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La Fayette: Last post: 06-10-2005 09:44

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  • La Fayette: Last post: 06-10-2005 09:44

    We are awaiting soon La Fayette will become another member of Apolytoners' Hall Of Fame who is coming from the Civ2 community. Unfortunately he wasn't able to wait until the end of the voting:

    an e-mail from Philippe Baise:

    This is not Michel here but his son.

    My father died yesterday afternoon from brain cancer.

    I know he enjoyed playing with you, and as I don't know how you all correspond on the Apolyton and CivFanatics sites, I thought you could relay the news there to those he knew and who care.


    Philippe Baise

    If you forgot to consult any strategy or idea, any game or any turn with La Fayette this is the last place where you can do it.
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    My condolences to Philippe.

    This makes me very sad. This dear friend, La Fayette, who we came to admire and love through our shared enjoyment of Civ2, was a rare gentleman who always encouraged and went out of his to be helpful. He had a deep understanding of the fine points of the game and was ever on the lookout for a new scenerio to challenge himself with and enjoy. He will be missed by many, many folk who never actually met him, but, nevertheless, counted him as a true friend.

    This day has been dreaded since early last year when he privately shared the news of his cancer. As ever he was positive and spoke of beating the odds; and in the following months continued to Civ and contribute to these boards. When his name stopped showing up in October...well, let's just say I am glad his ordeal is over. This is a great loss for our community.

    Peace be with you, Michel
    so long and thanks for all the fish


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      That is absolutely horrible news. Please let his son know that Lafayette had a great many friends here. I for one appreciated his wit and dry sense of humor, and only wish I had known him "for real". If possible, please pass along my condolences and those of the MANY others who will be posting here.
      To La Fayette, as fine a gentleman as ever trod the Halls of Apolyton

      From what I understand of that Civ game of yours, it's all about launching one's own spaceship before the others do. So this is no big news after all: my father just beat you all to the stars once more. - Philippe Baise


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        My prayers go out to his family...

        He will be missed by this community!
        Keep on Civin'
        RIP rah, Tony Bogey & Baron O


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          I'm sorry to hear of this. Hopefully his passing was not painful for him and he had time to say all he needed/wanted to his loved ones. My prays go with the family he has left behind.
          Try for discussion and debate.


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            I'm so sorry to hear this. I hope La Fayette is now in a better place, free from pain and fear.

            My condolences to Philippe, and to the rest of this fine poster's family and friends. You will be in my thoughts.

            While I did not post lately in this forum, I was here enough to recognize La Fayette for the brilliant player and strategist that he was. I will miss his presence here, and the advice he shared so willingly.

            In closing, it brings tears to my eyes thinking that he was so considerate that he made sure we would be given these terrible tidings.



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              La Fayette was a great player and many of his posts were inspiring. He was the poet of Civ2; one of the people that made these forums fun. I will miss him here and at CFC, where he played GOTMs regularly until last Fall.


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                We played the WWII scenario as the underdog civs, trying to win with them as fast as possible. In the end, I think he beat all of my records.

                He was a great civer, and most assuredly a great man.

                Rest in Peace, La Fayette.
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                    I didn't know him, but my condolences to his family. RIP.
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                      Oh, this is horrible.

                      La Fayette always put up with my horrible french and helped me correct the multitude of errors I made.

                      As the records will show I have voted for him in every election into the hall of fame, as a tribute for all the kindnesses he showed me.

                      RIP La Fayette, and may you be in a better place today.
                      Scouse Git (2) La Fayette Adam Smith Solomwi and Loinburger will not be forgotten.
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                        R I P

                        Peace to your family

                        Hi, I'm RAH and I'm a Benaholic.-rah


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                          Very sad news.

                          You will be missed, mon ami.


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                            We will meet, but we will miss him.
                            There will be one empty chair.

                            Our community has lost a valued member.

                            RJM at Sleeper's
                            Fill me with the old familiar juice


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                              I didn't know him, but I wish to extend my condolences to his family and his friends, including those here at Apolyton.
                              Tecumseh's Village, Home of Fine Civilization Scenarios