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Big Huge War Thread: Part VI

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  • This is going to be a short IC post.

    To Brazil - We agree to cross train with your troops in Uruguay. Also Chile and Argentina wil be regarded by a suspicious eye by us and our people. We are sending some of our best military researchers to help you with the Wulfgar project. May our alliance live forever.

    To UDSA - We retract our decleration of war and apologize for any hard feelings. Please excuse our misunderstanding that you were helping the evil CW.

    To CTA - Enough of this war. We retract our delceration and apologize. (OOC - JT how can Hodad just parachute a few troops into Ecuador and take the country when I've been hammering away with ground assault for about a month game time? I request a mod decision).

    To Chile - Your days are numbered.


    • Mod Stuff: Bearcat, JT3 has the flu, so I have to be mod and get flamed instead. I missed that Chile took Ecuador like that. It is revoked. Never happened.

      It requires substantial training to create paratroops, and Chile has no paratroops in real life, and in thread time would not have long enough to train them. Anyone can paradrop from a airplane, and some can even land safely, but doing it with a hundred pounds of equipment on their backs is another matter entirely. I doubt you could paradrop enough troops to take all of Ecuador like that either.

      It will take more than one post to take New Zealand too. Especially with the Royal Navy to help defend the islands. Chile is welcome to try to attack again if they want, but it will take many posts and there will be heavy Chilean losses.

      If Chile wants to complain about this, they should do it in the OOC thread or by email, so as not to clutter up our wonderful thread. I will ignore commentary made here.


      • To: Germany

        Your 5 Oscar-IIs will be delivered within 3 weeks. You now have production rights for the SS-N-19 Shipwreck anti-shipping missile.

        To: CRME

        Did you wish to purchase 1000 T-80s?

        To: Napoleon

        What nation do you represent and what exactly did you want to buy?

        The Conquest of Finland has been completed with a massive assault on the remaining city of Helsinki. Lisovite soldiers defended to the last and fought with passion, but it was not enough.

        Army Group North has turned to the sea to complete the Conquest of Norway. USSR army groups are being attacked around the clock with cluster and napalm munitions. The recent release of 400,000 soldiers from the Eastern theater thanks to an agreement with China has meant that 200,000 additional soldiers will arrive at the front within the week. These soldiers are front-line class A units with a years worth of battle training experience.

        In addition, Neo Soviet air forces in the area are expected to triple.

        With these forces arrives the feared Spetznaz commandos to root out Partisan activity centers.

        In technology news, the T-100 edges closer to production with the completion of the engine technology. The T-100 is expected to achieve 50mph off-road and 65mph on-road.

        Also, a new Russian submarine project has been announced. Because of the high demand for Oscar-type vessels, Russia has begun work on the Oscar-III class vessel.

        Preliminary designs have increased carrying capacity for the SS-N-19 to 34 units. In addition, space for 8 SS-N-9 SSM missiles has been provided.

        Extra quieting will be added to make this submarine as stealthy as the Akula-II project.


        • Iraniaq Buy Rights to LeopardIs
          Today, President Shabaz has announced that the rights ro produce the LeopardI MBT have been aquired from Germany, in exchange for $5 billion worth of oil and natural gas. Already, and order has been made for 50, and completion is expected in several weeks. This is a huge step forward for the modernization of the Iraniaqi military.
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          • Map for new thread page:


            • CW News April 16-30 2001

              CW rebuilds from Quebec campaign...Quebec reconstruction underway...CW allows Franco Spain unlimited time to withdraw forces and refugees

              CW Vanguard Base construction continues in Iraniraq...Civilian quarters complete

              CW Atlantic Fleet under repairs in Norfolk and Newport News

              CW Rebuilds underground rail network through Dayton...Dayton to become National Park and Memorial to Disaster Victims

              CW scientists arrive in China and Germany for Sub Research...Germany buys 1 Sub for research efforts

              TO Germany: The offer of the Seawolf sub and the 24 B52 bombers is acceptable. We hope this solidifies our alliance to further heights!!

              To China: Our fleet is en route and should be in the China Sea momentarily!!

              To UK: We support you in any way you need it!! We will not tolerate these insolent little countries dictating terms on us bigger nations whom i have called the lords of the earth on occasion...if you strike them down we will not complain and we may enforce them...also whatever help you need in Ireland is granted upon request!!

              To Peru: We support any campaign to annihilate the Chileans and the Argentinians and we will offer what aid we can with our depleted Caribbean Fleet and Caribbean Armies!

