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    Originally posted by Inca (DoE) View Post
    We do believe that parts of Asia that are not presently occupied by India are within its contestable "rightful lands" (and the afore-mentioned western Indies island), but you decided not to settle them, so that is your problem, not ours.

    And the facts being as they are, uprooting Chinese people by the millions whose families have lived on and owned their respective lands for millennia is hardly just. Two wrongs, no rights, that sort of thing.

    Good day, sirs.


    Mako Panuta

    Sapa Chitcopi Incacona

    Capaco, Empire of Inca
    Reply to Inca

    We did not chose to not to settle our natural expansion area in the south-east asia, the Chinese superpower settled them very early and threatened with war if we tried to settle there ourselves. India has always been smaller and weaker than China, with fewer resources and we would never have been able to defend ourselves in a war against them. We were forced out to the islands.

    Why is it that us being denied that land is our problem, while Japan being denied lands (that once again, lie as close to India as they do to Japan) should result in a war of total conquest of all India's colonies? A war in which Japan has the support of no less than 3 great powers, while India stands alone.

    You say that uprooting Chinese who have lived in a place for centuries is wrong, but uprooting Indians who have lived on Java in the colony of Agra for a thousand years is ok? India still finds your logic tainted by anti-Indianism.


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      The Daily Turkey

      Turkey greeted as Liberators in Havana, Miami - Forces encounter parades, rather than resistance.

      Upon their arrival in Havana, Turkish forces were greeted with cheers and shouts of welcome from the once frightened and defenseless people of the Island. Since the arrival of Turkey, there has been wild celebration and jubilation in the streets that borders on estatic anarchy. All activity in the City has shut down as life has become one big celebration. Daily parades are the norm and the people of Havana continually decry their wretched condition, essentially ignored and undefended by their corrupt so-called Congress while all around them they are surrounded by the mighty War-Fleets of other Nations.

      "Finally a European nation has come to protect us!" one woman, Rosita said... "Finally my babies will be safe and those damned wardens will stop bullying us and stealing from us! God-blessed be Turkey!"

      American "Brute Squads" terrorize populace... Hide underlying Defense Problems

      We have discovered that the "Wardens" she was referring to was nothing more than a group of thugs... Brutes the American government put in place to keep the local people in line and punish any who complained.

      The leader of the Brute squad was the sole authority in the town, and ruled with an Iron fist. As he was captured with only modest armaments... a studded whip, a large club, and a blackjack, to be precise, he could not possibly have been put in place to protect the city. His purpose was obviously merely to supress and oppress the populace. This type of brutal tactic of using thugs to simply supress the frightened populace rather than actual soldiers to care for the citizens and make them truly safe) was cynically dubbed the "Happiness Garrison" by the local populace.

      He didn't seem to make anyone happy though...

      American People need Adequate Defenses, Provisions

      Our Turkish immigrants to North America, who have been calling themselves "The Accolytes" have been reporting the impoverished and perilous condition of the American people.

      In contrast to the powerful, well defended and safe cities of the North, the southern cities of America are frightened, undefended, and lawless. Rapes and violent crime are common as the brute squads the govenment employs to keep the locals in line are often as bad as the criminals... sometimes worse... and sometimes even in league with the criminals. When Turkish troops arrived in Havana, some the people were starving and sickly, and terrified for their safety.

      The people of Havana begged Turkish soldiers to proceed to Miami where conditions were similar and liberate their families there as well. The Marines obliged, and found that the people were true to their word. Again the city was wardened by another "Brute Squad."

      The Liberation of Miami

      This time one of the brutes had a bow which he prompty threw to the ground as Turkish troops approached from the beach. The leader of the brute squad obviously had not washed in months, maybe years. He identified himself as the "Warden" of the city. Then reportedly he fell to his knees and thanked the Turkish soldiers for coming to rescue them.

      The people of Miami were orgasmic in their delight to be liberated by Turkey, and there has been non-stop parades and partying in the city since.

      No one is doing any work in the city as everyone is partying. Apparently the Americans really know how to throw a good party...

      The parades and parties in Miami have been even more wild than the ones in Havana and the Miamian women enjoy adorning themselves in elaborate mezmerizing costumes to welcome the Turkish liberators.

