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Destiny of Empires [Diplo Game] [Story Thread 10 - July 2011]

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  • Official communiqué of the keeper of the throne of Mali:
    Mali agrees with the proposal of the Aztecs and vows that it will comply.
    Mali wants to clarify the following: Mali has a close military alliance with Russia, Turkey and Zulu, if any of those countries attacked - Mali will stand beside her in the fire of war. Mali wants peace.


    • "Well, well, well. What those Aztecs and Americans are up to? They first agree to something when under pressure, then when Russia decrees the Ottomans to leave the American and Azteca cities and the Americans dont feel anymore in danger, they start to change their side of the deals? Is this what they are doing? Do they claim that promises given with a rope around the neck does not count once you feel safe? How opportunistic... But those Americans are trying to annoy me even further by even saying they never knew about my decree? Hows that? Why we make public releases? Are they disrespecting me in principle and dont read what I am releasing, or they had read it and yet they lie they never knew of this my decree?

      Or those Aztecs - first they say they wont sign NAPs, then they state and swear few times there was no any plan on attacking Africa and when the Inca says there was such plans, suddenly the Azteca changes their version 180 degrees and say that they actually lied?

      And they wanted the territorial integrity of the North America to be restored as before the war. When it is delivered by the Turks, now the Azteca demands reparations on top of this? Boris, wasnt my decree the Ottomans to withdraw a mistake? What would have happened if the Ottomans just continued taking North American cities? And what if we release the Ottomans of their liability to not hurt the Americans and the Azteca anymore?

      They shamelessly state that
      We made clear steps toward peace, now we wait to see some steps from you.
      They thank all the nations, but even not mention Russia, which is the only power in the world who made the Turks withdraw and return the captured cities? And what if I grow tired of those Azteca arrogance, dirty tricks and insults to Russia and just send there Russian Infantries? Will they still be so arrogant? Tell me, Boris!"

      "I guess this is rhetorical question, Princess." Boris said uncertain

      "It is rhetorical question, Boris, and stop calling me Princess - I am a Comrade already."

      "In my heart you will be always my Princess, Catherine"

      Despite being mad about those warping Americans and Azteca, Catherine managed an evanescence smile which illuminated her pretty and worried face.


      • First, the Inca go to sleep in about 1.5 hours, so this needs to be resolved by then.

        Second, the Inca feel they were also instrumental in getting the Ottomans to release the Northern cities.

        Third, the Inca only told the English of Aztec interests in invasions because we thought the English might want to assist them in armaments, as we had refused to arm someone for such unjustifiable wars, but thought the English, being traders as well by nature, may have wanted to assist them if the Aztec changed their minds.

        Fourth, we not-so-patiently await an Ottoman response to the issue of reparations. If they can forward a reasonable solution to this issue in the next 90 minutes, we can avoid a declaration of war.


        • Notice to All Concerned Nations:

          The Sultan has approved the following responses-

          To Azteca - There is no "sake of argument" here because there is no argument. Azteca is guilty. Admit this so that negotiations can progress forward. And yes most-assuredly the answers to your so-called "questions" are easy indeed, as the Sultan has already answered them exhaustively in his initial explanations. Refer to the 74th communication this month which you obviously have not read, as you keep asking these so-called 'questions' that the Sultan has already answered.

          Answers to your questions #1, #3, #4 and #5 are in communication #74, as plain as day. Turkish letters are long enough without having to repeat what we have already said.

          For the Answer to question #2, I can answer simply that this demand was a ruse, which worked quite well, as Azteca has pointed out, to expose and draw out the Africa-invasion Force, which they have laughably tried to rebrand the "America Defense Force." Where did Azteca, a supposedly 'peaceful for 1000 years' nation on a 'peaceful for 1000 years continent' get such an enourmous, powerful "America-Defense Force" force so quickly when America was invaded supposedly by suprise?

          What is now obvious to all nations, is that what Azteca did, was turn the soldiers they meant to invade Africa with against Turkey, which is exactly what was intended. All nations could not see your forces, but all nations saw that public statement you issued about how you instantly raised a massive "America Defense Force" out of thin air. In this way, our ruse exposed your African-invasion Army. For proof of this ruse, contact America, as we informed them that the request was a ruse immediately prior to the decimation of your invasion force.