              To Brazil: We offer our support in any campaign to annihilate the Chileans and the Argentinians to the last man. WE will contribute what we can with our nearby forces for this effort!!
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              • To CW - Thank you for your support and kind words. We apologize for the misunderstanding between our nations over your short war with the UK. We were simply trying to aid our friends. Hopefully we can improve our relations in the future. We would also ask a favor, please impress upon the UDSA our current desire for a cease fire. Seeings that we have retracted our decleration of war.

                To Chile - We see no reason to make peace with your insidious regime.

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                • Italy has declared war on Franco Spain. In a statement from Rome the Prime Minister was quoted as saying, "Gaul shall pay for their insolence. Savoy and Corsica, which are rightfuly ours, shall be wrested from their clutches."
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                  A high powered sniper rifle: $1000
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                  • The German Empire shall act in accordance with its alliance with the heroic nation of Italy. The German Empire will not stand by while the Neo-Spartan Federation continues to defile lands that are rightfully Italian. From this moment forward a state of war shall exist between the German Empire and the Neo-Spartan Federation.

                    *Top Secret Dispatch*
                    Encryption Status: Maximum
                    Encryption Method: Amgine
                    From: German General Staff
                    To: German Field Commanders
                    Re: Case Yellow
                    Text: Execute Case Yellow. Destroy and jam primary enemy communication systems. Eliminate SAM and radar positions. Destroy Spartan Air Force. Northern Panzer spearheads encircle Paris and cut off Army Group North. Southern Panzer spearheads encircle and cut off Army Group Center.
                    *End Top Secret Dispatch*

                    (OOC: The great irony of this is that when Spartan controlled Italy, he all but shattered the military forces of Franco-Spain.)

                    The military situation in the former areas of Franco-Spain was poor. Franco-Spain had fought and lost a war with Italy and suffered high casualties. With much of their fleet and air forces, along with many of their tanks sold thereafter, the armed forces of the Neo-Spartan Federation were in dire need of improvement. Moral was very low in the ranks of the NSF, after their government sold out the French-speaking population of Quebec. The leadership of the NSF had come to realize these facts, but their realization would come too late to help them. The Neo-Spartan Federation was to fall victim to one of the most advanced, well trained, and largest field armies on earth.

                    Case Yellow, the German Empire's plan for an invasion of France, had been designed around attacking a force substantially larger than the armed forces fielded by the NSF. Case Yellow was an ambitious plan. In the event of war with France, the Germans would take much the same route that they had taken in their past two efforts to invade France. They would go through Belgium and Luxembourg. Fortunately, German diplomats had already managed to gain Belgian approval for this operation, a task which was not difficult given that Germany controlled Belgium. The attack was ambitious, but would hardly be difficult, given the pathetic situation of the military forces of the NSF.

                    Even in peacetime, the NSF, and Franco-Spain before them had deployed their armies on their eastern border. The NSF had divided its eastern army forces into three groups, Army Group North, which sat along the former Belgian border, Army Group Center, which sat on the former German and Swiss borders, and Army Group South, which was stationed on the Italian border. To make matters worse, communication between the three army groups was hampered by the large mutual dislike that each army group commander had for the others.

                    Case Yellow, the German invasion of France, took full advantage of the disagreement between the various French commanders. The German plan called for pushing through the French lines in the areas where the zones under the control of the various Army Groups came together. Given the German ability to field more armored divisions and in much greater concentrations, punching through the enemy lines would not prove difficult.

                    Just in case of Russian treachery, the Germans planned to keep a sizeable force on their eastern border.

                    With their invasion plans prepared and their forces in place, the German Army began to move...
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                    • With all forces in place, 300,000 ground troops and 600 tanks blitzed across the French/Italian border. Their goal was clear, Marseilles. Beliguered French troops are having a difficult time holding back the better armed Italian forces.

                      In Algeria the situation is not much different. 225,000 ground troops and 200 tanks began an offensive along the coast from Tunisia. The rather small French African garrison reeled back from the assualt.

                      Reports from the front are vague as to what has been captured.

                      Will post more tommorrow, burned out.
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                      A plane ticket to Afghanistan: $800
                      A high powered sniper rifle: $1000
                      A hotel with accessible roof and visibility: $100
                      A shot at the head of a piece of **** like Osama bin Laden: Priceless. For everything else there's Master card.


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