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    Name: bDanv
    E-mail: bdanv TA hotmail TOD com
    PBEMing since: October 2007
    Skill level: fair
    Average Turn Rate: 1 turn / day
    Interest in TCP/IP: Yes
    Hours Available TCP/IP: from 10pm GMT friday to sunday
    Favorite Faction: Data Angels.
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      Name: guillaume70
      E-mail: g70 TA laposte TOD net
      PBEMing since: 2001 (CtP), just started (SMAC)
      Skill level: fair
      Average Turn Rate: 1 turn / day
      Interest in TCP/IP: no
      Hours Available TCP/IP:
      Favorite Faction: Gaians

      only have SMAC. no SMACX installed yet.


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        Name: Korusho
        IRC/AIM: I use MSN

        PBEMing since: PBEM? im noob whats PBEM?
        PBEM skill level: noob
        Average Turn Rate: 30 seconds - 2mins
        Interested in TCP/IP Thats why I'm here (god please let this be where I can find online matches for SMAC *prays*)
        Hours available: 5pm-midnight Pacific (California)
        Favorite Faction: Hive/Sparta (Experimenting with Morganites)
        Notes: I am noob - but I would LOVE to play. Please school me so I can become pwng ^^. Hoping that there are diplomatic players!


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          Name: Nimling
          IRC/AIM: Don't use either, available on request tho

          PBEMing since: never
          Interested in TCP/IP: Very much so
          Hours Available: usually from 3pm-10pm... so much time, looking for something to do.
          Favorite Faction: Morganites, Drones (SMAX)
          Notes: I've only played SP, looking for multiplayer experience... AI is way too easy to beat at transcend. I may not be very good, but I'm looking to learn.


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            E-mail: KWDEMONatGmaildotcom

            PBEMing since: ? ( Not sure what this means )
            PBEM skill level: ?
            Average Turn Rate:1 Per day
            Interested in TCP/IP? Yup
            Hours available: Anytime in the evening i suppose
            Favorite Faction: Spartans
            Notes: SMAC only ( Can't get the expansion working )


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              Name: Soyweiser
              E-mail: Soyweiser Awithtail gmail dot com
              IRC/AIM: Soyweiser (not on irc, but if I am, that is the nick I will use)

              PBEMing since: Never
              PBEM skill level: Novice
              Average Turn Rate:1 each day would be a min. Perhaps less some days as I'm busy.
              Interested in TCP/IP: Would like to try sometimes.
              Hours available: irregular. Depends on the week and the irl factors.
              Favorite Faction: Hive, University, Peacekeepers, and cybernetcons (basically the research factions) all in sp.
              Notes: (Both smac, and smax) So far I have only played SP would like to play a multiplayer game sometimes. But I'm not confident that I could start a good new one now. With my lack of knowledge of multiplayer games. But If you would like to play against a newbie, I would like to play. (Ps: I did read the guides, which helped my sp games a lot, so im not a total noob ). So anyone want to play a game?

              Note2: My time is: gtm +1 amsterdam.


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                sign me up:

                Name ayaieao
                E-mail: AyaieaoatGmaildotCom
                IRC/AIM: ayaieao

                PBEMing since: ? ( Not sure what this means )
                PBEM skill level: ?
                Average Turn Rate:what?
                Interested in TCP/IP? absolutely
                Hours available: Anytime in the evening
                Favorite Faction: Peacekeepers
                Notes: SMAC only ( Don't have expansion )


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                  I dont know why i have not done this till now, but here i go

                  Name: Chirazic Florin
                  Email: florin79cathotmaildotcom ; florin79catyahoodotcom
                  PBEM: 2007
                  PBEM skill level: hm
                  Average turn rate: 1 per day
                  Interested in TCP/IP yes
                  Hours available: hard to say. i work one day (17h per day)and one day i'm free
                  Favorite Faction: Peacekeepers
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                    Name: aarghhh
                    E-mail: aarghhhhhhhatgmaildotcom that's seven hs

                    PBEMing since: Never
                    PBEM skill level: No idea
                    Average Turn Rate: 1 per day
                    Interested in TCP/IP? Yes
                    Hours available: I'm at college, so in the evenings, and after classes. Usually on the weekends too.
                    Favorite Faction: No Preference


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                      Have I missed this?

                      Name Waab
                      E-mail: waab_ambar AT hotmail DOT com

                      PBEMing since: 2004-2005 2007-?
                      PBEM skill level: avarage
                      Average Turn Rate: 1 per day, depends on how fast I get answer
                      Interested in TCP/IP No
                      Hours available: EM
                      Favorite Faction: Hive
                      Builder with every faction untill war comes when I will turn everything into to a war machine and never look back.
                      What do I care about your suffering? Pain, even agony, is no more than information before the senses, data fed to the computer of the mind. The lesson is simple: you have received the information, now act on it. Take control of the input and you shall become master of the output.


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                        Re: Active Player Profiles

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                          name: snyjder
                          E-mail: snyjder at gmx dot net

                          PBEMing since: Never have PBEMd
                          PBEM skill level: Newbie
                          skill level: expierenced
                          Average Turn Rate: Not sure- 5 a day?
                          Interested in TCP/IP: of course
                          Hours available: 20 to 01 PM (GMT)
                          Favorite Faction: Hive, also Gaians


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                            Name: blackheadcrab
                            IRC/AIM: Both

                            PBEMing 1999
                            PBEM skill level: Elite (2-3-2-gas recon rover at turn 2100) ;P
                            Average Turn Rate: this field i dont understand vwell...
                            Interested in TCP/IP? sure
                            Hours available: depending
                            Favorite Faction: master all factions
                            Notes: i ve waste a life playing offline . havent played online yet, thats my weak point. i have played online a lot with freeciv and civilization games. civ like games adict dude!

                            "i ve got fungal neural whole chiron planet mind ready to beat u"


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                              Name: Uop_Guru
                              E-mail: jonmichael AT suddenlink DOT com
                              IRC/AIM: Use MSN/Yahoo, PM for details

                              PBEMing Never
                              PBEM skill level: Newbie
                              Average Turn Rate: Never played online before, unsure
                              Interested in TCP/IP? Yes
                              Hours available: Varies.
                              Favorite Faction: University, Conscience, Deidre
                              Notes: Played SMAC for many years, never online. Would like to play but need to learn first... Anyone willing to take the challenge of training a noob step up.


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                                Name: Kazik
                                E-mail: kazikr zzzz gmail aaaaa com
                                IRC/AIM: n/a

                                PBEMing since: n/a
                                PBEM skill level: never played online; but I read Vel's guide and use many of his ideas so I can beat AI at highest level easily
                                Average Turn Rate: multiple a day
                                Interested in TCP/IP? yes
                                Hours available: when I'm not sleeping 7am-23pm GMT
                                Favorite Faction: Peackeepers, University, Drones, Morgan, Angels
                                Notes: I'm mostly interested in playing 4-8 hours without a brake to finish the whole game, just like I play SP
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