      Turkish Soldiers Becoming Seduced by wild Miamian parties, Women

      As the days have progressed, the parties have gotten wilder and wilder, and the costumes have gotten more and more elaborate. Discipline has always been a problem for the passionate Turkish soldiers and even the most disciplined among them are beginning to succumb to the joy of the Miamian people.

      Our sources in the Palace have informed us that the Sultan is growing concerned that if Turkey continues to occupy Miami, entire divisions will be swept up by the beautiful women of Miami, never to be seen again. Select divisions are already being withdrawn from the city based on how undisciplined they have become.

      Meanwhile, the World still awaits the public statement by the Sultan regarding the invasion of America. There is widespread skepticism that this was simply a humanitarian mission to liberate the oppresed people of the Southern cities.

      The Daily Turkey will keep you informed on this developing story...
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        Boat refugees from Havana and Miami

        All across the Aztec coast a terrible sight can be seen. Thousands of refugees from the Ottoman brutal attacks are making landfall in Mexico.
        They arrive in the smallest, the most improvised and the less seaworthy boats we have ever seen.

        The stories they relate to our reporters are dreadfull indeed. A particularly short story has been written at see by one of those 'boat refugees'.
        We fear a lott of life is lost at sea, but we know that a lot of life has been lost in the cities of Miami and Havana themselves.

        What's even more worrying is the level of downright happy go lucky propaganda issued by the Ottoman governement paper of what is said to be happening in Miami and Havana.
        We hear quite a different story of all those poor people.

        Shame on you Ottomans,
        we have known happiness and peace all our lives, our father's lives, our grandfathers lives and on and on.
        Now we fear these happy times are over.

        Our youth must now defend with their lives what always had been granted for free.
        Our freedom and our way of life are at stake.

        We hope our American brothers can convince the Ottomans that this war is not profitable, is not social, is not good and brings out the worst in people.

        The hardhips our fellow Americans already encountered are tremenduous. Let us be strong, vigilant and kind to our brothers. We call upon every Aztec family to take refugees into their very home.

        We know they would do the same for us.
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          Short news

          Our ambassador in Havana finally managed to reach the Ottoman consulate.
          The city is in utter chaos. On the one hand the heavily Ottoman-sponsored drinking fest for ex-convicts and europeans called the 'Parade' wanders through the streets in utter chaos; on the other hand the utter desperation of Havanas people trying the flee from oppression.

          All and all it took more than 36 hours to reach the consulate.
          After his arrival at the ambassy he handed over the formal declaration of war.
          He told the Ottoman ambassador that Camaxtli had informed him that: "if Suleiman intends to make peace with the Americans and make ammends for all wrongdoings then he will find a true friend of peace in me Camaxtli."

          On a more personal note he added "look at the great misery of the people and the small profit to be had, doesn't that make your heart bleed?"
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            Nations of the World,

            The world is in turmoil. From the red Australian dirt, to the white sandy beaches of Cuba, from the highest Indian mountains, to the lowlands of Japan. Countless troops are marching. The drum of their feet as they hit the ground is becoming the unwanted anthem of our era.

            Our nation is in turmoil. Miami has been overrun by Turkish soldiers, as has Havana. What was once a proud and peaceful America, has become but a shadow of its former self. A gaping wound is not only at the heart of our nation, but in the heart of our soul.

            Over the past two days, I have personally visited the many wounded American and Aztec men. Their determination and courage filled me with pride. Not only proud to be an American, but proud to be human. When two men from different parts of the world fight side by side, for peace and justice... The value of that can only be grasped by looking into the eyes of these men, men who have bled together, not just for themselves, but for each other.

            It reminds us that we are all the same. We all want a home, where we can raise our children, grow our crops. We want to learn from each other, read books, travel, talk. We want to look to the future, dream, hope, and trust.

            And now, as our world is developing faster than ever, as technologies allow us to travel further than ever before, grow more crops than ever before, spread more wisdom and foster intelligence like never before, and dream as we have never dreamt before... now, it becomes ever more obvious that our dream is turning into a nightmare.

            The atrocious war that has scorched the American land is turning out to be much more than a simple land grab by a frustrated nation. It seems that the Ottoman Empire and America have unwittingly become pieces in a giant game of chess, in which the Caribbean has become the square on the board on which all pieces are focused.

