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La Fayette: Last post: 06-10-2005 09:44

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    Sad news indeed. My condolances go to his friends and family. May he rest in peace.
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      My condolences.
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        As my ally in a PBeM game he'd confided that he had cancer. I suspected his condition had worsened in recent months. Many prayers for his family in this time of grief.

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        La Fayette
        Never one to waste his time in flame wars and endless OT trivia. Like his namesake, a gentleman and Anglo/Ameri-phile. A true joy in play.

        The heart of this Civ2 community is struck again, a fell blow...
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          Originally posted by Straybow
          Like his namesake, a gentleman and Anglo/Ameri-phile. A true joy in play.
          His English was, and remains, excellent, and the newer players seeking sound advice need look no further than his posts here.


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            Of course I informed Philippe that I established this thread so it is likely Philippe /la fayette's family will read it. And I will ask him about the grave but I think it is better to do it after 1-2 weeks when his frame of mind will be more stabilized.

            In case you had a closer relation with la fayette and you would like to contact Philippe directly: he sent me his announcement from La Fayette's e-mail. Probably he uses this e-mail address to contact some of La Fayette's friends. So if you want to contact him directly and especially if you need an answer you can simply try to write an e-mail to La Fayette.
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              Though I didn't know him, my condolences to his family. Judging by everyone else's reaction, it appears I missed speaking to a very fine gentleman.


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                My Condolences to all people close to him.

                R.I.P La Fayette
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                  goodbye forever man, me being on the civ2 forums was a long time ago but still; goodbye
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                    Condolences to La Fayete's family and friends.
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                      I am so sad to learn of this. La Fayette was not only a superb Civ2 player and a gentlemanly and entertaining poster, he was kind enough to offer me his hospitality when I visited Paris. I'm sad that I couldn't get together with him then, and now will never be able to meet him. He has been at the heart of this forum for years, and I miss him already.


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                        This is so sad! First Ivor, now Michel...

                        I played with La Fayette often, though not recently. He guided me through the subtleties of myriad strategies in the heyday of Civ2 Succession Games, pointing out the implications of our "custom" rules far faster and more accurately than most. While my presence on these boards has been limited of late, La Fayette has received my HOF votes several times. His contributions to the community long predate my arrival here, and will long survive his passing.

                        Always thoughtful and insightful, unfailingly polite, and true to his commitments, no one on this site more embodied the concept of "Civilization" than La Fayette.

                        Rest in peace, mon ami, and condolences to Philippe and the rest of his family and friends.
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                          A couple of CivII Strategy threads that have been on my "Favorites" list forever, posted as a memorial to La Fayette:

                          Three Arrows:

                          Twin Cities:


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                            La Fayette set so many magnificent records in various Civ 2 scenarios...

                            As Grigor's link doesn't work (at least not for me), let's see if this is better:


                            Trivial as it may be, but I will also remember him for speaking (and, at times, posting in) norwegian...



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                              This is horrible.

                              Rest in Peace to a true gentleman.
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                                Just want to add my condolences.

                                La Fayette's memory will live on in Poly.