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    Scott, on the map you forgot my half of Chad and the Central African Republic.
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      OOC: Hans, the Ariete has already been in production IRL for several years...

      IC: The SAK wishes to inquire of Italy whether it can buy 500 Ariete tanks to be produced in Italy.


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        *****CNN NEWS*******
        Reporter: Ladies and gentlemen we have just recieved this late breaking post. The soverign nations of South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland,and Madagascar have all united in a common stance. Fearfull of being swallowed up in this world of huge nations and constant warfare they have signed a bill to unite the land under the powerfull leadership of EX Nigerian General and president Richard Bull. Mr Bull gave a short speach today saying,
        " All i desire is peace and prosperity for my people. As many people know South africa was the richest nation in africa. In fact the stock exchange was one of the ten largest in the world. Today our four nations have united. We hope that soon we can bring all of our people up to a good standard of living and we plan to put logs on the fire of our economy so that it burns bright and grows stronger. Our military will expand as well. Today we have just started plans to increase our army to 256000 men, our navy to 154000, and our air force to 110000, finally our marines shall number 50000. The primary target for hirings will be those which are in good health yet unemployed. In order to facilitate these changes the government will put a 10% tax on all luxury iteams( such as gold & diamonds) and a 5% import tax on any nations goods which seem indiffernt or hostile to us. Finally all the assets of former corrupt leaders shall be siezed and redistibuted. Their ill goten gains game from the people and we intend that the people should get them back. WE also wish all nations of the world peace and hope that you will rapidly accept us into the community of nations. Any trade will be accepted and all peace and alliance offers will be taken very seriously. Thank you. No Questions"


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          The Polynesian Coalition warns Argentina about blockading Cape Horn with their fleet. If the blockade is not removed, we shall make the required actions to remove it ourself. We are also sure that many other nations join us of this crusade against your megalomania. We hoped that 1982 taught you what will happen after such foolishness.

          Also, we tell the Chilean government that no alliances are made until the Argentinian blockade is removed. This was a hint.
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            OOC: All I can say is wow. Just sad. Really.

            Hodad, HsFB:

            Okay, I am saying this once, and once only. If you ever start posting in these unrealistic ways, you are out. As of now whichever one of you is claiming the "new sea mining technique" and new fighter does not have it. As I made an example of with Peru, you must put time into designing and building new military vehicles. The mining technique is rather worthless, anything South America could think up would probably be more than easy for 1st World countries to clear with minesweepers and minedestroyers. I suggest you drop it and not dump funds into something like that.

            And you do not have the Panama Canal, or New Zealand. I think New Zealand would most likely win against the Chilean Navy, they have bought several advanced ships from Australia and the US.

            Polaris, Bill3000:

            I'll say it simply. You don't have Africa. It is still open. Except for the land Germany and the UK have, which was taken before I said no more imperialism.

            Now, I have a bad case of the flu, so Scott is almightmy moderator for a day or two. If I missed anything in this post, he can cover it. And post semi-realisticly. This doesn't have to be as bad as that WW3 thread, but just happening to stumble upon a new fighter design and spending no time on it is not going to go far here.
            "When you tell people where to go, but not where to get there, you'll be amazed at the results."
            - General George S. Patton


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              The USSR WILL continue to fight. As we have stated before, we have not done anything wrong. We have not attacked Germany, they attacked us. As for hosting the Polish renegades, it was looked upon as an act of solidarity at the time. Any country with a moral would do the same. As for terrorism, one can only draw conclusions in one direction when it comes to the mystical sinkings of several ships in the North Sea. Who is now the terrorist? And before any of you say "Ahem, remember the Reichstag?", I say that we are both terrorists. We out of necessity, Germany because they could. I will also take this to the UN and plead my cause for the Security Counsil. I hereby also plead my cause to all of the other countries in the world for help or sympathy. This is David versus Goliath, and if we have any hope whatsoever to survive, we need help.
              Lo there do I see my father
              Lo there do I see my mother
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              Lo there do I see the line of my people
              back to the begining
              Lo they do call to me
              They bid me take my place among them
              in the Halls of Valhalla
              where the brave may live forever


