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  • Name: Siege237
    IRC/AIM: Xfire, TS3, MSN and Skype available on request
    PBEMing since: never
    PBEM skill level: N/A
    Average Turn Rate: Only done TCP/IP on LAN with my brothers so not sure but would love to try over internet
    Interest in TCP/IP: yes
    Hours Available TCP/IP: not sure as I am moving to start a job but I game alot.
    Favorite Faction: U.N. Peacekeepers
    Notes: I live in the UK and have only played a big game with people I know over hotseat but really want to play multiplayer anyone in?


    • Name: Sarodinian
      IRC/AIM: AIM: LeastInSaNe221
      PBEMing Since: Never, but would like to try.
      PBEM Skill Level: N/A. Would likely get creamed.
      Average Turn Rate: 1-2 turns per day, I'd think, as opportunity presents.
      Interest in TCP/IP: Yes
      Hours Available TCP/IP: Varies.
      Favorite Faction: Varies. Will try anything.
      Notes: Have played against friends for a bit, but interested in more games, as well as PBEM.


      • lorddragonhat
        Name: Duncan
        email: lorddragonhat AT gmail TOD com
        IRC/AIM: dont have :S
        PBEMing Since: Only once or twice, long ago
        PBEM Skill Level: N/A. As a means to compare, i can defeat computer at hardest. Maybe not the toughest of comparisons.
        Average Turn Rate: 0.5 to 1 turns per day. Real life sucking time now
        Interest in TCP/IP: Yes
        Hours Available TCP/IP: Varies.
        Favorite Faction: Any
        Notes: Same as Sarodinian


        • jonloovox
          Name: Robert
          email: robertrafii AT gmail TOD com

          AIM: jonloovox
          Skype: jonloovox
          MSN: yattaduke [at] hotmail
          ICQ: 312620973
          Google Chat: robertrafii

          PBEMing Since: Not interested in PBEM.

          Interest in TCP/IP: Yes
          Hours Available TCP/IP: Daily, PST.
          Favorite Faction: University
          Notes: I'm seriously dying to play with someone. Advanced players preferred. Been playing since '99.