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Destiny of Empires [Diplo Game] [Story Thread 10 - July 2011]

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    Originally posted by China (DoE) View Post
    In the interest of regional stability, China is preparing to enforce peace between Japan and India. Asia is in no need of the conflict escalating.

    In order to achieve immediate peace:

    - Japan should compensate India with 500 gold
    - India should guarantee 50 turns of peace to Japan and destroy any Privateers in their waters
    - Both parties should declare peace immediately

    China believes that Japan was wrong in first not attempting to find a peaceful way of gaining island territory. India was wrong to encourage outside parties to join the war and is currently encouraging cowardly and faceless terrorism.

    These terms are but a starting point and both parties are invited to contact Chinese officials to find the best solution. Failure to negotiate in good faith or in a timely fashion may result in direct Chinese involvement to ensure peace. Outside nations are invited to send non-military units to ensure fair and equitable peacekeeping measures by China should this be necessary.
    Japan will honor China's peacekeeping efforts and as such will agree to the terms for peace.


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      Report from the seaside of Calicut

      Japanese blockade ships engaged our fleet at 12:53 India time. Losses taken: 1 Privateer. Sunken enemy ships: 2 Frigates, 2 Ships of the Line. Blockade is broken. Glory to India.


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        At the Aztec court..

        "Dad ?"

        "Yes Xochi ?"

        "Have you heard the news? The Americans have been attacked from across the sea ! There's a war going on.."

        "Well son, the real war hasn't started yet. It's not to late for the Ottomans to withdraw..

        I am confident that they will load their ships and sail back towards the east again.

        I'll make an official communique shortly.."


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          Official Communique of the Camaxtlian Aztecs

          Hereby we ask respectfully of the Ottoman nation from far away across the wide ocean to withdraw from the Americas.

          We are a continent of peaceloving peoples. We like to keep it that way.
          Please spare our northern neighbours, the peace loving, free traders of the United States of America.

          It may not be the greatest nation on earth, but perhaps it will become so in the future.
          Don't destroy their hopes for a bright future.

          With a bleeding heart,


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            Artist impression of Prince Xochi looking like the strong and silent type, with the American Eagle in obvious distress in the background.


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              China thanks Japan for their quick response and wish for peace.

              India hereby has 24 hours to communicate with the Chinese government in regards to their response to the peace terms, failure to do will result in Chinese intervention.

              It has since come to the attention of Chinese officials that India has feigned desire for peace with Japan through peacekeeping efforts by the Russians and used the distraction to kill Japanese troops.

              It has also come to surface that India is employing terrorist Privateer ships, 3 of which are currently being sheltered in their harbors.

              China wishes it to be very clear that any act of aggression on Chinese property by Privateers will be taken as an act of war by India against China.

              The nation of India is hereby forewarned that failure to respond and negotiate in good faith in the next 24 hours will result in Chinese military action, specifically the decimation of all Indian military units, the seizing of cities, and destruction of infrastructure. If India wishes for this to be avoided now is the time to speak. China has been given support for these actions by multiple world powers and will not hesitate to bring a quick end to this war.


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                Public announcement to John D. Rockefeller

                Mr. Rockefeller, a wealthy jew living in Neandor territory, has sent in a bid of 140 gps for the painting of The Mysterious Black Lady by Azlan Lelac.

                As this auction has taken place on the following conditions:
                • Auction will close at June 23th.
                • Payment will be due by June 24th, so this payment is way over it's due date.
                • Payment needs to be relayed via the national Aztec Government, as export of National Arts Treasures is heavily regulated by Aztec Law.

                Sir, you have failed to this day to pay this amount.
                We look sternly upon non compliance.


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                  Appeal to the World

                  Recently India was attacked without provocation or warning. A nation that we freely gave resources, that we helped build a fleet, that we lent units, attacked us rather than pay what they had agreed to in our deals. The Empire of Japan sent Riflemen and Frigates, which they do not have the technology to produce and took India's colonies. Four out of our Ten cities they took. 40% of India they took. Now the tide of war has turned and India has developed and built a fleet to defend itself with. We have a very limited war goal, to regain our colonies, to regain that which we lent Japan, and a compensation for the atrocities they have committed.

                  Now China says that India is not allowed to defend itself. They announce that they will take more of our cities unless we agree to a peace deal that they have suggested. A sum of 500 gold in return for 4 cities. For nearly half of India, for the betrayal by a believed friend, China suggests Japan give 500 gold and keep 40% of our cities.

                  One may ask what interest in this China has? As a nation that has been allied with Japan for 5000 years they have no interest in a just peace or a fair outcome. They wish India crippled and Japan uplifted. They have criticized India for defending itself, while said nothing of Japan's aggression. There can be no doubt that China is not an impartial part in this. If any nation has any sense of justice I ask them to present themselves to negotiate for peace as a neutral third party.

                  India completely rejects China as a mediator as they are hostile to us and have been so for thousands of years, while they have been allies of Japan for the same amount of time.


