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    Corps III-XIV have moved to the northwest of our portion of Chad in Africa. Citizens were awed at the new power held in the province...

    Funding Towards Greater Indian Africa

    Bharat announced today that he will NOT stand for India being labeled an antagonist! He has declared a portion of military funding to be used to buy schools, hospitals, rebuilding roads, railroads, and many other things in the next year for Africa. The citizens for Africa heard a speach given by their new governor that things will change, and their lives will become better under the Greater Indian flag. They cheered, and left content with their new rulers. So far our portion of Kenya, its homes, are beginning to imrpove. It is not a large portion of funds, but it is sufficient to imrpove the lives of many African people.
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      To: SAK
      From: ICE

      You have some nerve attacking our Spartley Islands and then offering an alliance! Would you please give a justification for taking them or we will retaliate. Please exaplain your actions, I thought we were allies?


      The recently formed First Expeditionary Army is being put on alert if the Spartely Islands situation escalates.
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        Bill3000, I think I speak for the entire thread that polling in NPC nations is just plain lame...

        NOT A SINGLE nation in this world would join another nation through a poll, NOT ONE. That is why they are independent. It is the whole principle.
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          Map for new thread page:


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            The final assault on Kabul is launched; the Afghans are very ill-prepared for such a battle. Wave after wave of perfectly-placed airstrikes pound the city. Only 5 aircraft have been reported down. Column after column of armored units roll over what is left of the oppostion after the bombing. Only 21 tanks are reported lost. All in all, just 358 causaulties have been confirmed on the side of Iraniaq, compared to the nearly 4000 on the side of Afghanistan, mostly civilians. Most other opposing soldeirs have simply given up, joining the force that they believe to be unstoppable. It certainly looked that way, and this amazing blitzkrieg will surley keep at least a few local warlords in line, for the time being...

            To: CW
            We're pleased to hear we'll be getting a fresh shipment of 150 M1s soon; this will bolster our military by some degree. And we welcome as well the opporutunity for your engineers to construct a base on our soil. This is becoming Iraniaq's main attraction! But we like the jobs such bases create for the locals, so it doesn't bother us.
            However, we'd still love to make a deal for the 300 M60s and 50 F14s you proposed to us earlier, but had to cancel. Can this be arranged?

            With the conquest of all non-aligned nations complete in their immediate area, the question remains: What path is Iraniaq going to take now? President Shabaz has this to say:

            Children of Allah, after a great series of battles in which we have emerged victorious, Mother Iraniaq now has several questions staring at her; the most important one being: What now? Well, I can say that your government will decrease the level of military readiness slightly, increasing the standard of living for yourselves. Rationing will be reduced, and extensive trade will be taken up with the international community to get what we desire in a peaceful manner. Better roads and factories will be built in Iraniaq, and more valuable resources are being searched for as I speak. How much the net value of all the oil laying beneath us is beyond our imagination. That is why I am going to devote much additional funding to these efforts. I am determined to make Iraniaq an economic superpower, and we've already won half the battle.
            Also, I'm forming a task force to be sent to the newly-aquired regions of Iraniaq to teach the natives the Iraniaqi way of life. We must fully integrate all our peoples, and see each other as one nationality: Iraniaqi. I trust all my fellow Iraniaqis-by-blood fully support this movement.
            That, my friends, is just a small sample of the things I have planned for our great nation now that the Wars are over. Soon we shall achieve our full glory, alongside our eternal allies of the Three Scimitars of the East. I, as you should be, am very excited about our future. That is all.

            With that being said, Iraniaq's true future shall soon be seen...
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              Work in the Royal shipyards of the two Britanized Nimitz class carriers is proceeding steadily. The first of the class is to be called HMS Intrigue and the second HMS Invulnerable

              In a surprise move, Sigma Draconis has gotten passed a bill allowing homosexual unions. While not to be called marraiges, they have the same benefits. He said that it was time for discrimination and prejudice to come to an end. Legalized prostitution and drugs are not expected to follow.

              To UDSA,

              There cannot be another Waterbury massacre as you are not involved in this war. We must however war you, if any other the people from former canada are harmed or slaughtered, you will have hell to pay!(CTA approval needed for this of course )

              To NSF:

              Thank you for the carrier group, it shall be put to immediate use. What say you on the XR-33 proposal?

              To SAK,

              We would gladly build a couple of destroyers for you. In the meantime we could offer you one of our 3 Boxer class frigates for whatever reasonable price you name.(offer available to all nations we are not at war with or have recently been at war with)

              To all nations,

              The following equipment is for sale

              Boxer Class Frigates
              L85 individual weapons
              Challenger II's
              Panavia Tornado's
              and we could construct Sea Harriers or Harrier GR7's for any interested parties.