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                Headlines in Der Spiegel:
                German Troops enter Belgium at request of Belgian government:
                German troops have entered Belgium, after that nation reportedly requested their presence from the German Empire in fear of the NSF. Belgium is to be integrated into the German Empire as a state, with all of the privileges and rights involved in such an action. Rumors of blackmail and coercion are hotly denied by the German government.
                Siege of Bergen continues:
                German troops have continued to lay siege to the city of Bergen. Despite continuous bombing raids and artillery bombardment, the Scandinavian forces within the city refuse to surrender. German field commanders expect that the city will fall within two weeks time. The remnants of the Scandinavian government are holed up in Bergen and Helsinki. They will soon be in German hands.
                German forces occupy all of Panama:
                After the threat of attack by the Chileans, the Panamanian government has agreed to become a German colony to avoid having to fear such future attacks. German troops will be used to protect Panama. The Panama Canal shall remain open to all nations, unless they are under an embargo by the United Nations.
                -Uprisings in Venezuelan highlands brutally crushed, leaders to be put on trial.
                -North and Norwegian Sea Oil Fields now all under German control.
                -Jan Mayen and Aland Islands seized.
                -Safety concerns close Stuttgart high speed rail line.

                Stuff that would not appear in a newspaper (and that you do not know about):
                -Full production begins on Sino-German tank.
                -The first four of the Bismarck-class guided missile battlecruisers enter service.
                -Two modified and advanced Los Angeles-class submarine clones enter service. First of the new submarine fleet.
                -These six new warships have about a month's worth of rushed trials behind them, the Bismarck's trials are still continuing.
                -Details on both the Bismarcks and the tank design coming soon.
                -Six German modified and advanced Los-Angeles-class attack submarines put to sea for unknown destinations.

                In Scandinavia:
                With now nearly complete air superiority and the enemy fleeing in chaos, the German Army has reached the south bank of the Lule River. The Lotofen Islands have been seized by paratroops. Many criminal Polish forces in the area were captured or killed while putting up fierce resistance. Scattered resistance remains along the mountainous spine of Norway. Forces have been dispatched for mop up, and it is anticipated that the last resistance pockets will be crushed within two weeks. German commanders now estimate that the war will be over within a matter of weeks. To this end, several divisions have been sent back to Germany proper to have their loses replenished. Much of the occupied areas of Scandinavia are still intact, despite the efforts of their fleeing military to reduce their nation to ruin. Their retreat has been too chaotic for their to be any organized resistance to the German Army or for there to be any organized scorched earth policy.

                In the Svalbard Islands:
                German forces have arrived on the islands and have encountered fierce resistance. Opposition is crumbling under constant missile attacks from warships and the continuous advance of the paratroops. The islands should be in German control within two weeks.

