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    Name: Jeremy
    Email: ptl99 AT hotmail DOT com
    IRC/AIM: n/a
    PBEMing since: never
    PBEM skill level: n/a but pretty good with SP
    Interested in TCP/IP: No.
    Favorite Faction: CyCon, or anyone but the aliens.
    I have Smac and smax, so that won't be a problem.
    Never did a PBEM before.
    Unfortunately, I can't be online but twice a week: Tuesday & Friday.


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      Real Name: Michael Montgomery
      Handle: mmontgmoery
      E-mail: (michael AT montgo DOT us)
      ICQ: 188976

      PBEMing since: 1980, with Peter Langson's Empmire
      PBEM skill level: Grandmaster.
      Average Turn Rate: 1/day, possibly 2/day (early game, easily 5-10 turns per day)
      Interested in TCP/IP? No
      Hours available:
      - For PBEM: Daily, 7-9 AM, and after 6 PM GMT-6
      Favorite Faction: University = Gaia = Hive > Morgan = Cycon = Drones

      Notes: I particularly like to play team games.

      Strongly prefer SMACX on Trancend
      Usual options:
      - Any victory
      - Do or die
      - Look first
      - No spoils of war
      - No unity survey
      - All other options off

      A multiplayer game should not include either of the alien factions. I usually prefer to ban Pirates as well.

      I generally prefer to ban atrocities unless there are more AI players than human players, simply because the weak penalty for atrocities in an all human game means that atrocities are used all the time.

      I also ban copters, because they are just a broken unit, and once they are available, they pretty much supercede all other units. It makes no sense for any unit to be able to attack 4 times in a single turn, then be able to withdraw to minimize counterattack.
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        I own AC (original)

        I have been considering playing a game

        Maybe a newer player since veterans tend to not want to teach newer players

        I am a veteran PBEM'er from CTP, CIVIII Conquests and CIV IV

        My email is

        BCRONKITE-the sign-ec-dot-rrdot-com

        I play almost everyday

        If in wrong thread let me know

        Hi, I'm RAH and I'm a Benaholic.-rah


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          im so happy this finally worked! thanks to the ppl of the threads about how to play the game in P4 and window XP

          ok i have played the game during several years now, is my favorite game, but i have never played the game in multiplayer so im a completely n00b

          Real Name: Vladimir Vasquez F.
          email: vladimir.vasquez at gmail dot com
          msn: vladimir_vasquez at hotmail dot com

          PBEM since: just started playing a few turns ago a game of CTP (other of my favorites) whit Grandpa Troll
          Skill level: im very good... when playing alone, no idea in multiplayer so consider me a n00b
          I have Smac and Smacx
          Hours available: a lot of time
          Favorite faction: The University, but i just love them all
          I wanna start playing one soon!


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            thanks for the info on how to play alpha centauri on a p4 guys

            Name: Martin Neal
            E-mail: soookyghosty AT gmail DOT com
            IRC/AIM:/none but i do have a yahoo id the_darkness21

            PBEMing since: never unless you count pbem vampire?
            PBEM skill level: nope im a noob so be gentle
            Average Turn Rate: i can do a fair few turns a day 4/5 more if i get into it
            Interested in TCP/IP: nope
            Hours available: fairly flexable
            Favorite Faction:spartan / cyborgs/ morganites but will play any
            Notes: im realy new so any advice by pm will be greatly apriciated


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                  Name rsfarrell

                  PBEMing since: 2003, technicially, but only played a few turn before school kicked my ass.
                  PBEM skill level: Nil.
                  Average Turn Rate: less than 24 hr.s, unless I'm out of town
                  Interested in TCP/IP: Yes.
                  Hours available: Varies. I work 4 days on, 4 off, 12hr shifts 2pm to 2am.
                  Favorite Faction: I love them all.

                  Notes: I hesitated to come back to PBEM because it's so slow-moving. Finally, though, I realized my love for this game wasn't going away, and the AI wasn't getting any less frustratingly stupid.
                  "While there is an underclass, I am in it; while there is a criminal element, I am of it; and while there is a soul in prison, I am not free." -- Eugene V. Debs.


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                    Come join my new game, DrazharLn (Back in town . . . etc.) and we'll learn together.
                    "While there is an underclass, I am in it; while there is a criminal element, I am of it; and while there is a soul in prison, I am not free." -- Eugene V. Debs.


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                      Name: Mid
                      E-mail: sam at technomyth dot co dot uk

                      PBEMing since: Never.
                      PBEM skill level: Low.
                      Average Turn Rate: 1 or 2 a day (maybe more at the beginning)
                      Interested in TCP/IP: No.
                      Hours available: Varies, but usually evenings GMT.
                      Favorite Faction: I'll try any.

                      Notes: I'm looking for a PBEM game because the AI's becoming boring.


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                        Name: Vaniver
                        E-mail: vaniver AT gmail DOT com
                        AIM: VanivtheLichKing

                        PBEMing since: Never.
                        PBEM skill level: noob.
                        Average Turn Rate: at least 1 a day
                        Interested in TCP/IP: Yes.
                        Hours available: Pretty much anytime except 2200-0400 GMT (although that's flexible)
                        Favorite Faction: I enjoy University and Morgan most, but am comfortable with all.

                        Notes: SMAC only (although crossfire is hopefully on its way)
                        There is no greater wealth than wisdom, no greater poverty than ignorance; no greater heritage than culture and no greater support than consultation. - Ali ibn Abi-Talib


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                          Name: Sebastian Pitsch
                          EMail: das DOT letzte DOT theorem AT gmx DOT de
                          (it's from a miriam cite ;-) which i guess i thought cool once, but now think especially stupid)

                          PBEMing Since: Played a couple games in 2000/2001, returned in March 2006
                          PBEM Skill level: Pretty low
                          Turn speed: daily at least (usually)
                          Favorite factions: I don't like the cult, and find hive is way too much work. all others are cool, but PK and drones especially so
                          Interested in TCP/IP: Sort of.


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                            Name: kbarrett
                            E-mail: kbarrett AT cotse DOT com

                            PBEMing since: DEC 2005
                            PBEM skill level: maybe a bit above newb
                            Average Turn Rate: within a day of receipt
                            Interested in TCP/IP? no
                            Hours available: ----
                            Favorite Faction: Drones, Cycon, Gaians

                            Notes: Prefer builder, but can play mobile if needed. My usual tendency is to try to finish fights, but not start them.


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                              Name: kaan
                              E-mail: kaan.adanali AT hotmail DOT com
                              MSN: same as above

                              PBEMing since: 2006
                              PBEM skill level: good
                              Average Turn Rate: 1 turn/day
                              Interested in TCP/IP?: No
                              Hours available: any hour in a day
                              Favorite Faction: gaian, university, drones, angels
                              Notes: i am new to pbem but i play this game since millenium.
                              currently i have no game.. and i'd like to play...


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                                Name: Andreask
                                E-mail: andreask2 AT web DOT de
                                ICQ: 387-863-304

                                PBEMing since: 2004
                                PBEM skill level: fair
                                Average Turn Rate: 1-2 turn/day
                                Interested in TCP/IP?: Yes, please consider that i live in the EU-TZ
                                Hours available: any hour in a day
                                Favorite Factions: Yang, University, Morgan
                                Cyborgs, Gaian

                                Notes: As you can see by my faction choice, i like the extremes, with UNI being the only exception.
                                I would like to play with all victory conditions enabled, so i can win the game as fast as my faction allows it.
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