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Big Huge War Thread: Part VI

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    Chile and Argentina are happy to announce that all their army consists of volunteers.

    we helped chile with the invation of new zealand and are in current control of the north island.

    to Napoleon:
    if you wish to help us finish off with english imperialism, i offer you lands on the north island of new zealand for a combined air, sea and land base.
    Indifference is Bliss


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      Originally posted by Hodad on 03-20-2000 04:10 PM
      Latest News!
      CS Hodad escorted by 30 patrol boats arrived yesterday in New Zealand, which has successfully been occupied by Chilean and Argentine troops.
      The north island goes to Argentina and the South goes to Chile.

      What? Where did that come from? Did I miss a few posts? No fighting? The New Zealanders just gave up? Moderator!

      (sorry, might have missed a few posts, but I don't remember that)
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        Dear Mao:
        support from 15.000 argentine paratoopers helps?
        (the Aerolineas Argentinas planes are great)
        after i set up the communist regime, standard of living gradually went up in argentina.
        i control every industry and commerce in the country.
        Indifference is Bliss


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          OOC: You said you occupied the islands. I assumed that meant your forces had invaded. But since you were in your farm, i'll recount my liberation. Therefore, your forces are just offshore with my garrison of the islands being 1,500 troops. But 100,000 troops from the canadian campaign are due to arrive anyday escorted by 2 Trafalgers, 1 astute, 3 Emeralds, 7 type 23 frigates, 2 type 42 destroyers, 1 fleet carrier, 1 light carrier(illustrious), and HMS Ocean with is half amphibous transport and half helicopter carrier which is now carrying harriers. Ocean has 6 harriers, Illustrious has 20 Harriers, and the Fury has whatever the standard load for a Nimitz class is. I doubt your pilots can out turn SAMs as most sams can do more than the Human max tolerance of 9g's. You might be able to out do the harriers but can you out fight them and teh sea wolves at the same time? Last time around the sea wolves kicked ass.... Lastly, i do not doubt your ability to raise a million men. But i have naval superiority and can/will destroy any and all landing craft long before the hit the shores.


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            Doesn't new zealand seem as a country of minor partisans that is simply not tamed?
            Or does it actually have military capability?
            I, mean, no one controlling it seems as if they are extremely weak.
            In any case, we did fight minor skirmishes that have not been announced yet, casualties will be announced tomorrow.
            We did attack with what Valdivians we had (which are highly trained in Guerrilla Warfare) and managed to occupy both islands with help from Argentina.
            Oh, wait: High Command informs me that out of 7000 Valdivians 738 are dead, 240 wounded and 490 are missing.
            Our blitzkrieg was impressive.
            We now control all but the central areas of both islands.
            Plus, the Cruiser supplied naval bombardment and a squadron loaned by Argentina is providing air support.


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              I don't believe this...
              [This message has been edited by Hodad (edited March 20, 2000).]


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                To Germany, China, and Franco-Spain,

                What say you on the joint XR-33 project?(reusable space transport than doesn't need a rocket)

                To CW,

                We would like the plans for or any B-1B's or B-2's you could spare.


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                  To Lord Sigma

                  OK, how fast can 100 shipyarsds pump out ships if they are provided with enough raw materials, machinery and even more guys if money is not a factor?

                  there's my fleet, and i didn't bother building transports, the civil transports used to cross Buenos Aires-Uruguay can be used to carry tanks AND men. Paratroopers can be thrown out of Boeing planes with practically no modification.

                  besides, my dear friends of chile can lend me some of their 500 planes... and they have their own fleet.
                  Emp. Charly I
                  Indifference is Bliss


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                    Oh, and Mao, 250 planes that were a present from JT3 were deployed in Easter Island, from where an attack wave was launched on New Zealand.

                    To JT3:
                    **secret and encrypted message**
                    I beseech you to help our comrade Argentina, for she is threatened by the English.
                    **to anyone else reads as**
                    Hello piggy wiggle granny was pianist arm of riddle blasting looney sandbag.


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                      To: England
                      From: ICE

                      We would be delighted to join in on your newest space project.

                      OOC: Hodad, it would help to post the battles rather than just saying "I arrive and defeat all of New Zealand". New Zealand isn't a pushover either, with much equipment from the commonwealth. and did you give a justification for attacking or just "oh, we don't like them"? and only two weeks for a campaign like that? new zealand's navy isn't horrible, and, with all due respect, your militaries couldn't exactly make the best invasion forces especially with no troop transports (sure, you can convert tankers, bu tthey would just be shot to hell)
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                        OOC: Extremely fast actually, but if you control all industries and use them for war then your economy will go downhill reel fast.

                        Civilian transports can be really handy. In fact most of the troop ships i have coming are civilian transports. But civilian transports have no landing craft and therfore no way to land troops without a port facility(unless they jump out and swim which can be hard with 100lb of gear) So you'd have to capture port stanley to land with civilian transports. i on the other hand have HMS ocean and illustrious to provide landing craft and helos.....

                        Paratroopers will be handy unless those pesky Starsteak shoulder held sams hit the aircraft or they meet up with an F-18 which with multipe carriers is likely to happen.


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                          To THE REST OF THE WORLD:
                          Goodbye, see you on Thursday.
                          Don't mess my country up.
                          No invading armies are admitted till then.
                          And the countries that wish to use the Panama Canal or Cape Horn can deliver blue prints of any new technology.
                          Mail complaints or

                          President of the Socio-Democratic Republic of Chile.
                          e-mail treaties to


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                            Will you damn people read the past threads???

                            Germany has already occupied Panama, to protect the independence of the canal.

                            Hodad, do not attack Venezuela. It is under German control. Columbia is a German protectorate. Germany is at war with Scandinavia, as is Russia. An alliance with them would mean war with the both of us. After this has been settled, we may want that base in New Zealand.

                            Map for new thread page:


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                              you control panama? really? and do you mean just use the canal for military purposes or for anything? in which case, we'd have to declare or condemn you for interfering with international trade. same goes for cape horn

                              To: World
                              From: ICE

                              If the Panama Canal and Cape Horn are cut off from trade, we must act. This blatant act of piracy must not go unpunished. They cannot control waterways and have absolutely no right to them.
                              Who wants DVDs? Good prices! I swear!


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                                Mao, here's the deal, till now no New Zealand navy has shown up.
                                If the moderator's fleet shows up, then we'll talk. For now, the country is ours, we have landed and control the coastline, and have at least the eastern one secured.
                                And who's moderator by the way?
                                And I like New Zealand because I can occupy and control the south Pacific.
                                And because it remains unclaimed.