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                    Root of the Earth sat in deep thought in the cave of his birth. Messengers had brought tidings from abroad of great import. Letters from foreign nations of man-things had been received, with offers of friendship, of help, of... of not really certain what. Spies of The People had returned with word that great wars had been fought over the wide seas, wars of magnitude and power only barely conceivable to him, and only because of the recent development of these weapons called rifles. It was in Root of the Earth's mind that the man-things never wanted something for nothing, that there was always some cunning to anything they offered.

                    And now came word that the man-things to the East, the self-styled "Americans" had been brutally attacked by troops from over the seas, troops that brought with them huge guns, which threw heavy shot long distances, battering down walls and reducing the will to resist. No motive for this attack from abroad was known, no hint of it's likelihood had been blowing in the wind, or murmuring in the rivers. Just like the man-things, thought Root of the Earth, not to be rational, or reasonable.

                    The American man-things had asked for help. Their pitiful pleas had been brought by letter, by diplomat, by refugee. Root of the Earth was unmoved; even if The People were willing to help, there was little they could do. Let the mythical Emperor of the Land Beyond the Narrows do something, for it was whispered that his power was great; certainly he would not accept an incursion into this part of the world which could be used as a base to attack his people. Meanwhile, The People would monitor the situation and prepare what defences they could.

                    Root of the Earth sighed. He saw no point to this attack. Eventually, the invader would find his forces stretched to thin to maintain peace against attack. His troops must cross wide seas to arrive in this part of the world. Attrition, the guerilla attacks of the man-things across the river to the south, the weakening of the forces of these "Turks" in the face of their enemies overseas, all would conspire to bring the effort to naught. The man-things of "America" would pay a heavy price, but these "Turks" would also end up paying an even greater price.

                    Root of the Earth frowned. Obviously, the leader of these "Turks" knew what he did. Something was missing from the puzzle. What motive was involved here? Was it pride? Was it greed? Was it religion? Without knowing the driving force behind the attack, Root of the Earth could not divine a solution. Still, others would be alarmed among the man-things. It was time to see what they thought, what help they could offer. He sighed. There would be a price for this, he knew. Man-things were not, like The People, altruistic. They didn't have the hopes of Coyote in their past, didn't have the dream of perfection as their goal.

                    No matter. What must done, must be done. The People had worked for centuries, millenia to try and reach their goals. This was but a bump. In the end, the goal would be attained. For now, The People must stand up and lead. The man-things would be shown how this development was not in their interest. Yes, appeal to their interests, and all would be well. He stood up and brushed off the dust of the cave by habit. The roots of the earth were a part of him; now they would be his strength, and that of his people.


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                      Russia begs to be struck off a list of the nations to mediate peace because of our current dealings with India.

                      However, Russia always condemned 2vs1 wars. We do desire peace to be obtained between Japan and India, but first a common accepted terms must be set.


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                        Dwight Eisenhower addresses the Nations of the World:

                        It is in our darkest hour that we face you all, without any ulterior motives, without greed, but as fellow men, as humans. As equals.

                        America is at war. We do not know what we have done to deserve this attack by the Ottoman Empire; we have little knowledge of the ways of the world across the ocean.

                        We do not know what drives men to take up arms against those who do not threaten them. We do not know why there are men who covet another man's home. We do not know why there are men who prefer to kill, instead of talk.

                        However, we now know that in this world, nations exist that are compassionate and just. Nations that recognize evil when it rears its ugly head, and will fight to preserve hope and defend against chaos. We salute those nations, and honor them.

                        When we thought light had faded, our brothers became the sun. When we lost our breath out of fear, our brothers became the air. When we thirsted for hope, our brothers became the water. And when we sank to our knees in the mud, our brothers became the earth.

                        We know not whether we will see the light of day again. We know not whether we will look upon the sunrise in the morning and face hope, or whether we will gaze upon the dark clouds of despair.

                        But in this darkest hour, we unexpectedly find hope. Because we now know that there are those who suddenly appear beside us as we walk on this frightful path. Who join us as we march to the unknown.

                        At the time of writing, our capital is surrounded by overwhelming forces. America is about to fall to unprovoked aggression. However, even though America might fall, the enemy has already lost one battle.

                        On the battlefield of honor, America and its allies stand with overwhelming forces, a shining beacon of all that is good and just in this world. Even though the enemy might conquer us in body, they will lose in spirit. And that is the battle that matters most.

                        Nations of the world, we address you all; stand with us on this battlefield. Stand with us as we overlook the fields of honor, and let us carve a path of justice through the wilderness of arrogance and greed.

                        Centuries of war and strife have terrorized your homes and families. Centuries of greed and hubris have shattered the lives and hopes of the common man. All of you must have learned from the past, have seen what havoc unchecked aggression can wreak.

                        You have expelled this demon from your lands, but it has come up from the darkness below, on the other side of the world, and it is now scorching our lands. The lands of peaceful people, people like you.