                Dispatches from the Foreign Office:
                To Britain:
                We will gladly join you in your space plan program.
                To Greater Arabia:
                You are pleasantly reminded that your license to build Leopard II tanks does not permit you to export them to other nations.
                To Chile and Argentina:
                End the blockade of Cape Horn. We will participate in the 3 scimitars oil embargo. You shall not receive oil from Venezuela or from the North Sea fields.
                To Neo-Spartan Federation:
                Welcome to the world. We offer a nonaggression treaty and a trade pact.
                To South Africa:
                Welcome to the global community. We offer a nonaggression treaty and a trade pact.
                To Russia:
                We request commencement of talks for the partitioning and division of post-war Scandinavia. We may be reached at the ICQ hotel at Berlin.
                To Scandinavia:
                Hand over the Poles. They can be sent either to us or to a neutral third party nation. We will then be willing to commence negotiations to end this senseless strife that the Poles have brought between us.
                To the world:
                Fortunately whoever sank the Polish forces did not resort to killing civilians. The Polish fleet was a renegade military remnant of a nation with whom the German Empire was at war. Germany has not resorted to killing civilians in the Scandinavia or occupied Poland in revenge for the terrorism against German civilians who were murdered in the Reichstag attack. German military commanders have repeatedly requested permission to bomb Scandinavian refugee camps and strafe refugee convoys. These requests have been denied. We will not stoop to their level. Scandinavia had ample opportunity to send the Polish renegades to a neutral nation where they would stand trial. They did not take this action. A trial was all that was requested by the German government. They repeatedly stalled and refused.
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                  Poland and Baltic States
                  Thousands upon thousands gavered in Vilinius, Warsaw and Riga and other towns, protesting German Imperialism and asking for independence from the German Occupants. When the German Troops arrived, most of them went home in fear of death. The ones that remained and threw molotov cocktails were arrested.
                  All over the East of GE&EC (huh huh, get it? Geek!) 7,032 people were arrested 67 shot while only 12 soldiers were killed.
                  This incident has angered many. What will happen? It looks like a large uprising will follow...

                  It is rumoured, that when the Polish Army surrendered, many veterans went home to wait for a signal to start an uprising... It appears that now these brave men will fight for freedom once again...

                  Northern Scandinavia
                  "The *******s are attacking our base..."
                  "Yep, we're in deep **** now. The Colonel ordered retreat it appears we're pinned down."
                  The two soldiers sat in their fortified mountaineous trenches shooting at some vague sylouettes in the dark when their Captain, a great commander decided there was only one way to win. A loose everything or win little situation. He ordered the banner to be lifted. His men heard the drummer who played extremely loud. 5,000 skirmished troops where ordered to charge. Something that hasn't been done for a long time.
                  "Captain, you sure?"
                  "Have you ever heard of Cavalry Charges during ww2?"
                  "Yes... they were stupid weren't they?"
                  "No, Corporal, your ignorance makes me sick. Cavalry Charges never took place. It's a myth and german propaganda. But, it is well known that Cavaliers often outflanked german tanks, who had their engines on the outside. With a slash from a sword, they could disable the machine. Extreme Bravery. Not numbers, technology or any other bull. We will win because we are patriots, and brave."
                  Inspiring his other men, he ordered them to charge.
                  Even though under the cover of night many died during the skirmish. But when they finally got to the other side, with no remorse did they slice Germans with their Electric Bayonnets on their T1 Harpoons. Disabline artillery pieces one by one.
                  Roughly, under about 2 hours every single Lisovite was dead or injured.

                  News of this event brought hope to everyone. Extreme courage and bravery showed by the Lisovites made people think once more, that with sheer will they can win...

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                    OOC - greetings all, allow me to add my cheery nation to the ranks of the world. Can't we all just get along?


                    BBC World News
                    Tyranny and oppression grip South Africa once more

                    In a move of unparalleled aggression and hatred the caucasian populace of South Africa has risen up and cast off the yoke of black rule in a nation that the whites consider their own.

                    Rumours of the white underground resistance movement gaining strength and numbers in the recent years have been confirmed as well over 100,000 armed whites marched upon Cape Town and executed the entire Parliament and all government officials. Their forces consisted of enlisted military, police, militias, and other vigilantes and para-military groups.

                    As we speak, Cape Town is under the firm control of the rebel forces, which have issued an open statement declaring the "South African Democratic Republic" as the new power within South Africa.

                    Although little is known about the new regime, they have made it quite clear that no outside interference in South African affairs will be tolerated. In addition, members of the military who refuse to swear allegiance to the new administration are being summarily executed. Such brutality has indeed plunged South Africa once again into the heart of darkness...


                    From: South African Democratic Republic (SADR)
                    To: All nations

                    Let it be known that from this day forth the rightful owners of South Africa have taken control of her noble shores once more. Though we wish only the best of relations with all other nations, we cannot at this time tolerate any interference whatsoever in our domestic affairs.