          To England - The Sultan greatly approves of your proposal with very minor adjustments:

          1. Arabia must be included within the NAP. We are sure that this was simply an oversight.

          2. 1000 Gold seems excessive, given the losses sustained by America, some buildings, 2 club-wielding Brutes, 1 Bow-wielding Thug, 2 population levels, 3 if you count the starvation caused by America and Aztecas border pushing against Havana following Turkey returning Miami and Texcoco. Perhaps 150-300 Gold would be more appropriate.

          By way of comparison, France razed three Turkish cities and killed inummerable Turkish Soldiers and ships during the Great War, not to mention all the Turkish citizens that were slaved away to fight France. After all that, France paid only 1000 gold reparations. America lost no cities, no units of value, and very little population. Perhaps America should simply count her blessings and sign the NAPs.

          3. Regardless of what amount is deemed appropriate, it is Azteca, not Turkey who must pay the reparations to America. This is only fair and just. Consider the logic. Azteca has been found guilty by a majority of those expressing an opinion, therefore Azteca is responsible for the Turkish invasion, and if America is indeed innocent, then Azteca is responsible for America's suffering and therefore it is Azteca who owes America reparations, both to America and to Turkey.

          4. Azteca must give up all the Frigates not just some. This costs Azteca nothing, as all their Frigates are gifts from France. Azteca obtained these ships under false pretenses, that they were innocent and were being attacked without cause. They must not be allowed to profit from their deception.

          As has been explained, Havana was necessary to destroy the Aztecs invasion force, and a simple Open Border arrangement would have risked the possibility of being expelled by cancellation. Declaring War for Passage would have denied Turkish access to the port, which was vital for the operation to work.

          To Inca - You are correct of course that "clear majority" means over half. What I should have said is "clear majority of those who have expressed an opinion" which would exclude those who have not spoken or those who are undecided. The Sultan has already scolded me for this semantic error and I offer my personal apologies to Inca.

          Turkey means no disrespect to Inca on the issue of mediation, however, Azteca's guilt is obvious, and unquestionable within all bounds of reason. All peace negotiations must be based on this incontrovertable fact. If a nation is undecided on the truth of this, they cannot conduct fair negotiations, because negotiations must begin on a foundation of truth.

          Finally, it does not seem your deadline can be met, as Turkey must act after Azteca. Also, many nations have yet to decide on Azteca guilt, and fair negotiations hinge upon each nation who is offering solutions to publicly declare their opinon of Azteca guilt. How can fair solutions be proposed by nations who have not decided this issue? We apologize for this inconvenience. We have however spoken to the issue of reparations as you requested, as you can see above. Azteca must pay reparations not Turkey.

          Please note that the Malinese acceptance of the Azteca NAP seems to be conditioned on Azteca accepting NAPs with Turkey, Russia & Zulu as well. So I believe that this issue is as-yet unsettled.

          Taner, on behalf of the Sultan
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          • We have come to a decision!

            But the emperor insists on sleeping on it.


            • Comrade Catherine is leaving to a international party on posh place with exotic dancers and so on but also wants to sleep, as she was sleeping the last week barely 4 hours a night, having to work a lot in her office and to add to this, last night she spent drinking at a midnight swimming pool party with topless chicks (thanks God minister Ozzie wasnt around) till 5.00 AM and then in 7 AM waked up and worked all day long at her office and now she had to take care of all this diplomacy instead of sleeping couple of hours before the party and is very, very fractious for those double-dealers the Americans and the Aztecs who actually lost the war, but are using Catherine's reputation to gain advantage and increasing their demands over time. Not to mention the already known liars the Aztecs and their wannabe-conquerors ambitions while pretending to be victims. She is issuing orders for adding another 20 divisions to the existing 20 divisions Chukotka group of armies to be at hand just in case her irritation becomes worst and she is too tired to fight with words.


