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New server, take two

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    Yeah I never delete individual posts.. I just hit a lovely 'ban user and remove all their posts' button in the bb forum admin settings and it all gets done in one hit. As yeah chasing down individual posts would take forever and they'll keep coming unless the user is completely deleted/banned.

    Hope you or one of the other admins here can find the options for restricting new members and making sign ups harder.. otherwise it'll just get worse now that you're being targetted.


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      I too delete "all" posts by user. Unfortunately, the software gets a little weird when you try deleting multiple users in the same thread at the same time. Some times you can, and other times, you have do it individually from the last post moving backwards. What a pain in the....
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        Google Webmaster Tools for Apolyton may be compromised? This may mean the server has also been compromised?
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          None of my other sites have had this problem, so I don't think it's my Google account. I have been removed from Apolyton Webmaster Tools account so can't check what is going on.

          Usually WMT site ownership is verified with a file in the root directory of the site. But can also be via an html code.
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            I'll check if something's wrong sever-side, but I don't have any WMT set up myself, I believe.

            Yet another ****-up in the VB code of course:
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