                    As such, we have no choice other than to have a total media blackout. No world media will be allowed onto South African soil until such time that our new nation is able to stand on her own two feet securely planted on the ground. What goes on in South Africa is no one's business except South Africans.

                    We wish the best to all of you.


                    After purging all disloyal elements, the South African army, navy and air force is once again on full alert, and at full strength. All reserves are being called up for active duty and new recruits are being pumped through training at top priority. The entire armed forces will be mobilised within a matter of weeks.

                    On the monetary side, the entire South African economy is being retooled and signs are showing that the nation is being equipped for a state of TOTAL WAR. All consumer production is being halted and vital industries such as steel, coal, and most manufacturing are being placed under government control.
                    "Christ died for our sins. Dare we make his martyrdom meaningless by not committing them?"
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                      OOC - oh and one more question... is this as good as W99 was?
                      (anyone can answer that question, I just want an honest response)
                      "Christ died for our sins. Dare we make his martyrdom meaningless by not committing them?"
                      -- Jules Feiffer


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                        CW News for March 15-30 2001

                        CW Demands Blockade Cease!! Argentina and Chile are urged to cease aggressive ways before April 1 2001.

                        CW Continues War Production and Industrial Expansion...Factories open in Pennsylvania and western Virginia.

                        CW Begins Research on Jet Fighter and Army Tank...Oak Ridge bustling with activity.

                        CW Wars Again!! Seeing the change of leadership in France, we declare war on France to eliminate the last bastion of European Tyranny on the continent!!

                        March 20, 2001

                        CW units, moblized on the Quebecois border, moved into Quebec with fury. The CW 1st through 5th army grouped near Ottawa advanced towards Montreal, but troops placed defensively by the last administration immediately resisted the CW advance. By the end of the first week, Montreal was in CW hands but the troops had bogged down 10 miles north of the city in fierce fighting.
                        In the west, the 1st and 2nd Shock armies advanced from Cochrane ontario into western Quebec. Taschereau fell quickly, but resistance increased as the armies advanced. After 2 weeks of fighting, the CW troops bogged down in Senneterre and Chibougamau.
                        In the air, CW fighters attacked Quebecois positions and transportation centers similar to their Ontario campaign. Montreal was severely ravaged by bombings and Quebec city was bombed nightly, although civilian targets were not selected, many were inadvertantly damaged or destroyed in teh severity of the attacks.
                        At sea, CW High Seas units, some still training in the North And Baltic Seas, are currently blockading France and capturing the French Merchant Marine. Submarines from the CW are en route to France where they will bolster the blockading units already in place. A noose has been fitted around the French and soon it will be tightened in our glorious campaign to eliminate the spectre of European Tyranny!!

                        To Argentina and Chile: We urge you to back down in South America...We will stand in unison with the British and smash your forces...we will use our impressive naval forces to smash anything you can put to sea...we urge you to back down immediately!!

                        To China: We agree with your ultimatum on Argentina and Chile and we hope the situation resolves itself without warfare but you need not worry, should war ensue, we will crush the insolent nations utterly!!

                        TO UDSA: We agree to your PAN AMERICAN ALLIANCE and we hope our nations prosper because of this agreement!!

                        To France: We Demand that you remove your troops from Quebec immediately. We will continue fighting until you surrender your colony and let it be independent amongst the nations of the world!! Do not think you can defeat our forces, after all we took on the British and won, so surrender immediately!!

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                        We all know what Sodomy is, but does anyone actually know what Gomorrahmy is? I heard that bible thumpers are nazi hillbillies from Arkansas who crossbred with Martha Stewart and are also the gay lovechildren of Andy Warhol and Godzilla...but i cant remember where...oh wait Satan told me that at my Satan Church "Brainwash Children to be Homosexuals" Convention!


