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Big Huge War Thread: Part VI

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    just because it's unclaimed doesn't mean you can walk over them. New Zealand is has a technologically advanced armed forces, and their navy will show up. Using the moderator's absense to invade is not a good way to endear yourself. You can have the island, just be more realistic. Taking the island without any resistance is beyond unrealistic. As Sigma pointed out, your troops can't land without landing craft, which you don't have, so you'd have to take a port, which you can't do because of new zealand's defenses. at least post a few battles before you take it all over and allow other posters to respond (such as Sigma, who I'm sure feels very threatened with you in New Zealand)

    BTW, Polaris, why doesn't this thread have a name? Like the last one was "March Madness", this is nothing?
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      Venezuela was an error, the real thing was Equador.
      I bombed Quito.
      I am sorry about Panama, the troops are removed.
      The blockade on Cape Horn continues.

      SCOTT F, Argentina needs help against the British, please?

      What about New Zealand.
      See ya tomorrow or wednesday or thursday.


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        To: All Nations of the World
        From: ICE

        It seems that Argentina has decided to blockade Cape Horn. We cannot allow this. Cape Horn is a waterway and is therefore free under international law. Let us join together and issue an ultimatum to Argentina that either they free Cape Horn or suffer. How dare they presume to blockade waterways.


        OOC: No way Argentina has the power to blockade anything, especially not while in a standoff with the British.
        Who wants DVDs? Good prices! I swear!


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          100,000 Additional British soldiers disembarked today to reinforce the 1,500 man garrison in the Falklands and the South sandwich and South Georgia islands due to Argentine threats of "liberation." Additional transports left Britain today carring 150 Crusader tanks to reinforce the 100 already present. 50 Tanks are expected to be shipped by Hercules transports. HMS Invincible left with 2 Ticonderoga class Aegis cruisers from a resupply point in the friendly port of Lagos, Nigeria. The UK is determnined to stand fast in the defense of the islands which are predominatly british in ethnicity


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            Greater Arabia fully supports the UK in this dispute, and advises Argentina and Chile to drop their claim on the Falklands and remove the blockade at Cape Horn.

            Greater Arabia has announced that at the moment, 1152 people who have been active in the Somalian civil war will be tried before a war tribunal, to be set up in Sana. Charges vary from rape, torture and illegal possession of weapons to crimes against humanity and genocide. Still, some 48 people are still not arrested, amongst them mostly high figures in the major clans that terrorized Somalia. The II Yemen Corps will now be returned to Yemen, while the I Yemen Corps and the I Somaliland corps will remain in Somalia to stabilize the situation.

            OOC: Moderator, make a final decision on Africa, please. I'm not sure on the status of Chad and a lot of other african nations, and until then, I can't post anything relevant to them.
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              OOC: (must post here w/map) Scott, you once again forgot many of my African territories.


              If China were to go to war, India WILL follow.
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                OIL EMBARGO!

                Today, in response to Argentina and Chile blockading Cape Horn, all 3 Scimitar of the East nations agreed via a secret meeting at the ICQ Hotel in Ankara to declare an oil embargo on those countries.

                OOC: Basically this is VERY bad for you, the vast majority of the world's oil resides in our three countries. You will only be able to get little oil, which you need lots of to fight a war, and the price of oil weill be extremely exorbirant.


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                  Oops, and I forgot:

                  From: CRME
                  To: CW

                  We agree to your proposal, you may build a military base in Northeastern Turkey by the Black Sea.


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                    A couple weeks ago, there was a referendum in the UDSA protectorites if they should fully unite into the UDSA as 3 more states. here are the results:

                    New Bruinswick:
                    Yes: 65%
                    No: 35%

                    Nova Scotia:
                    Yes: 57%
                    No: 43%

                    Prince Edward Island:
                    Yes: 81%
                    No: 19 %

                    All three of the protectorites were annexed today into the UDSA as the states of New Bruinswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island. In P.E.I. , a naval base is being set up to house the UDSA Navy that is being built.

                    In other news, Waterbury has been fully repopulated. A memorial was placed in the city square to honor those that have died in the Waterbury Massicre.

                    To UK
                    From UDSA:

                    Make sure that there will be not another Waterbury Massicre. That is all we have to say.

                    To CW and CTA:
                    Our offer still holds to form a Pan-North American Alliance.

                    To Neo-Spartan Federation:

                    Welcome to the world! We would like to sign a peace treaty.
                    "Compromises are not always good things. If one guy wants to drill a five-inch hole in the bottom of your life boat, and the other person doesn't, a compromise of a two-inch hole is still stupid." - chegitz guevara
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                    Jasonian22: Bill, you are STILL young and stupid."

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                      African Imperialism allowed!? Woo-hoo!

                      Well, Scott, that means put Liberia the UDSA color again!
                      "Compromises are not always good things. If one guy wants to drill a five-inch hole in the bottom of your life boat, and the other person doesn't, a compromise of a two-inch hole is still stupid." - chegitz guevara
                      "Bill3000: The United Demesos? Boy, I was young and stupid back then.
                      Jasonian22: Bill, you are STILL young and stupid."

