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    Originally posted by Carolus Rex
    As Grigor's link doesn't work (at least not for me),
    It works: don't click it but copy the text.
    Civ2 "Great Library Index": direct download, Apolyton attachment


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      In all things there are shooting stars who rise quickly thru luck or skill, and Veterans who thru knowledge and wisdom remain long after others have gone.

      La Fayett was both for this forum, keeping things moving so that part timers like myself could continue to have a little fun.

      He, like so many others here, was an integral part of our online society and it will not be the same without him.
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        Before this thread is put to bed it should be noted that La Fayette was the top vote getter in the Dec 05 Hall of Fame Election. Very fitting.

        Here is a link to the HoF voting results and honoree blurbs:
        Congratulations to our newest inductees!

        Obituary Courtesy Apolyton's Civ2 Community
        La Fayette (Michel Baise) is known as an excellent Civ2 strategist and game play debater (author of the Three Arrows Strategy and the Twin Cities Strategy), a Civ2 mechanics researcher (a diplomat/spy expert), and as an enthusiastic scenario player. He perfected methods of spectacularly rapid victory in scenarios from impossibly weak starting positions. He was also a tireless participant in almost all single player contests and succession games from 1999 through 2005.

        La Fayette died of cancer in January 2006 at the age of 66, but we still feel his presence -- kind, witty, encouraging and uplifting, always quick to respond to questions with the best of helpful advice. He was always thoughtful, insightful, unfailingly polite, and true to his commitments. No one on this site more embodies the concept of "Civilization" than La Fayette: he is a true gentleman.

        Note from the Hall Administrator
        LaFayette, as noted above, was well respected by the Civilization community. He had already been popularly elected into the Hall when sad news of his demise reached the forums. As a sign of honor and respect, posting of the December elections results was delayed until a proper memorial could be contribuited. Now the time has passed when we can interact with LaFayette, however, the memory of him and his words on the forum can always be with us. In reading his articles for the Great Library and elsewhere around the site, let us remember this brilliant and friendly figure.
        (registered Oct 2000)

        so long and thanks for all the fish


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          About six years ago (Sept. 1999), we started a 7-player PBEM game. When the Babylonian player left the game, a new player with name "La Fayette" took over his place- it was in June 2003. I learned to know him as an always friendly, true gentleman, who lead the babylonians to new greatness.
          Today, after a longer vacation, I heard from his death- and I am shocked and very sad.
          My condolences to the family!
          May he rest in peace, I will never forget him!


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            "Empty chairs and empty tables,

            Where my friends will drink no more."

            (words and thoughts from Le Miz)

            La Fayette was a stalwart, dependable comrade -- always there with competance and support. Please add my condolences with my fellow gamers.

            Old n Slow
            Those with lower expectations face fewer disappointments


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              In the name of my sister, brother and mine, thank you all for your kind messages! Merci à tous! Takk!

              A few things regarding your previous posts about my late father:

              I. Just in case, I kept his personal email account functional. So if you feel like writing there for any reason, there's someone here to read what you send.

              II. His remains now rest in the cemetery of Saint-Sulpice (Tarn - France).

              III. He indeed knew to speak Norwegian, as it was the original nationality of my mother, his first wife. Aside from French and English, he also knew some Spanish, German, and a bit of Romanian.

              From what I understand of that Civ game of yours, it's all about launching one's own spaceship before the others do. So this is no big news after all: my father just beat you all to the stars once more. And your latest Hall of Fame results seem to just second that...

              Philippe Baise
              Aux bords mystérieux du monde occidental


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                Thanks for dropping by - many will appreciate it I am sure.


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                  I have heard nothing but respect for this man, which is something many could only hope for but not obtain

                  Thank you for the posting Philippe Baise

                  Grandpa Troll
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                    Thank you, Philippe

                    "Our words are backed by empty wine bottles! - SG(2)
                    "One of our Scouse Gits is missing." - -Jrabbit


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                      I'm astonished : I was away from Poly for some months...
                      La Fayette was a constant player and poster in this forum from his little town Albi : he always responded with courtesy.
                      His strategies and his impossible situations scenarios games are present in my memory.
                      ... his english was far better than mine ...
                      Il fut un grand acteur de la saga Civilization et laisse cette communauté orpheline, particulièrement le petit groupe qui s'évertue de jouer en français !
                      Paris, FRANCE


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                        Merci Philippe!



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                          Originally posted by La Fayette
                          From what I understand of that Civ game of yours, it's all about launching one's own spaceship before the others do. So this is no big news after all: my father just beat you all to the stars once more.

                          Philippe Baise
                          Thank you Phillippe - you have penned the perfect epitaph for a great Civ 2 player!
                          To La Fayette, as fine a gentleman as ever trod the Halls of Apolyton

                          From what I understand of that Civ game of yours, it's all about launching one's own spaceship before the others do. So this is no big news after all: my father just beat you all to the stars once more. - Philippe Baise


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                            Aye! Here's to LF's AC victory!
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                              My condolences to this brilliant Civ2 player. I've played Civ2 since 1999, but I'm so sorry of not knowing about him and these forums previously. And I now really miss an opportunity to play with such a great player. I've never knew him, but I would like to express my condolences to Phillipe Baise and all his family for this lost; the Civ2 forums will be really empty without good players.

                              Adieu, La Fayette. Now I hope you are the leader of a new tribe, playing Civ2 and beating other players in The Civvers Heaven!


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                                Hello folks!

                                Aside from Civ, my father had quite many other PC games. I’m keeping his main Civ software and a few others, but I thought that some of you may be interested in buying some games (for a symbolic price, of course). Some are in French, others in English, but most are strategy games. Here’s what:

                                In English:

                                Star General (1996 - SSI)

                                In both English and French:

                                Return Fire (1995 - Warner Interactive)

                                In French:

                                Anno 1602 (1998 - SunFlowers Interactive)
                                Caesar III (1998 - Sierra)
                                The Civil War (1995 - Empire Interactive)
                                Command & Conquer (1995 - Westwood Studios)
                                Command & Conquer - Opérations survie (1996 - Westwood Studios)
                                Command & Conquer - Alerte rouge (1996 - Westwood Studios)
                                Command & Conquer - Alerte rouge - Missions taïga (1997 - Westwood Studios)
                                Genewars (1996 - BullFrog Productions)
                                Hand of Fate (1994 - WestWood Studios)
                                Master of Orion II (1996 - Micro Prose)
                                The Settlers IV (2001 - UbiSoft)
                                Seven Kingdoms (1997 - UbiSoft)
                                StarCraft (1998 - Blizzard Entertainment)
                                Star Wars - Jedi Knight (1997 - Lucas Arts)
                                UFO - Enemy Unknown (1994 - Micro Prose)
                                - X-Com - Terror From the Deep (1995 - Micro Prose)
                                - X-Com - Apocalypse (1997 - Micro Prose)
                                WarCraft II (1995 - Blizzard Entertainment)
                                WarCraft III (2002 - Blizzard Entertainment)

                                and a combo box including Command & Conquer and Civilization II.

                                I only looked at the boxes and haven’t checked thoroughly, but some may also be installable and playable in English. If someone is interested in a specific game, I can check it for you.

                                So, if anyone’s interested, just fetch a low (but fair) price for any of those, and they’re yours.

                                Philippe Baise
                                Aux bords mystérieux du monde occidental