            Nations of the world. We ask you to pause for a moment, and contemplate what is at stake. Slowly but surely, everyone of us is finding out where everyone's loyalty lies. It was of course inevitable that alliances would be forged over time, and that they would grow. And in essence, there is nothing wrong with strengthening bonds. However, someone's biggest strength is usually also his biggest weakness. And this is what has happened, as the world has essentially become divided into two very powerful factions.

            The world is now a huge and beautiful house of cards. All it takes is a small breeze. A slight tremble of the earth. A few drops of water. And it all comes crashing down.

            Nations of the world, even though this conflict takes place on our soil, we realize we have become but the stage on which the play is acted out. We ask those of you with power, to convince the Turks to return Miami and Havana to America. The Turks will be allowed to transport their troops back to their homelands. All naval transports will be given safe passage back to Europe.

            The Caribbean Crisis will forever go down in history as a defining moment in our world's history. But it is up to all of us whether it will be the start of a beautiful dream, or the start of a waking nightmare.

            Dwight Eisenhower,
            General of the American Army.
            So I go, and do what I can ~ Dwight 'Diplo' Eisenhower


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              The Sexxstanbul

              Letters to the Editor:

              Dear Sexxstanbul,

              Do you notice that in all the images that the Aztecs publish on the refugees from Havana and Miami that almost all of the refugees are male?

              Timur from Moldavia

              -- Editor's response

              Thanks for your letter Timur, and thanks for reading. My response to your question is simple and two-fold. The Miamian and Havanan women love Turkish soldiers and they are prefering them over the malnourished and sickly American men. That is why the American men are fleeing in makeshift rafts. They are hoping for some sympathy loving from Aztec women, as the Miamian women are only interested in Turkish men.

              The second reason, is that these refugees prove without a doubt that the oppresive conditions in America are real. If America was a good place, the refugees would go to other cities in America, rather than seizing the opportunity to flee to Azteca. Once Turkey removed the oppresive Wardens, the men of America chose to leave the country, rather than pick up arms and defensd it.

              This tells you all you nrrd to know about how bad things are for the poor American people.

              -- The Editor
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                Guardian of the throne of Mali went to the big balcony of the palace and told the people gathered below:
                "Rejoice people of Mali today our country is great colonial power, last night I reported that our brave men and women have come safely to a large and resource-rich island and declared it a colony of Mali. They are led by a great sea captain Jack Sparrow, who is serving with us. Mali will not stop with colonization, we prepare and present expeditions and other citizens of the coyotes Mali wants to participate in them. Celebrate nation of Mali.
                colonists from Mali
                Brave Captain Jack


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                  Totzli Real, Aztec Ambassador of Havana writes a public statement as a response to the writings of The Sexxtanbul

                  1) The Ottomans don't deny that there are a large number of boat refugees.

                  2) These refugees obviously don't like what the Ottomans are offering.
                  In fact we Aztecs do what we can to inform the Red Cross, Amnesty International and the International Board of Justice of all attrocities which are inflicted.

                  3) The reason that the refugees are fleeing to Azteca and not to America is simple:
                  these waters are controlled by the Aztecan navy, while the American waters are patrolled by the Ottomans.

                  4) If one studies the images one can clearly see that while most refugees are men (which is obvious considering the grueling conditions which have to be endured)
                  quite a large number of women is involved. Currently the number of women arriving at Aztec beaches is almost 35% of the total of 65.000.
                  The images show similar percentages.

                  5) We call upon Suleiman to stop his troops, make peace and relinquish control of both Miami and Havana.


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                    Mining Inc.

                    “My lord Jarl, I’m not certain how this happened.”

                    “What now Hakon?” sighed Jarl Eirikson. “You know I don’t like hearing bad news, especially if I have to report it to Heimdallr.”

                    “Well sir, you know how the mines up in the mountains near Valhalla have always seemed endless?”

                    “Yes, go on.”

                    “Sir it appears they really are endless. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

                    “Okay, so that’s the good news then,” Jarl Eirikson huffed, “so what is the bad news?”

                    “It seems like an enterprising miner by the name of Sven Svendor Svensson…” Jarl Eirikson s******ed at that. Hakon continued, “Yes, his name is amusing. Anyway, he apparently managed to purchase these mines before it was discovered that they really are endless. He set up a business recently, one he called Mining Inc. and claims that he can produce superior metals for production, metals better than anything anyone else in the world can produce.”