              • Notice to France:

                I apologize to be making such an offer publicly, but the Sultan felt it was the only way for France to be certain that there was no deception involved. The Sultan is willing to continue discussion in private if the King Louis deems it appropriate.

                Simply put:
                If France recalls ALL her ships from Azteca and America, without any exception whatsoever, and directs the Azteca and the America to immediately surrender all formerly French vessels to Turkey, Turkey will sail these vessels directly back to France and return them to France.

                The reason Turkey insists on recieving the vessels rather than them being returned directly, is to be absolutely sure that they are all returned to France, and none are redirected back to North America in transit. Obviously, France would never agree to such a thing if she still believed Azteca to be innocent, but if France has been persuaded of Azteca's guilt, or has questions about it, then perhaps France no longer wishes to be tangled in this affair.

                Finally, the Sultan congratulates Louis on his formal coronation, apologizes for not doing so sooner, and expresses regret if the Sultan's business has in any way dampened what should have been a joyous occasion.
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                • A public announcement:
                  To the world,

                  After much consideration, and after hearing evidence on the matter of Aztec invasion plans, the rationales of the various actors, and the defenses of others, plus seeing the events and statements as this crisis has unfolded, we have come to the following decision.

                  Inca will remain militarily neutral for now. We find that the Ottomans have, in returning land to the Americans and Aztec, been gracious victors. We still feel that the Americans must be compensated monetarily. We offer that the Ottomans pay the Americans 300 gold, and Inca will chip in a further 300 gold for reconstruction. Indeed, Inca had nothing to do with this war, but we do not wish to see our neighbors so crippled, and know that the Ottomans will not agree to reconstruction of 600 gold. We hope that with Inca voluntarily chipping in 300 gold, that they will see the wisdom of such benevolence and good deeds. Inca will also promise to assist America in constructing a proper defensive force and response network in her cities and to connect them to Aztec cities with Inca railroads.

                  To the Aztecs, we are still not wholly convinced on their culpability, yet now that we have privately been shown further evidence, we find it also too great to dismiss the Ottoman-Malian story. It appears very likely that such an invasion was imminent, and so we are effectively washing our hands of this complicated affair. We don't know for sure, but last minute evidence has passed the standards of "reasonable likelihood", and so we will step back from the brink.

                  That said, should the Ottomans continue to take cities or blockade cities, Inca will be forced yet again into the situation. Do note that we still stand by our decision that no reparations should be paid by the Aztecs, nor troops given to the Ottomans, but it is not something we are now willing to go to war over, given our current beliefs.

                  We ask that the Ottomans immediately sign an NAP with America for a term of no less than 65 turnings. We ask that all foreign navies exit the Leftsea immediately, and allow the area to return to a state of peace and the placid, emerald waters they have been since the Beginning.



                  • We don't sign NAPs when forced by a blade.
                    We do sign NAPs out of free will.

                    We don't react on decrees.
                    We do believe in making treaties and talking and being reasonable, even with enemies.

                    We don't believe that the bully gets all.
                    We do believe that chivalry, honesty and justice go furthest.

                    We don't believe in playing tricks on people.
                    We do believe in sticking up for our friends.


                    • To the Aztecs, we are still not wholly convinced on their culpability, yet now that we have privately been shown further evidence, we find it also too great to dismiss the Ottoman-Malian story. It appears very likely that such an invasion was imminent, and so we are effectively washing our hands of this complicated affair. We don't know for sure, but last minute evidence has passed the standards of "reasonable likelihood", and so we will step back from the brink.
                      Could the Inca's please reveal this evidence they have received.
                      As this clearly is fabricated.


                      • We were directed to keep the evidence secret, so we will not reveal it. We will just say that the evidence we have been presented with, when compared to what we have seen in the war, leads us to believe that the Ottoman story, while not certain, is likely enough to justify this.

                        If the persons who gave us evidence would like to present it to the Aztecs, let them do so.


                        • If this 'evidence' esists it would be very damaging for us Aztecs.
                          Thus, the other side should be very willing to reveal it.

                          So, let this 'evidence' be revealed.


                          • After numerous Aztec statements that such plan for invading Africa never existed, and after their arrogant provoking, I am revealing personal correspondence which otherwise I would have kept for myself.