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                          TO Germany: We urgently urgently need to speak to you about a matter of international security. Please contact us as soon as possible!!
                          We all know what Sodomy is, but does anyone actually know what Gomorrahmy is? I heard that bible thumpers are nazi hillbillies from Arkansas who crossbred with Martha Stewart and are also the gay lovechildren of Andy Warhol and Godzilla...but i cant remember where...oh wait Satan told me that at my Satan Church "Brainwash Children to be Homosexuals" Convention!


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                            OOC - I'm told South Africa is already taken. So please disregard my last post. Null and void. I withdraw from the thread.
                            (goddam... that was a quick episode of my story threading career)
                            See y'all!
                            "Christ died for our sins. Dare we make his martyrdom meaningless by not committing them?"
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                              I don't want to talk anymore in OOC. Just, you guys that are playing with me, just make sure Scott F is fair to me. He seems to think in a strange way, that he isn't allowed to loose yet others are and his "I have more tanks than you, therefore it is only logical for me to win" philosophy isn' the most realisitic
                              The North of Norway is an excellent land for partizan warfare, at which my guys are specialists.

                              Mountains of Viking Land
                              A platoon of LMF commandos looked from their concealed positions over on a road. It was a small convoy. Probably a supply convoy. Few Armoured vehicules and lotsa trucks.
                              "Fire the mortars simultaneously, then take them over there" the commander pointed at a place 300 meters away.
                              "We will change our positions every 10 minutes so that they will think there are more of us..."
                              This tactic seemed to work, untill the unknown German got irritated and ordered his tanks to go up close to the woods and shoot as much lead in them as they could.
                              This tactic naturally caused great damage throughout the small platoon.
                              Schulz, one of few that remained, knew he couldn't get out of this one... in one piece.
                              He used a kamikaze sort of tactic walking up to the two tanks from his concealed position, being a demolition expert, he wired everything he could onto himself and bravely sacrificed his life, taking with him the crew of an armor.

                              Germans meet with such ressistance everywhere. Except that not always was in so deastating for the Lisovites. The Viet Cong type tactics seem to work for now as Thousands of people would sacrifice their life for beloved Norway

                              To: The Italian President
                              From: Lisovite and Scandinavian officials.

                              We wish you help us in this war in any way. The people near the Baltic and in Poland are unhappy. Protests, strikes and the sort are everywhere. It seems that all we need for an uprising to start are weapons.
                              Of course if you are not ready for such commitment, political help would be nice.

                              To: United Kindgom of Great Britain
                              From: Lisovite and Scandinavian officials.

                              We need help. In any way. The Germans are getting extremely powerful and to cheeky from day to day.

                              To: Former Franco Spain
                              From: Lisovite and Scandinavian officials.

                              We wonder how you stand in this conflict. We ask you to support our cause. Your Neighbours are no doubt Imperialistic in thought and action. We know that their western border is not well guarded, since the old French government had really good ties with the GE&EC, but maybe these have changed?

                              International Journalists have been reporting the German War Machines are beginning to run out of fuel. Since Norway provieded Germany most of her oil. Captured Norwegion Oil Rigs were destroyed beyond repair by evacuating Scandinavian personell.

                              German tanks have become easier prey for the partizan like Lisovites since Fuel Saving days have began.

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                              Jools Weevil Jr.
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                                Now that the peacekeeping mission in Somalia has been successfull, plans have been launched to intervene in Chad, where a failed coup has led to civil unrest and rebellious uprisings in the north and the southwest. A full scale civil war has not yet started, but tribalism and ethnic and religious intolerance may lead to that. Greater Arabia has massed five of its Corps in Western Sudan, namely the II Sudan Corps, the II Royal Saudi Corps, the I Qatari Bahraini Corps, the I Royal Oman Corps and the I Yemenite Corps, and it is expected that they will try to bring peace to their muslim brethren again. Three frigates, twelve missile corvettes and several amphibious landing craft have left Dammam, and have sailed in the direction of the Gulf of Oman, final destination unknown.