                    “Truly? Hmm, you wouldn’t have brought this to me if you hadn’t checked it out in person. This, uhh, Sven…do you know what his intentions are with his new Mining Inc.?”

                    “Sir, he says he is going to sell it to anyone. I’ve checked the laws and he is within his rights. Even Mr. Wednesday cannot stop him. He says it may take him a little while to get other branches going, but anyone who wishes to open a branch of Mining Inc. and receive, uhh, Sven’s superior metals, can purchase the right to do so. They just have to get in touch with Sven and discuss prices.”

                    “Hmm, I think Asgard could certainly do with some superior metals. You have checked them out right? If so, make it known to Sven that Asgard will be the first of his new branches of Mining Inc. Do not take no for an answer. After that, he can start selling to other cities too, but we come first.”

                    “Yes Jarl. I will do just that.”


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                      Sexxstanbul Headquarters...

                      Clerk: Sir did you read the statement issued by the Aztec government?!? They responded to us! To us! The Sexxstanbul! I can't believe it! Government's never issue formal responses to us!

                      Editor: It just shows that the Sexxstanbul is gaining credibility as an international publication. The Turkish government still treats us like a tabloid rag. The Sultan still ignores us, Naval Advisor Suleiman ignores us, but we are gaining respect slowly but surely. Soon we will be as respected as the Daily Turkey.

                      Clerk: Do you really think so?

                      Editor: Absolutely, lets get working on our "response" to the Aztec government. Maybe they want to dialogue with the "prestigious" Sexxstanbul.

                      The Sexxstanbul

                      Sexxstanbul's reply to His Excellency Totzli Real, Ambassador of Azteca:
                      by the Editor -

                      Ambassador Real,

                      We at the Sexxstanbul are gratified that a personage of your power and prestige reads our publication and we thought it only prudent to issue a response to the points you raised.

                      1) The Ottomans don't deny that there are a large number of boat refugees.

                      First, The fact that a few disgruntled 30 and 40 year old Virgins are fleeing the country doesent do anything to negate that there is widespread rejoicing.

                      Second, the Sexxstanbul has determined that those images are not refugees fleeing Havana and Miami to go to Azteca, but actually thrill seekers leaving Azteca to go to the parties in Miami and Havana!

                      In fact two of the supposed "refugees" you depicted was seen in Miami enjoying some time with the exquisite Miamian women...

                      2) These refugees obviously don't like what the Ottomans are offering.
                      In fact we Aztecs do what we can to inform the Red Cross, Amnesty International and the International Board of Justice of all attrocities which are inflicted.

                      Aztecs might, Americans obviously don't. The oppression was taking place in American cities not Aztec cities. What Aztecs do to combat atrocities in Azteca is irrelevan to the issue. And as I said before, sure a few guys who arent getting laid want to leave this dosent diprove the widespread jubilation in Miami. And Of course they are jealous that the Miamian women want Turkish men and not them. But the point is not whether they like Turkey, the point is, why are they going to Azteca rather than America?

                      3) The reason that the refugees are fleeing to Azteca and not to America is simple:
                      these waters are controlled by the Aztecan navy, while the American waters are patrolled by the Ottomans.

                      Controlled? By who? By what? That's rich. There is no Aztec Navy. The entire Gulf of Mexico is controlled by Turkey. That's why Azteca just lost their Yucutan city, because the Gulf is "controlled" by their non-existant Navy. The Turkish Marines sunk your Navy. One of your 3 remaining ships is Fleeing into the Pacific, the second is hiding in port, and the third is fleeing the African coast, after being scared off by the Zulus... Ha! the Zulus! Aztec Navy indeed...

                      So that whole argument is a complete farce. There is no Aztec Navy to control anything. The Americans are fleeing America, because America sucks, period, next question.

                      And that brings up another issue... If Turkey is patrolling the gulf and restricting transit as you suggest, then how in the world does the Aztec ambasador know what is going on in Miami? Did you flap your wings and fly across the Gulf of Mexico to see it?

                      4) If one studies the images one can clearly see that while most refugees are men (which is obvious considering the grueling conditions which have to be endured)
                      quite a large number of women is involved. Currently the number of women arriving at Aztec beaches is almost 35% of the total of 65.000.
                      The images show similar percentages.