                            Here it is:

                            Now, Azteca liars, do apology to me in person and to the world community for your lies and duplicity.


                            • Public Notice:

                              Upon the forced public release of the despicable plots of the Azteca, all Nations can now see plainly the peril that the defenseless nations of Africa are in. This news was in fact far worse than we feared. Not only do Aztecs intend to invade Zulu, but they fully intend to conquer Mali and Israel as well. Turkey's hand is forced, and the Sultan has turned complete control of Military operations over to Cheif Naval Advisor Suleiman until further notice. He will now speak for Turkey until this matter is resolved.

                              Additionally, now that such scurrilous and outrageous lies have been exposed. It is impossible to trust the Aztecs word. There can be no promises Azteca can make that Turkey can accept as truth. Complete disarmament of Azteca is the only solution Turkey can accept, and we will accomplish this by force without hesitation.

                              Please be on notice that all peace offers from Turkey to Azteca and America are hereby revoked.

                              I release the following statement by Cheif Naval Advisor Suleiman

                              I am Suleiman The Magnificent, sacker of Miami, sacker of Texcoco, sacker of Havana.

                              America is given 24 hours to renounce the Aztec liars and sign the original NAP presented by Turkey. Furthermore, America must Open Borders and allow Turkey to fully protect Africa. America must close borders with Azteca and France, to deny Azteca French reinforcements. Failure to do so will be considered willfully aiding and abetting the Azteca plot against Africa.

                              If America does not comply, be forewarned, that as soon as the Peace Treaty with America expires, America will be treated as one and the same with Azteca. We were fools to let Russia and Inca persuade us to show you mercy. This mistake shall not be repeated. America, you complained once that you recieved no notice, no warning of what was to come. You have been warned now.

                              Be it known that effective immediately, a permanent state of WAR TO THE DEATH will exist between Turkey and Azteca, and their supporters. There will be no further negotiations. Additional warships have been dispatched to North America, with the purpose of razing every captured Aztec city to the ground.

                              All nations who support Azteca will be declared enemies of Africa and enemies of Turkey, and War will be immediately declared upon them, and their cities will be razed to the ground without mercy.

                              To escape this fate Azteca must immediately offer their unconditional surrender, and turn over all Frigates, Rifles and Galleons to Turkey as well as any and All units recieved from France. This is not negotiable. Admissions of guilt are irrelevant. Apologies are irrelevant. Diplomatic offices to Azteca are closed. We do not hear your lies any longer. Your words are dust to us. The only action we will trust is the surrender of your armaments.

                              I am Suleiman the Magnificent, and my word is my word. Prepare your children for the long journey to the afterlife. I am Suleiman.

                              Suleiman, Cheif Naval Advisor of Turkey
                              To France, Suleiman has been reminded that our pre-existing Great War treaty exempts you from this blanket declaration. As you well know, Suleiman can be rather spirited in his public addresses. The Sultan gives his assurances that Suleiman will not violate our treaties, other than that, he is now Interim Supreme Commander, as this is a primarily Naval operation, and Jamal is on sabbatical.

                              Taner, High Messenger to Sultan Ahmed V
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                              • In the Indian Office for Foreign Affairs

                                Ambassador Elect Bagaramihn, we bring a new report. It seems that no nations have responded to our call for mediation in the Indian conflict. Some sympathize with us, but do not dare speak out, others are apparently too concerned with their own affairs. In sum, India stands alone, as we have in effect always done. We have analysis of the Japanese fleet which consists of Incan and English ships which we present to you in this sealed folder for your own evaluation.

                                In effect, India fights alone while Japan is supported by Inca, England and China. Our greatest concern is of course the latter of these which continue to threaten invasion if we do not completely dismantle our defences and agree to an unacceptable peace. My advice is that we continue our defensive war against Japan and avoid Chinese troops and waters. As long as we do so China has no reason to attack India. If they attacked us without provocation, it would undoubtedly result in a considerable loss of prestige for them to attack such a small and weak nation and make it clear that the Japanese are in fact puppets of China.