                      "is it normal to imaginne dartrh vader and myself in a tjhreee way with some hot chick? i'ts always been my fantasy" - Dis


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                        OOC: If someone already has the Spratlys, then ignore the first part of this post.
                        And will anyone please respond to my weapon offers? Its a chance to make some money...

                        SAK Marines Land on Spratly Islands!
                        Yesterday the 1st Marine Regiment landed upon various islets of the Spratly Islands, proclaiming them part of the SAK.

                        "The claim of the former state of Vietnam has been realized," His Majesty stated in a public broadcast. "The addition of these small islands, while inconsequential in terms of land area, are enormous in terms of oil and mineral wealth. These islands and the resources that lie within them will be one of the keys to improving the economic situation of our nation."

                        OOC: I also found out that Bangkok has small dockyards as well...


                        Construction Begins to Rebuild SAK fleet!
                        Noting the lack of international interest in construction ships for the SAK, a long term goal has been announced; the construction of 4 homebuilt destroyers, and 10 hoembuilt frigates along the lines of the La Fayette stealth frigate designs sold to Taiwan in the late 1990s...
                        This entire programme is expected to take two years...

                        Expansion of the dockyards at Bangkok is also planned... It is hoped in three years to have a large enoguh warship dockyard at Bangkok to build vessels in teh range of 40,000 tons...


                        PRIVATE COMMUNIQUE:

                        To: China, India, Polynesia, Japan
                        From: SAK

                        We propose the formal establishment of an Far Eastern Alliance, to further cement the bonds between our nations.
                        We propose:
                        1.) Defensive Military ALlinace
                        2.) Reduced tariffs upon imports in this alliance
                        3.) To be named: East Asian Defense Group
                        (Unless someone else can think of a better name...)

                        We hope that you will consider our offer carefully.


                        His Highness the King of SAK

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                          From: King Fahd of Greater Arabia
                          To: His Majesty B.T. of the SAK
                          Well, Greater Arabia has the following equipment for sale:

                          - 800 T-62 MBT's
                          - 200 T-72 MBT's
                          - 280 T-59 MBT's
                          - 350 T-55/54 MBT's
                          - 350 AMX-30 MBT's

                          We currently are outphasing these tanks with Leopard II's, so they are not very expensive, but if you make a sufficiently high bid for more modern tanks (M60A3, Leclerc, Leopard II, M1A1), we can sell them to you as well.


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                            OOC u-I'd be happy to take over Franco-Spain. Thanks for the oppurtunity!

                            IC:Franco-Spain Elects New Leader
                            In the recent elections held in Franco-Spain, challenger Ryan Ridero defeated current President Du Chateau. Ridero had announced he intends to increase Franco-Spain's stature in the world and withdraw from much of Franco Spain's burdenous (OOC:Is that a word? burdenful maybe?) African territory. It seems that the people agreed with Ridero's promises and wanted to see a new order for the nation...

                            Franco-Spain Consolidates African Territory
                            Today in a move that shocked most of the world, Ridero announced the beginning of his "crusade against imperialism." He withdrew the protectorate status of all of Franco-Spanish Africa except for Algeria and Morocco (Western Sahara is still Franco-Spanish.) He also announced Algeria and Morocco were becoming equal areas of Franco-Spain, granting Algerian and Moroccan citizens the right to vote in all elections.
                            Over 1 million Franco-Spanish citizens have applied for rights to emigrate to Franco-Spanish Africa...

                            Name Change
                            The name of the country has officially been changed to the Neo-Spartan Federation, or NSF.

                            Naval Reconstruction Begun
                            In order to rebild the French navy after much was sold during the reign of Du Chateau, construction has begun on 3 carriers, 15 submarines, 20 AEGIS cruisers, 25 AEGIS destroyers, and 20 frigates. This is expected to take approximately a year and a half.

                            Secret To Italy:The Ridero administration sympathises greatly with your nation. While Corsica and Savoy (OOC:Not Saxony, which is in Germany) have been Italian states in the past, they have not been ethnically or linguistically Italian since the time of the Romans. You must have known when you acquired these territories you would be ruling over Frenchmen. We cannot, however, justify in any way your loss of Greece and Cyprus to the CRME. If you require any assisstance in militarilly reclaiming these lands, do not be afraid to ask.
                            Also, would you consider signing an alliance with the NSF and Germany if they agree?

                            To Germany:Would you agree to an alliance with the NSF and Italy if they agree?

                            To Britain:We are very sorry to hear that Argentina is once again attempting to "reclaim" the Falklands for themselves. We would like to offer your nation one Carrier Group to help you repluse their invasion.
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                              To SAK:

                              Agreed. The military alliance should prove useful for rebuilding your military...

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                                The SAK and Franco-Spain have recently concluded an arms deal. 500 Leclerc tanks will be built for the SAK by France over the next three months.

                                In return, the SAK will pay off the cost of these tanks over this year and next...