                      OK I will give you this one. One picture is too far away to tell, and another picture clearly shows 12 people. In that picture, the blonde is clearly female and the one to the left of her is probably also, there are two more in the picture who might also be female, so at best there are 33% females. So as we said, most of the refugees are male. Sexually frustrated loser males.

                      5) We call upon Suleiman to stop his troops, make peace and relinquish control of both Miami and Havana.

                      News flash, Suleiman is just a member of the Militry, specifically the head of the Navy. Yes he controlls the Marines, and thus he is head of the invasion, but he can't call off anything. Only Sultan Ahmed can.

                      We hope these responses to your questions have been helpful

                      --The Sexxstanbul
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                        India makes offering of Peace to the treacherous Japs

                        If Japan returns the colonies of Agra and Lahore, pays compensations of 1000 gold, and hands over the 2 galleons and the 2 catapults they stole from us, this war can end. Japan will gain all of India's possessions in Australia and will not have to be economically ruined by the costs of a prolonged war. These are the minimum terms that India can agree to. The international community would be wise to support this fair and balanced peace treaty. India is a nation of compromise and peace, we desire to end this conflict.

                        If Japan does not accept these terms, India will fully mobilize its war economy, completely obliterate the Japanese navy and retake all our colonies by force. In addition we will take the colony of Kagoshima and initiate a total blockade against Japan for a full 10 turns.

                        Our offer is a fair and balanced peace, Japan will get 2 of India's cities in Australia, (a total of 20% of our cities) for the small cost of 1000 gold. Japan will also return the ships they stole as a matter of principle. Japan makes gains and the war ends. If the war continues Japan will find that being greedy will not be worth the price of those colonies.

                        Signed by the Indian Constitutional Congress


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                          The Coronation of Louis of France

                          This day had been delayed for weeks. There had been the usual procedural details to work out, but that was not the main cause. It was the war in America.

                          "Damn Ottomans." muttered Louis, thinking about it.

                          There had been a flood of diplomatic messages to deal with, but Louis and Marc Renaud were concerned about having a coronation ceremony when the invasion of a continent was occurring.

                          But they could wait no longer, the people were restless, and besides, the legal coronation had occurred months ago, soon after his return from war. This was the religious and ceremonial coronation.

                          Turning to his wife, and soon to be Queen, Marie-Claire, he smiled and asked "Ready my dear?"

                          She looked back at him and let out a small chuckle. "As ready as I ever will be, my husband the King."

                          Thinking how fortunate he was to have this woman at his side, they proceeded down the aisle of the cathedral.

                          Cardinal Brunet presided over the coronation ceremony, which seemed unduly long to Louis. Then again, he was not one for pomp and circumstance.

                          Following the ceremony in the cathedral was the coronation procession through the streets of Paris. This was Louis' first public function, and he was at first taken aback by the throngs of people waiting outside the cathedral, all of whom broke into delighted applause when Louis appeared wearing his crown. Facing damnanglais grenadiers was less unnerving than this thought Louis.

                          But with Marie-Claire at his side, they waved to the cheering crowd. They climbed into the open carriage, and with an escort of musketeers from Louis' own Royal and Loyal Regiment, the procession started.

                          It was a remarkable day. The people's pent up frustration over the war and the unsatisfactory peace seemed to wash away as the King and Queen wound their way through the streets of Paris. The procession route was jammed with jubilant citizens, some waving French flags, some the old flag of Gaul, and even some with Joan of Arc's ancient coat of arms. Louis was now relaxed and enjoying the experience. He turned to Marie-Claire and gave her a kiss, much to the delight of the crowd.

                          And then he remembered. In less than four hours they had a scheduled meeting with foreign affairs. The Americas. And India. Only his wife noticed the furrow that creased his brow.


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                            Official communiqué of the keeper of the throne of Mali:
                            ras Imru welcomed the coronation of King Louis, Mali wishes him a long and happy reign and to enjoy many children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
                            By Mali reached terrifying rumors so that the Aztecs wanted to invade Africa, if this is true of Mali can only say "there is a God" and he punished now vile Aztecs.the throne of Mali


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                              Public Notice to All Concerned Nations

                              His Majesty Sultan Ahmed V has informed me that he wished in earnest to keep silent on the matter of North America until after it was resolved, but now in the wake of recent developments, most recently the published statement of the Malinese government, the Sultan has finally given his approval for a statement to be issued regarding this affair.