                        We ask you to take up arms one more time, to defend your world against the taunt of tyranny, the insatiable ire, against the haughtiness of hatred. We ask you to join us, to stand together in spirit. For it is from this spirit that a new world will take shape. Where evil is sowed, men will reap despair. Where hope is planted, men will pluck and share the fruits of happiness.

                        Dwight Eisenhower, General of the American Army.
                        So I go, and do what I can ~ Dwight 'Diplo' Eisenhower


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                          “Hey Sigrún, what do you think of my new bikini?”

                          “It, ah, it looks fine Brynhildr. I hope you aren’t planning on wearing it on the job though.”

                          “Why not?” Brynhildr pouted. “This is the 1730’s after all. This is the style that everyone wears these days.”

                          Sigrún sighed and shook her head, “You are a Valkyrie and Valkyries have a specific type of raiment that we ALL wear on the job.”

                          “We’ve been wearing those outfits for thousands of years Sigrún. I don’t know about you, but mine is so old it chafes. This bikini is much more comfortable. Besides, word came in that I’m being sent to America now, the land of tolerance. They won’t care that I wear this.”

                          “Wait, when did you hear about that? All of the correspondence comes through me and I assign the…I mean Mr. Wednesday assigns the Valkyries to their jobs.”

                          Brynhildr pointed her finger at Sigrún in triumph, “Ah, ha, caught you. I knew it. I KNEW it. I knew you were abusing your position. You were always so mean to me. I know you hate me. But now I have proof. Ha! I’m going to Mr. Wednesday and you’re going to be demoted from head Valkyrie. Maybe they’ll even promote me. And I guarantee that I’m promoted then all the Valkyries will be wearing these new bikinis…even you!”

                          “Wait, Brynhildr, please,” Sigrún bowed her head, “Don’t go to Mr. Wednesday. Please. I…I’m sorry. You’re right I’ve been changing the orders and sending you to the worst places to visit. But please, this is all I have.” A small tear rolled down Sigrún’s cheek.

                          “Why, Sigrún? And what do you mean this is all you have? This is all any of us have. We’re Valkyries. Being a Valkyrie doesn’t mean you have to be a stick in the mud though. Have a little fun now and then.”

                          “I just always wanted the Valkyries to be as they were when I started. There is a certain laxity that has been prevalent in some of the younger Valkyries, like yourself. When I was promoted I was determined to make certain that all of the Valkyries would do their jobs to the best of their abilities. I want them all to BE Valkyries, not party animals like you. That’s why I always gave you the crap jobs like the India/Japan war. I’m sorry. I don’t…hate you. I just don’t really like what you stand for. Please don’t go to Mr. Wednesday.”

                          Brynhildr looked at Sigrún with a pitying expression, “Sorry Sigrún. I do my job very well, and I can still be a raging party animal at night. There is no excuse for what you’ve done. Mr. Wednesday will hear of this.” Brynhildr turned with a flourish and proceeded out the door.

                          Sigrún watched her go. I did it all for the Valkyries. I can’t let that one get her way. Her face set with resolve, Sigrún drew her sword and proceeded out the door after Brynhildr.

                          TO BE CONTINUED


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                            The Daily Turkey

                            Irina, the Accolytes' Leader

                            As the whole world knows by now, the Accolytes 'Queen' was summoned back to Istanbul along with High Messenger Taner. it seems that the High Messenger has resumed his duties without incident... Perhaps the Sultan was pleased with the hefty bounty he recieved as a result of Taner's winning bet on th Aztec Championship hoop match.

                            What nobody knew until now, was how the Sultan would react to finally meeting the legendary beauty, Irina, face to face. Apparently the Sultan was so smitten that he tried to dismiss all of his wives on the spot just to court the irresistable Irina. Thankfully, he was reminded that under Turkish law, wives retain possesion of all of the children they bear, so the Sultan relented.

                            What the Sultan did not relent on, was making Irina, his Principal Wife... in effect, Queen of all Turkey! it is widely rumored that she has the Sultan's ear in all matters, and that she has converted the already sypathetic Sultan completely over to the faith in the Inventor Brahman. The Sultan was always inclined towards the Accolytes, but it seems our Sultan has actually become an Accolyte.

                            Newly crowned Queen Irina

                            The Wedding of the Century!

                            The Sultan and his new bride enjoyed all the pomp and circumstance of a traditional Royal Wedding, drinking French wine, eating Neandish swine, Zulu crab, and shooting off the traditional guns of the Jannisary Corps.

                            The wedding was spectacular, complete with dancers and fireworks and every amusement imaginable... but after the Wedding was over, the Sultan abandoned his wife to their guests and was ushered into private for some urgent international business...

                            We will keep our readers posted on this amazing story...
                            Last edited by Ottoman Empire (DoE); July 16, 2011, 19:04.
                            Mexico Emerges as a New Player on the International Stage - Mexico City Times


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                              It would be better for the Turkish press to keep people apprised of the motivations and response to the massive and unprovoked attack against the American man-things.


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                                Pretty faces hide the ugly face of Ottoman agression..