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                OOC: Mao, didn't you see the OOC comment before it?

                Please read more carefully!


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                  OOC: Sorry, BT, I'm going blind (note the ray bans on the smiley), ignore my post.

                  To: SAK
                  From: ICE

                  Alliance agreed! Let there be an Asia for Asians!

                  OOC: I proposed this already didn't I?
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                    damnit, forgot the ray bans. Anyway, still ignore my post before about mobilizing the 1st expeditionary army and my communique to you condemning you.
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                      $300 million for the three frigates?

                      Could you possibly build 2 destroyers for us as well?


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                        New Alliance Formed! :

                        Today is a glorious day for the people of Greece, as the CMRE has just agreed to hand Greece over back to it's rightful Italian rulers. In exchange, Italy has recognzied the CRME as the ruler of Cyprus, and granted the CRME production rights for the Euro-Fighter. Production of the Euro-Fighter in the CRME is to soon begin. Furthermore, the nations of Germany, Italy, and the CRME have agreed to a new alliance which will be known as the Central Powers. This alliance will include virtually demilitarized borders and free trade.


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                          Today the Russian budget of $768,341,000,000 was split up among the major sections of government for the Year 2001-2002 financial budget.

                          The military received 14% of this ammount, or roughly $107 Billion. 25% of this will be spent on procurement, or $36.75 Billion, an extra $10 billion was awarded from funds obtained by foreign purchases of equipment.

                          Specific purchases already allotted for was the production of 500 T-90 tanks and a trial run of 1000 T-100 tanks when design is complete. Also in the plan was the alotment of funds for 8 new Akula II attack submarines. Funds for 200 M.42 fighters were also provided, in addition to funds for 50 S-38 bombers. This leaves roughly $11.5 Billion in free purchase funds.

                          To: Iraniaq
                          We could see releasing 1000 T-80s to you immediately for the sum of $10 Billion. They would arrive wihtin 2 weeks of the fund transfer.

                          To: CRME

                          Your request of 8 Victor IIIs has been confirmed. They are being driven to your ports. Thankyou for your patronage.

                          To: All nations
                          We are offering $15 Billion for the secret of Chobbam.


                          After a week of heavy artillery, motar, and air attack, Neo-Soviet Forces began their drive into USSR territory. Two paratroop divisions made drops into Ivalo with heavy support from Ka-50 and Ka-52 helicopter aircraft.

                          Finnish air defenses had been taken care of in the past week by low level helicopter and S-37 raids. The Berkut aircraft was not only a great fighter, but also a great wild weasel at low levels.

                          After securing Ivalo, the go-ahead was given to two Russian army groups to perform a pincer movement. A third dashed acrost the southern portions of Finland and quickly captured Kotka on the border.

                          The Middle and Norther groups continued unimpeded and by the middle of the week had drawn a line connecting Lakselv,Norway--Ivalo,Finland--Kemijarvi--Kaajani--and all the way to Joensuu.

                          Fighting has bogged down in the southern group around Porvoo outside the provincial capital of Helsinki.

                          More paratrooper drops during that night secured the island of Ahvenanmaa.

                          (Secretly) troops have begun ferrying to German portions of Sweden to stage an amphibious landing at another point in time...

                          [[At sea]]

                          The Oscars operating in cohort with 4 Victor IIIs scored a major victory that night. They had caught a Scandanavian flotilla entering port. The transports were no match for the 6,000 pound warheads of the Shipwreck missiles, and the escorts could do little more than be target practice. One Oscar emptied her entire rack of missiles. At first count, at least 14 transports and 3 escorts had been sunk.

                          TOTAL CASUALTIES THUS FAR

                          Soviet (est): 14,000
                          Scandanavian: 17,000
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                            To: CRME

                            Thankyou for your purchase of 2 Oscar II class SSGNs. They are also being driven to your ports.
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                              MBT Project Cancelled, Ariet Enters full Production

                              The Ariete MBT has entered full production. Two hundred have already been produced. Fifty will be produced every month from now on.
                              Ariete Specs
                              A plane ticket to Afghanistan: $800
                              A high powered sniper rifle: $1000
                              A hotel with accessible roof and visibility: $100
                              A shot at the head of a piece of **** like Osama bin Laden: Priceless. For everything else there's Master card.


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                                The CRME would also like to notify that it has bought 1000 T-72's.