                              Aysecan, Public Relations Minister

                              Honorable Leaders and Governments of the World,

                              I Sultan Ahmed of Turkey humbly come to you to beg your patience and forgiveness for my aggressive actions, which have threatened the fragile peace achieved following the Great War. I further apologize for my silence on the matter which I felt was necessary to accomplish my objective as quickly as possible, with as little interference as possible from uninvolved nations.

                              Let me begin with the most important portion of my address, Turkey's reasons for invading North America. There are two reasons, one primary and one minor. The primary reason for Turkey invading North America was the prevention of the invasion of Africa. More specifically, the Aztecs were planning to invade our allies in Africa, and Turkey launched a pre-emptive invasion of North America to stop them. Azteca may deny this, but the evidence is overwhelming. I have already provided evidence to select parties, and I have more evidence which has not even been released. So far, the invasion has been successful in its intended purpose, and I am ready to withdraw my forces from the North American mainland and return captured Aztec and American cities there.

                              Some months ago, following the Great War, I became aware of an Aztec led plot to invade and conquer Africa. Upon investigation, I determined that the Aztec were amassing an invasion floatilla along with advanced shock troops and Marines armed with Rifles, somewhere in Texas or on the Yucatan peninsula. At the time, my investigators were convinced this was a joint effort on the part of all three North American nations, led by Azteca. Soon after, I recieved word that the invasion was imminent, and swift action was needed to avoid Africa being invaded and conquered.

                              The final straw was when I recieved word that Aztec Caravels were scouting the defenses of the African coast, and had refused multiple demands for them to leave Africa and stop scouting. Azteca refused and lied that they were innocently traveling to India. This was an obvious falsehood, because they were traveling all along the West and South African coast instead of traveling fast in the open sea. Also, they refused to stop scouting, and when they finished, instead of going to the open sea and proceeding to India as they claimed they were doing, they promptly headed back to Azteca. So obviously their intent was to scout the African coast for invasion, not traveling to India.

                              I have a duty to protect my allies in Africa, including my former enemy Israel. I recieved the bulk of their defenses as part of the war settlement and it would be totally irresponsible for me to allow Africa to be invaded, thereby threatening them. I also must protect my allies Mali and Zulu. So Turkey had to act, the only issue was how.

                              Some in my administration suggested that we wait for the invasion to begin. That way we would have political cover, and be able to proudly proclaim that we were 'liberators' defending Africa against aggressive invaders. However, I rejected this approach. I was not willing to use my allies as bait to enhance my own fame and reputation. So I opted for pre-emption, feeling it would be better to be viewed as a villain to keep my friends safe then to sacrifice friends to be seen as a hero.

                              A secondary concern with waiting, was French interference. I was concerned that if the invasion was in Africa, France would jump at the chance to join the war. In fact, given the huge Garrisons France was building in Africa, there was some suspicion in my administration that it was actually France behind the plot, and they were planning to join the Aztecs when they arrived, starting another Great War by proxy as Russia would also be forced to defend Africa. It turned out that my fears were well founded, as France began waging proxy war almost as soon as the conflict in North America began. Even now they are trying to prolong the conflict with "bear's favors" as Catherine calls them.

                              Once pre-emption was preferred, the question became how to proceed. At this point all North American nations were suspects, and we were not certain of the strength and exact location of the invasion forces. My Naval Advisor, Suleiman, therefore determined that the safest way to proceed was to land in America, and feign an invasion there. We would capture Havana, which would enable us to determine where the invasion forces were stationed in Azteca, without exposing our fleet to attack. Suleiman was confident that this would draw out the invasion forces and separate them from the invasion ships as they scrambled to support America.

                              This tactic was a brilliant success, with one unforeseen difficulty. The Aztecs did not declare war when we captured Havana as we expected. Suleiman insisted that we needed to also capture Miami, to expose the Aztec invasion fleet. This is exactly what happened, and our Marines quickly moved into the Yucatan port where the invasion forces were docked, and sank them. All the forces in the city were captured or routed.

