on this matter will be issued.

                        Taner, High Messenger to his Majesty, Sultan Ahmed V
                        Mexico Emerges as a New Player on the International Stage - Mexico City Times


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                          This will not sit well with the emperor. An attack on the continent is nearly an attack on the Empire. There had better be an absolutely excellent explanation for this. This continent is one of peace, it must remain as such.


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                            The demands of the Ottoman Empire:

                            Here are the terms for peace:

                            1. The cities of Miami, San Francisco and New York must be immediately surrendered to Turkey.

                            2. Your Armies must withdraw from Washington, and allow it to be captured.

                            3. You must pay 100 gpt reparations to Turkey for 10 turns to assist in the re-education of your people, and the infrastructure and defense they will need to move them out of the dark ages.

                            4. When these terms are met, Turkey and America will sign a 100 turn unbreakable Non-Aggression-Pact

                            We will wait until the end of the turn for your response.

                            Taner, High Messenger to his Majesty, Sultan Ahmed V

                            Eisenhower read the demands. America has 3 cities that have a decent production. The rest have a population so low and soil so bad that it takes them 90 months to make a simple granary. The lack of resources on the continent have always made it difficult for the Americans. The soil can simply not sustain any more. And now the Ottomans want all our big cities. There has been no contact before. Suddenly these ships appear on the horizon, without ever having had any discourse whatsoever with the Ottomans. Hell, the Americans had even been ok with the Ottomans settling in Alaska! And this is how they repay us. A war without warning, without any provocation from our side. Pure land grab.

                            To make matters worse, the land the Ottomans want to grab contains our only three cities that can produce. If the Ottomans make true on their demands, America will be lost forever.

                            Eisenhower studied the map, and thought long. If none of his neighbors responded, America would be history within a few days. He called in his aide, asking for his wife. This might well be their last night together.
                            So I go, and do what I can ~ Dwight 'Diplo' Eisenhower


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                              A speech, given by Eisenhower at Congress, addressing the great nations of the Americas:

                              My Fellow nations from the Americas,

                              I have received demands from the Ottoman Empire, which are impossible to meet. I wish to relate to you the fact that this attack came out of the blue. There has been no contact between the Ottoman Empire and America whatsoever. We do not know the reasons for this attack. However, we do know that there is a great chance that within a few days, America will no longer exist. We have to give up all our cities in the East, leaving us with just a few cities in the barren North. We have no means of defense, and therefore will certainly perish, unless a miracle happens.

                              If worst comes to worst, I, on behalf of all the Americans, wish to say that it has been an honor to live alongside you, and to have been a part of our great shared and peaceful history of the Americas. We hope you persevere, and manage to fend off the festering aggression from across the great ocean. We hope you manage to continue to be a shining beacon of hope and tolerance for all to see. We hope you will remember us, as we were before darkness descended, before we fell, in defense of our land, our mountains, our rivers and our homes. Defending our America. Your America.

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                              So I go, and do what I can ~ Dwight 'Diplo' Eisenhower