                              Having accomplished our goals, I am prepared to submit the final findings of our investigation:
                              1. There was an Aztec plot to invade Africa
                              2. There is no way to say for certain that America was part of it
                              3. It is certain that Natives were not part of it
                              4. There is no way to say for certain whether France was part of it
                              5. France has been supplying arms to America since the War began

                              The main obstacle now to peace being achieved in America, is the looming spectre of French interference. France has no interest here, no allies to protect, no colonies. France's only interest is to make prolonged proxy war by supplying North Americans with weaponry. I call on France to leave this matter as it is nearly settled, peace nearly acheived, save for their interference. Making proxy war on Ottomans through supplying weapons to the North Americans is a violation of the spirit, if not the letter of the Great War treaty.

                              The minor of the two reasons was to address the brutality and human rights abuses being committed in America by the so-called "Happiness Garrisons" this practice is an outrage and should be condemned by all nations. Brute squads should not be employed to suppress populations in this modern era. When a nation has civilized, trained, modern troops at her disposal, she should use these troops to provide real peace and security to her cities, rather than governing her populace with thugs and Brute Squads. This practice of using thugs with knives and battons to suppress citizens, while pooling modern troops into invasion "stacks-of-doom" must stop.

                              Obsolete thugs in control of cities intices invasion, from nations seeking to expand. Concentrating forces undermines peace by necessitating arms races, and fostering suspicion. As "stacks-of-doom" grow larger, suspicion of invasions become more and more legitimate, forcing nations into escalation of arms, making protracted wars more possible and probable. All nations know this to be true. There is a difference between a secure garrison and a provocative Army.

                              So in summation, I call for peace in North America. I have accomplished my goal of pre-emptive neutralization of the Aztec African-invasion force. Their invasion fleet is partially sunk, and their invasion Marines are mostly captured or drowned. I am ready to return the mainland cities to Azteca and America, and I am currently in negotiatons with America over the Caribbean. I ask all nations to refrain from intervention or interference, as peace is at hand, and the involvement of additional nations will simply prolong the conflict and create more destruction and bloodshed.

                              Furthermore, I call on all nations to renounce the use of "Happiness Garrisons" especially to allow the pooling of troops into enormous provocative "stacks-of-doom." Instead I ask all nations to provide their citizens in each city with adequate, modern defence and security forces. This will deter invasions as all cities will be safe and secure. Additionally, this will discourage arms races, which inevitably lead to protracted conflicts and proxy wars, because cities will have modest garrison rather than gigantic armies. We are all guilty of this, myself included. So I ask now that there be no finger pointing on this issue, let us all just strive to do better.

                              Humbly submitted,
                              Ahmed, Sultan
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                                The Royal Palace in Paris

                                Dark clouds rolled past the palace. The weather was unsettled. So was the mood in the room. King Louis and Marc Renaud and a number of senior officials from foreign affairs had just finished a three hour briefing and discussion on current world affairs and the tension that existed.

                                Pushing his chair back, Louis stretched his arms. "Gentlemen. There is still one thing I do not understand."

                                "Sire?" asked Marc Renaud, using the honorific while others were in the room.

                                "In the past we have not publicly responded to the, er, well, the rubbish is all that I can call it, that other nations publicly state. We discuss it here. We correspond with allies. But do we publicly call them on it? No. Why is that?"

                                Marc Renaud gave a slight shrug of the shoulders. "It is a good question, Sire. It has always been our way. Why? I am not completely sure. Your father and your aunt were not that way inclined. And for much of our memorable history, we have been at war. Refuting the obvious lies or half-truths was not a priority. Strategy and war economics were."

                                "Well, the nation's experts on foreign affairs are here in this room now. What do you think? Should we change our approach?"

                                Louis almost regretted raising the matter, as the debate and discussion continued for the next hour and a half. He was hungry and wanted to get back to his wing of the palace and enjoy a glass of wine and some dinner with Marie-Claire. But he had raised the matter, so he stayed attentive and involved.

                                Finally, Marc Renaud summarized the discussion. "So, Sire, gentlemen, we are agreed then. France will take a more overt and public stance in diplomatic debates. We are also agreed that for various good and valid reasons the King should not be the official spokesperson. For now, I will fill that role, but we will also begin the search for a permanent royal spokesperson."

                                In reference to a humorous comment in the recent debate, Marc smiled at the faces around the table."And we are also agreed that Ms. Aysecan of Turkey need not apply." That brought both laughter and closure to the meeting.

                                "Thank you one and all. A very good discussion" stated Louis, rising from his chair and already thinking about that glass of Bordeaux.